How Remote Viewing Works 3: Dr. Simeon Hein

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Edgar Fouché, a couple years ago, talked about the TR-3B.
Uh the TR-3B is this
large triangle.
What he said about it, which concerns -- which I found
is that,
the TR-3B apparently, has quasi-crystals on its surface
which allows it to look like a Cessna or a flock of geese
someone's radarscope.
So apparently what he told us
at that presentation, if it's true,
and there's apparently a lot of evidence coming out now
about these 'Flying Triangles,'
uh even on the ABC Show recently,
is that the
uh 'Flying Triangles' use crystalline technology but
what Edgar Fouché said, it was, that it's highly
classified, of course it's 'black budget research'
but, see what you're finding out through
the --
the Remote Viewing
research that's been done, is that, this crystallinity has a
lot of different applications and if it was working we
wouldn't know about it.
Now, just as an aside, I saw something like this fly over
this hotel a couple years ago, at about 2:00 a. m. in the
Uh I mean I never thought I'd see a UFO at a UFO
Conference. It was the biggest 'sighting' I had.
I saw it with Denny Clark, we were coming back at 2:00
a. m. in the morning from the Petroglyph,
uh Monument by Christmas Tree Pass and she said,
"What's that?" And we looked, it wasn't this
it was the cousin. I think it's called the TR-3A.
It's like a boomerang shape,
completely silent,
very large,
probably spanned the width of the river,
only a couple hundred feet up, went right over the
It was gone before I could get the -- the camcorder out.
But nonetheless, I've actually seen one of these and uh
if it used
quasicrystals like Edgar -- Edgar Fouché said it did, I
wouldn't be surprised.
But this is what quasicrystals look like.
And again,
we found that this type of pattern is also very important
to the crop circle, shapes and this is why
we think that crop circles and remote viewing resonance,
are connected topics.
So again,
we are capable of receiving energy and transmitting
energy --
transforming energy through spirals,
through shapes, it's just built into who we are.
We are naturally magical beings. We just have to get in
touch with that magical side of ourselves.
We have to work at it. We've been conditioned not to pay
attention to it.
Uh hundreds of years ago, not that long ago, people
were burnt at the stake for doing this.
Even in or own country,
people were killed and labeled as witches, in the
Massachusetts Bay Colony. So it's no wonder that some
of us have this
bias or -- or fear of
psychic functioning, telepathy, whatever you'd
like to call it.
But in my view, it's simply an advanced form of Physics
that is yet to be discovered or thoroughly accepted by the
existing scientific institutions.
Uh it's real
and has been pointed out many times, until we have a
theory that really explains it, though conventional
scientific community probably won't want much to
do with it because it's not a career-builder
but it's reality, as far as I'm concerned.
Here's a perfect example of that,
Princeton Engineering Anomalies Research Lab,
they did an experiment for eight or so years, just with
this one or two devices, I believe. At the Princeton
Lab, you would sit down at your computer and try to
make a random number generator cease to be
And what they found, is, after I believe, a hundred and
twenty thousand trials,
you can see this right on the graph yourself,
if the person tried to make the device go towards one,
you had more 'ones'
than 'zeros. '
And if they tried to make it go towards 'zeros,' it -- it
deviated away from -- the average would be 0.50.
It's easier for some reason, to make it go up,
0 to 1,
than below.
Nobody knows exactly why.
Um it's easier to make it go towards 1, than to 0. This
device apparently just senses some random radiation in the
atmosphere. It transfers that and transforms that to
a series of 'ones' and 'zeros. '
If there are was no effect, you would just see this green
line in the middle.
That's no effect, it's just averaging out to 0.50 but
here, after eight years of study, you can clearly see the
cumulative results show,
that in fact,
people's minds,
from where ever they were on the Earth, it didn't matter
where they were,
could affect this device.
And I'm sure you've heard recently, there have also been
talk, these
devices have now been spread out over the Planet, as
a kind of early warning, detection system for
no one is exactly sure how to interpret
the result but apparently before 9/11, two hours before
these two devices which are normally random, became
and they start acting in synchronicity, which they
should not do. They are supposed to be random.
And apparently this happened four hours or so
before the tsunami
hit last December.
Uh it also -- actually the biggest reading ever, was
during the verdict of the O. J. Simpson trial.
That dwarfed, I mean, the 9/11 and tsunami were
dwarfed by the O. J. Simpson trial results, on the random
number generator. Why?
that happened all at once,
while 9/11 evolved over a period of a couple hours and
days and in a sense, and weeks and in some sense, it's
still going on in terms of our foreign policy and the
tsunami took 10 hours to completely
go across to Africa.
