PARTY MARTY (Krogzilla #6)

Uploaded by ShutUpCartoons on 05.07.2012

Hahaha, glitter shoots out of me all day!
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Born at the edge of the world, Product of science, a fire-breathing giant,
At war with the folly of man And man nearly destroyed him,
The change unemployed him, He's KROGZILLA: the monster who got down-sized.
I can't believe you're going through with this.
I know it's degrading. But it's good money.
But what about your dignity? You're defiling yourself. Letting those animals have their
way with you in there?
I'm trying not to think about it, okay?
How are you going to look at yourself in the morning?
I won't have this on.
And your name is--?
Party Marty.
Kids! Guess who just stopped by to play?
Hey, kids!
I thought I'd stop by and have a few--
That's not the pinata, honey.
Let's just have a good time and get high on cake, whatta you say?
Can we do the Party Marty dance?
So do it! And sing the song!
Do da dance!
Okay, why don't you teach it to me?
You know it. It's your dance!
Dance, Marty, dance!
Aw, he's not real.
Sure I am.
The real Marty has glitter power!
Oh, yeah. I got glitter power. Glitter shoots out of me all day.
OOOF! Dude, there is no candy in there.
Party, party, party Marty...
Spin yourself around--
Whoa, there he goes. My bad!
A... giraffe!
Whoops. Sorry! How about... a doggie!
Whoa! There it goes. It's a giant--
Alright, forget it.
Whew. I guess Marty doesn't need to breathe very much.
Where did Marty go?
It's one hour. You can do this.
You talkin' to me?
No, I was talking to myself.
Same thing. I'm like your little Jiminy Cricket!
You're more like a rash. I swear if they ask me to do that stupid dance again--
Hey, don't blame the kids! You're the one who didn't watch the show. Do your research!
When I put on the furry pajamas, it didn't seem like a job that required any research,
I just need a little break. Get some punch...
Grab a little snack...
Mmm, a little more. That's not bad. The icing is so... uh oh.
Who's ready for cake?
ME, apparently.
What's all the-- AHHHHH!
So... I'm guessing no tip today?
Get out.
Yeah, okay.