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These are the headlines for the news today Friday the 9th March.
Fallen soldiers named UK citizen murdered in Nigeria
Cameron boosts multi-racial adoptions to speed up multi culturalism
Euro News from the Belly of the Beast with Nick Griffin
Pakistani Al Queada leader killed Sarkoczy fighting for his political life in
France Thought for the Day ñ an anti racist pill?
UK NEWS The brave soldiers who died in Afghanistan
have been named as Sergeant Nigel Coupe aged 33, Corporal Jake Hartley aged 20, Private
Daniel Wilford aged 21, Private Daniel Wade aged 20, and Private Christopher Kershaw aged
19. These brave men will be remembered by all Nationalists in Britain, and will never
be forgotten. Our thoughts go out to their families at this time.
A UK and Italian citizen have been killed in Nigeria. Terrorists are responsible for
the killing after an attempt by Special Operations forces had failed. Italian officials are reported
to be meeting later today to discuss the failure in freeing one of its countrymen. The terrorists
held the victims in a northern part of Nigeria where the abortive rescue attempt took place.
David Cameron is about to open the gates to mixed race adoption in a bid in what he calls
ëíto speed up the systemí'. One spokesperson put it.. ëíMulticultural Marxism is now
in full swing, if you canít have a multicultural child, adopt one.íí People who are desperate
to have children and want a child of their own race would have no option in the future
as to what race they could have.
EURO NEWS with NG Nick Griffin sends this week's report From the Belly of the Beast
from Brussels, although, he tells us, "the most important part of my week actually took
place some forty miles north, in Antwerp. This was the launch meeting of a new campaign
group, Women against Islamisation. I was invited as an MEP on account of my long track record
of speaking out on the dangers of Islam, but most of all - as my twitter followers will
know already - I was there because my wife Jackie was one of the five ladies speaking
on the platform.
"Women against Islamisation is the brainchild of Anke Van Dermeersch, a lady senator with
the Flemish Vlaams Belang party. It is also supported by other senior VB figures, including
the leader of their big opposition block in the Flemish Parliament, Filip Dewinter, but
despite this it is an independent, non-party political group.
"The conference was held in the great hall of a 15th century hospital building, beneath
a magnificent cathedral-like oak beamed roof. The building has been superbly renovated into
a state-of-the-art conference centre. Every last one of the several hundred seats was
full, and everyone was pleased that the launch of Anke's campaign, at a press conference
and banner unveiling in the city centre that afternoon, had already been covered quite
extensively on the early evening TV news.
"The first speaker was Judith Wohlfarth, a 26-year-old mother who is an active campaigner
with the grass-roots local German identity party Pro-Nord Rhein Westphalia. Unfortunately,
my grasp of her language is up to asking directions and holding a passable exchange of views with
a German-speaking dog, so I can only report in the broadest possible terms that she spoke
of how women with young children have perhaps more to fear from the creeping advance of
Islam than anyone else, and that she was proud to be able to do something to help begin to
build a Europe-wide resistance to the threat.
"Jackie was next, and we will release the text and or video of her whole speech shortly,
so here too I need not say, much, other than it was as well-delivered as I knew it would
be, since Jackie is experienced to speaking at professional conferences much larger and
more daunting than this one.
"At the reception after the event, Jackie was greeted and thanked by a steady stream
of audience members, several of whom said that her message and delivery had moved them
to tears. She was also immediately asked if she would speak at other events in future,
so I don't think that I'm being biased when I say that she was very good indeed.
ìShe contrasted the post First World War struggle of her grandmother, Alice Kell, captain
of the Preston-based Dick Kerrís England Ladies Football team, for equal treatment
for women, with the way in which todayís ëleftí has totally sold out to Islam. Then
she explained some of the consequences of that betrayal, particularly for the child
victims of Koran-endorsed sexual predation against girls of other communities.
"Jackie was followed by Anne Kling, a French ëNew Rightí author and grassroots campaigner
in Alsace, who highlighted the way in which the threatened entry of Turkey into the European
Union would give a huge extra boost to the Islamisation of our homelands.
ìNext up was Dr Suzanne Winter, leader of the Freedom Party of Austriaís group on Graz
city council. Dr. Winter has several times been persecuted in court for her forthright
criticisms of Islam. In what seemed (to my very limited German) to be a wide-ranging
speech she echoed our analysis of the so-called Arab Spring, which she described as in fact
being the start of a new Islamist Ice Age. She also explained the way in which the problems
associated all over Europe with some members of the Muslim population targeting young European
girls for sexual exploitation were rooted in the example set by Mohammad.
ìThe inspirational conference was closed by Senator Anke Van Dermeersch, who spoke
in Flemish, with the result that I couldnít understand a single fragment of her speech.
Itís strange that the language that (with the exception of the dialect on the East Friesian
Islands) is probably the closest to the English spoken by Haroldís men on Senlac Field in
1066 is so impenetrable to our ears today. In keeping with what the left say is the long-standing
nationalist practice of blaming immigrants for all our woes, I blame the Normans!