The --
something like a trial verdict, where millions of people are
glued to their screen is going to have an immediate
uh effect on our conscience and this could be why the
devices seem to
lose their randomness, for brief periods of time, during
globally, conscious, events.
Nonetheless, this is -- this is proof nonetheless,
that -- that
we have the ability to effect things of our mind -- with
our mind or at least,
if effect isn't the right word,
interact with, something at a distance.
Now I wanna show you slides of the
RV results that we've gotten from years
of work
at the Institute for Resonance.
We will take a picture,
such as this, we will hide it in the folder,
sometimes it will be 'double- blind,'
where no one knows where the picture is and sometimes
it will just be 'single-blind,' where the viewer doesn't
know the picture ahead of time.
They're given a sheet of paper and told to describe
the target.
I'm going to go through these fairly quickly but you can
look at them at your leisure on our website,
www. resonantviewing. org,
I'll show you the name again at the end or you can also
find them in "Opening Minds. " They are pictures --
many of the slides we are going to be looking at.
So here's a typical picture, it's a picture of a -- a Sherpa
or someone in the mountains carrying a big
The viewer is given no information ahead of time
and this is what they are able to get.
This is just someone, like, in, their first day of the
they were able to describe that it was uh a kind of a
mountainous area.
I can't read this very well but I'll basically do it from
from -- I've read these many times.
They were able to describe the temperature, about 40
You can see the random number coordinates at the
top, that they're given
um and essentially they do an ideogram, which is
basically a shape that they'll draw, from their hand and
we'll be doing this at a later.
And from that ideogram, it's like a hologram, the whole
picture, the whole
is in that ideogram
and they slowly decode it. It takes a little time to do an
RV Session
but uh the time is well spent.
And he is able to describe a quiet mountain scene, with
rough peaks and uh
cold and a -- a cliff involved, with some trees.
I gave them then a session about
Cancun, Mexico
and he was able to describe
a feeling of -- a beach,
he thought he saw a 25-foot long ship. This fellow by the
way was a missile engineer, former missile engineer,
he's very specific.
So, he was very specific in his data. Not everyone gets
such exactly specific features.
And -- and he was able to describe
a uh seashore and a beach, blue sky, about 78 degrees.
So you see, very different targets, very different
responses in the RV results.
Here is a mother and baby goat
And the viewer was able to describe,
a feeling of comfort,
natural setting uh
something that uh is soft
and at the end she said, "I kept thinking of a mother
and a baby deer. "
Now, the skeptics would say,
"Well, they missed it.
It wasn't a mother and a baby deer" but I would say,
it's pretty close because it, because, it literally could've
been anything and they got two animals together.
This is how it works and these are just beginners,
people with a couple days of training
and you can do this too.
Uh people swimming,
in uh some sort of
race, it appears.
The viewer was able to get
a person at the top,
attempting to keep up and then in her post session
summary --
the post session summary is the part of the session,
at the end,
where you
finish the session and you look at what you wrote
and just describe it
in some sentences about the -- the information that you
got during the viewing session.
She got a live, organic springs up, as launched,
using a man-made
it's graceful
uh lots of air,
filled sacs,
like lungs.
Uh balloons
that uh a feeling of lift-off
fleshy, pink colors and an effort to keep up.
Here's a picture of a model on a beach, you notice
there's a building in the background
and the viewer
was able to
get that there was a big building,
larger than others, and there was a beach
people are meandering nearby on a seashore,
beautiful water and some cars nearby, it is near a
parking lot.
we would call this a hundred percent target
Here is one that Ron did and as he alluded to before,
it's a racecar
and here's the ideogram. You can see the ideogram.
It's just a shape that comes out of your hand. You don't
think about it, you just let your hand move and let your
sub conscious tell you what's at the target site
and he got,
in his session here,
about two tons,
and here's his race car.
Now you notice the shape there is exactly like the
shape of the front of the racecar. He kind of got it
flipped back but that shape is -- is exactly
very similar to what the shape of that racecar looks
in the front.
So that's what we call again, very uh
high level of target contact.
Now, we stopped the session,
ended it right there.
We started to draw in a stadium
and his mind said,
"It can't be a car in a stadium. "
Your ego tends to throw out the baby with the bath
Your ego, which does a basically good job of
keeping you alive and
taking care of all your appointments and all the
logical -- rational linear things in your life, it isn't
really good at RV.
The linear mind gets about 16 bits
per second, of information
out of about 40 million that go into your brain,
every second.
This is how much you're aware of,
your total
sensory awareness
is -- consists of 16 bits
per second.