Working at Google NYC - Nina: Software Engineer

Uploaded by Google on 26.04.2007

>> KANG: I think the biggest personal reward of working at Google for me, personally, was
when SNL did that skit called Lazy Sunday and Andy Samberg, like, raps that Google Maps
is the best--true that, double true. And, like, for months afterwards, we'd just be
like "double true," when we are agreeing with people. That was so cool. And everybody that
we knew would send us this link and we'd feel famous and stuff. Another thing that recently
happened, we had this bug in the Driving Directions engine, and our code had gone into an infinite
loop, which basically meant that from the users' point of view, the program would say,
"Drive down the turnpike and then take 225 U-turns." And it would just be like, "Take
a U-turn. Take a U-turn. Take a U-turn." There would be this long list of Driving Directions
instructions. It's one of those things where, like, all your friends send you this mail--they're
like, "Oh my God, have you seen--you have to fix this." So, like, half of the team was
on an airplane while this was happening. So it took us a couple of hours to get the fix
out. It was on a Monday, I think, and Mondays are slow traffic days. But our traffic spiked
by like almost 200,000 hits. And even after we fixed the bug, there are these like tribute
websites. I saw this one that was really cool that--it was just an animated jiff of someone
scrolling up and down the list of Driving Direction steps to music, and the music was
like [INDISTINCT]. So it was cool. Even our bugs have fans. My name is Nina Kang and I'm
a software engineer on Google Maps.