ìOn the subject of linguistic problems, the cooker in my new flat is a high trech thing
from Siemans. It looks rather beautiful, and, being fond of cooking by way of relaxation,
I was looking forward to using it. Only when I tried to do so the other night did I discover
that the elegant brute was in fact designed for nuclear physicists and had obviously been
put on the ordinary household market by error.
ìUndaunted ñ at first ñ I found the thick instruction manual in a cupboard. Soon be
cooking on gas, I told myself, somewhat inaccurately, as it is in fact electric. And I may well
have been, if I was French, Dutch, German, Spanish, Italian, a Slav of some sort, or
even Turkish. But I searched in vain for the section in English.
ìDisplaying the resourcefulness and dogged determination that is our birthright, I did
manage to get the oven working properly and one ring going intermittently, so was able
to cook my piece of fish and some spinach, but that was as good as it got. Still, at
least Iím not alone, the Internet is full of desperate pleas from monoglot English owners
of the model in question for instructions as to how to get the damn thing to work. So
far, nobody has been able to explain to any of us. Of course I blame the Germans!î
WORLD NEWS A Pakistani Al Quaeda commander has been killed
in a CIA / US drone strike last month. Although inteligence already knew about the Islamic
terrorist leader being killed, it has taken them a month to report it.
The President of France, Nikolas Sarkozy has been out and about this week making promises
of a minimum tax on large French based businesses. This move is obviously to gain the votes and
probable backing, needed to fight his corner in the election, with other parties closing
in fast, including the far right.
The Lebanonese government is in a row with the US at present over the problem of refugees
fleeing from Syria to Lebanon. Lebanese officials have ëturned the other cheekí as one person
put it. The US said that the US ambassador to Lebanon based in Beirut, had ërebuffedí
his call on the Syrian refugee problem.
Thought for the Day ñ the anti racist pill. I bet you thought it could never happen did
you? It was announced on Meridian News ñthat scientists have discovered that a pill usually
taken for heart disease can ëtake away subconscious racist thoughtsí. Oh dear, oh very dear.
When scientists start to interfere with the human brain awful things can happen that go
way beyond ëracist thoughtsí. The terms used for this drug were and I quoteí it can
be used to combat racist thoughtsí ñ what is with the ëcombatí? Now if these good
people found a drug, an affordable drug that is ,to us of lesser means, that combated cancer,
diabetes, MS, obesity and /or enhanced manís physical existence I would say good on yer.
But since when were ëracist thoughtsí considered an illness? Everyone is racist or tribalist,
even if they are hoody hugging uaf supporters, their thoughts are ëracistí in so far they
have extremely negative thoughts about some of their fellow men who are not so liberally
inclined. Got a pill for them? Remember the pill for treating homosexuals some years ago,
the Left went literally mad and we have heard nothing more, so let us hear our lefty pals
on this one then. How about a pill for peadophilia, homosexuality and just general stupidity?
That would be good.
Racism is a non word; it didnít even exist before 1930. For all Communists, Liberals
and general ëlovey dovey peopleí the R word was invented in the 30ís by Leon Trotsky,
USSR Peoples Commissar for Army & Naval Affairs 1918-1925. He conceived of the word racist
which has remained the single most effective fear-word in the Leftist arsenal. For decades,
it has been successfully used in the political arena to slander Nationalists and Traditionalists,
shut down debate, and leave opponents running for cover. In the social arena, they have
caused even more damage by using it schools and universities to brainwash our impressionable
youth and to teach people to hate their nation, their cultural traditions, and worst of all,
themselves. There you have it in a nutshell. The mere
fact this would be a mind altering drug being peddled as an ëanti racistí drug is ridiculous
enough but also very scary. When they put it in our water, will it also do the same
ëanti racist thoughtsí to our mad Muslim clerics and disenfranchised black youths roaming
the streets of London ñ will it turn everyone into great big happy blobs of lard grinning
madly at all and sundry? The name Mr Blobby comes to mind. Is that what our government
and establishment want for us all ñ no thoughts at all or say, some thoughts but no racist
thoughts? So now we will be told what to think, even more than we are now. At least now, we
do have some freedom of speech but when it comes to a stance on ëracismí we have to
bow under the yoke of naughty naughty or stand in the naughty corner ñ but at least we can
voice our opinions despite all, with this pill we wonít be able to even think them.
My point being how can anyone with any brain believe that a pill can obliterate ëracistí
thoughts only from the brain, if a person doesnít ever have ëracistí thoughts does
this pill go on the rampage looking for something to erase rather like a very small Dalek making
its way through out pink stuff yelling exterminate, exterminate and the poor soul loses all thoughts
and memories?
I say a dark day for England and the world if this one ever gets off the ground or did
I say that, did I ?? did I???????????????????????
And finally About 40 ëSun worshipperísí cooking themselves
on a Brazilian beach suddenly jumped up from their Lilos and ran for the sea. The reason..
30 stranded dolphins, unable to get back to deeper water. The sun bathers went straight
into action, helping the dolphins to get out of the burning heat whilst stranded in the
shallows. All the dolphins were saved from certain death by these good people from Brazil.
You see a lot more good comes out of Brazil than coffee!
You have been listening to the W@8. I am Lynne Mozar and we, the team at Radio Britain wish
you all a very safe and happy weekend.