TrollsNews 95 - RIP Bill Nye, Youtube tags, and Obama on Reddit

Uploaded by Trollsnews on 01.09.2012

TrollsNews today RIP Bill Nye
Youtube tags are gone Obama reddit conspiracy
Good evening and welcome to another episode of TrollsNews, show that brings you all the
important information about trolls or just a random drama on the internet.
The first report of today was brought to you by supersonicultra and it is about the trolling
around Bill Nye - The science guy - yes, that's him. On 27th august 2012 group of people on
twitter started tweeting "RIP Bill Nye", of course since average twitter user is not able
to fact check, many people were lead to believe that Bill Nye actually died and this became
one of twitter's trending topic. Soon after facebook pages started to appear, they were
usually named RIP Bill Nye and the biggest of those has over quater of a million likes.
Some people were speculating that source of this fake death rumor was a group of creationists
who didn't like that Bill Nye was talking against creationism in a video uploaded to
bigthink channel. Which is somehow possible from the beginning but it is very likely that
this trolling was soon taken over by other trolls who didn't care about the video and
they just want to have fun confusing people. At this point you can still find people posting
posts on facebook, tweeting and arguing that Bill Nye is alive, although that no one argues
against it, we can consider this trolling to be quite successful then.
The next report is about the fact that YouTube decided remove tags from player pages, meta-tags
are still in the video but users can't see them. Obviously YouTube is trying to fight
the fact that many youtube users have a tendency to copy tags from successful videos to get
splashes of the video success. This way users won't be able to do that anymore, but maybe
it opens a door to another problem, now users can't see if someone is false tagging a video
and unless youtube has some clever algorythm to check for tags, we'll end up with every
video being tagged "hot lesbian kissing".
Spongethrob reported the last thing of today and it's about Obama doing his ask me anything
on Reddit. Of course since we're talking here about reddit it couldn't be without retarded
conspiracy. People were speculating that one of the questions could have been planted there
by Obama's administration. The proof of that was that the account was only few minutes
old and it was posted really quick. Ok, if I was the one who would want to ask Obama
a question, I would first write it somewhere, then I would create a reddit account, since
I don't have one, and then I would ask the damn question. And it would look exactly like
this, why does it have to be a conspiracy all the fucking time?
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My name is Vol Jang and that is Steve, stay safe under the youtube bridge.