How To Deep Condition Mini Twists "Natural Hair"

Uploaded by Naptural85 on 07.01.2012

Hey Guys! I'm going to show you how I quickly deep condition my hair when it's in mini twists!
It's really simple, nothing fancy, but this has been requested a lot, so I made sure to record it.
First things first, we're going to wet the hair. In your spray bottle, combine water and aloe vera juice.
Then spray the mix all over your head, making sure you get every section.
And don't forget the ends!
Now you can use any conditioner you want. I'm just using my coconut oil
I don't use my mayo or yogurt conditioner with mini twists because I don't want to risk it getting stuck between the twists
That would be a really stinky situation, so I just stick with coconut oil because it's okay if all of it doesn't rinse out
So apply the coconut oil all over your head, making sure to coat every section
Once everything's coated, split the hair in half
and make two high buns on top of your head.
Now there's two ways to do this
If you have a steamer, simply sit underneath it for about an hour
This steamer was a gift from Heutiful for entering their contest a while back.
If you don't have a steamer, simply use a plastic cap!
I've always used plastic caps, so they work just as well as a steamer in my opinion.
After an hour of wearing the plastic cap, or sitting underneath the steamer,
rinse whatever product your using out in the shower.
If it's something that needs to be completely removed, rinse thoroughly
Because I just use coconut oil, I do a light rinse, leaving some of the oil in to help moisturize the hair
When you're out of the shower, you'll definitely experience shrunken twists, but that's okay
coat your hair with a sealant to seal the moisture in, I'm using my shea butter mix
And make sure to coat every inch of hair by gently squeezing the product through as to avoid frizz
Then we're going to wrap the hair for bed, to stretch it out
If you want more details on how I wrap my mini twists for bed, click the link
In the morning, just remove the bobby pins
and your twists will be stretched out to their original length again!
And it's that simple to deep condition your mini twists!
I've got one more mini twist video in store for you guys, so sit tight!
I hope this helps guys Bye!