Fighting for the Future of Medicine

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Katie Washington: Growing up, I can remember going to work with my dad, in a city where
so many things seem to be falling apart, he made his office a place where everyone felt
cared for.  My dad could have practice medicine anywhere, but he chose to serve the community
and the people who needed him the most.  I knew that one day I wanted to serve people
in the same way and thats why I came to Notre Dame.
Narrator: The University of Notre
Dame is committed to educating talented and compassionate medical professionals, sending
one out of every ten onto medical school.  
Washington: Before I got to Notre Dame
I always thought about medicine as what one doctor could do for one patient.  By studying
genetics at the Eck Institute, I learned the power that research could have and I discovered
that I could help communities all over the world.
Dr. Glenn Forbes:  My pre professional
training at the University of Notre Dame created a life long commitment to scholarship, love
of learning, as well as the devotion the these values for the needs of the patient.  Bringing
all of these together provided me the preparation to meet any challenge during my 35 year career.

Dr. Thomas Burish: At Notre Dame our goal is to empower our pre-med students to use
science and medicine as tools to make this a healthier and more just world for generations
to come.
Narrator: The University of Notre Dame asks what would you fight for?
Fighting for the future of medicine.
Washington: We are the Fighting Irish.