How To Make Elegant Gift Baskets : How To Place Loose Chocolates in a Gift Basket

Uploaded by expertvillage on 12.12.2007

Hi, I'm Rachel Fish from Incredible Edibles for Expert Village. So now when we are choosing
what to put in an elegant type of basket, in other words we are using it for a corporate
order or a holiday type of basket we have to choose the appropriate type of food to
put inside. We wouldn't want to put in certain types of candies even though there are thousands
of candies to be chosen from. Certain things are just not appropriate. I have these adorable
Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck lollipops they are very cute adorable but if I am giving
it as a corporate order basket to a business client, they probably would think it is a
little bit funny to get Donald Duck lollipop. Same with the snacks they are very delicious
they are very cute. I wouldn't use it to send in a corporate basket or in a holiday basket
unless of course there are children. So if somebody asks to include different types of
things for children I can put it in afterwards on the top to use to decorate but it is not
something I would use to fill the basket. What I would use however is more elegant type
of foods, more adult type of foods. In other words, chocolates, dried fruits, nuts, even
certain types of more elegant looking candies and certainly a bottle of wine would be appropriate
to put in. So the first thing I am going to do is I have my chocolate over here. These
are chocolate covered raisins of course you want to make sure that the raisins look good,
that they are fresh, which these are. We take them and I start putting them in all the way
to the corner. This is going to be my first row. The idea is to try to make sure they
all stay in the basket, that they get lined up nicely, of course we have them all put
in. And then we arrange it so that they all stay in a row. Now as we add in the extra
rows you will see that one row of things holds the other into place so that everything does
not wind up falling off onto the sides and that it looks nice and elegant. And that is
basically how we are going to put in our first row which is our chocolates.