Goodwin vs. Badwin - Hair Moans (Ep #2)

Uploaded by MondoMedia on 01.02.2012

(Maniacal laughing)
[Badwin:] At long last, my concoction is ready.
This will be my greatest achievement since mastering potty training!
I'll call it...
Dramatic pause.
[Voice:] Side effects may include:
bleeding gums, itchy scrotum, involuntary erections, follicular self-awareness,
premature pubescence and constipation.
If hair growth consists for more than four hours, consult your barber.
[Badwin:] Now, if only I had a test subject.
Some bold little freak who I didn't mind accidentally - Haha.
[Goodwin:] Uh oh! Looks like a sandstorm!
"What do we do?"
Oh, hiya Badwin! Wanna play "Dollies of Arabia" with me?
[Badwin:] Uh, no thanks.
[Goodwin:] Pleeeease? I'll let you oppress the women.
[Doll:] *Bzzzt* I am not allowed to learn.
[Badwin:] It's tempting but I'll have to pass this time,
see, I'm way too busy eating candy.
Mm! All this delicious - num num - candy!
[Goodwin:] *gasp* May I have some candy?
Please? [Badwin:] Oh, I... okay, sure.
Close your eyes! [Goodwin:] They''re closed.
[Badwin:] Mm. There you are.
Here you go.
[Goodwin:] Mmm.
[Badwin:] Yes. Eat it. [Goodwin:] When does it start getting sweet?
[Badwin:] Oh, just when you chew it.
[Goodwin:] Wh- what are you looking at?
Do I have something in my hair?
[Badwin:] Your hair? ... It's really taken on life of it's own.
*cough cough*
[Hair:] I hate getting hair in my mouth.
Especially when I am giving the oral pleasures.
(Cloud giggles)
[Hair:] Well, hello.
Aren't you the puffiest little cloud I've ever seen.
[Cloud:] You're tickling me. [Hair:] I know I am tickling you.
[Goodwin:] Ah! You tricked me!
That wasn't candy at all, was it? (Badwin cackling)
[Cloud:] Oh! I'm feeling a little moist, I think it might rain!
[Hair:] Don't worry, baby, that's natural.
[Cloud:] Oh, stop.
[Goodwin:] Eeew, this is how you get cooties!
Make it go away!
[Badwin:] Never!
[Goodwin:] I'll... I'll show everyone where you hide your soiled diapers!
How do you know about deuce mountain?
[Goodwin:] Ugh. The horrendous stench.
Plus, they just got a Wal-Mart.
[Badwin:] Poopaholics Anonymous will take away my six-month chip!
Okay, okay! You win, I'll get rid of it!
[Cloud:] You can't cut him!
[Hair:] Yeah, you do not cut me, what the fudge, man!
[Cloud:] I love you, baby!
[Goodwin:] Ew, hurry!
[Badwin:] I'm going as fasts I can.
[Goodwin:] Don't cut me! [Badwin:] Shut up!
[Hair:] Oh, my puffy cloud. [Cloud:] Nooooo!
[Hair:] You'll always be in my heart!
[Badwin:] Aagh!
[Goodwin:] Why do I smell toasted poop?
[Badwin:] Don't look at me. Just leave me alone...