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Z: Good morning.
S: Mum.
Z: This is a nice surprise.
Z: Trouble in paradise, is it?
T: Mum... Z: What? Am I not allowed to ask my son why he's sleeping on our sofa?
You've left Christian, yes? S: No.
We had a disagreement, I went for a walk, and then... Z: And then you didn't want to return. I understand.
A: Morning Syed! And... everyone.
Z: Er, I don't think he needs breakfast in bed. He can come to the kitchen like everyone else.
A: Oops.
T: Welcome home, bro.
Z: You could tidy up before you go to work.
Afia's got to be at the Argee Bhajee for a flower delivery, I have got to go to the shop...
the least that you can do is to tidy up before you leave. T: Mum, mum, mum! I'm gonna tidy up. Z: Fine.
A: See you soon, sweetheart. T: I won't be long.
Z: You can leave her alone for two minutes, you know. I mean, you should be looking after your brother. S: I'm alright.
Z: No you're not. You look terrible. Go upstairs, have a shower, and you, lend your brother some clothes.
S: I don't want a change of clothes.
Z: Isn't this wonderful? Having the house full again?
It's about time things started to go right for us for a change.
Actually, you know what! Why don't I cook us a welcome home dinner, alright?
These two will be at work so it'll be the two of us. We'll have a lovely evening, just the two of us.
T*sings*: Just the two of us...
S: I'm not sure I can play the dutiful son anymore. T*sings*: We can make it if we try...
R: Oi.
You do know Christian's in pieces, right? S: Keep out of it, Rox.
R: Didn't I tell you? Didn't I tell you, Syed?
You got any doubts, you tell Christian upfront, not when you're halfway through the adoption.
S: Yeah well it takes time to realise these things. I mean, you've seen those stickers. A dog's not just for Christmas.
Yeah, well a kid's for life. You should know that.
T: Oh just give him a break will you? Just cos he's not as broody as your best mate. R: And what do you know about it?
T: Well I know that surely you've got enough going on in your own life without poking your nose into his.
R: Meaning? T: Possibly meaning Ronnie?
G: Tan. Girls, please. R: You shut your mouth.
Christian is in a right state, and it is down to you. Okay?
S: Sorry about that. T: Don't be silly. It's not your fault.
G: Tan, you don't have to join in every ruck you see! T: Alright.
G: Look, Syed you're right, for what it's worth. It's hard enough for a normal couple to get it right. S: Sorry?
G: Two blokes. A kid needs a mother.
T: I'm really sorry Syed. Just ignore him, he's stuck in the 80s. G: I'm sticking up for him, not getting against him.
S: Of course not. I'll see you back at the salon, yeah?
R: Sorry, I didn't hear you knock. S: Christian,
you still moving? R: Not that it's got anything to do with you anymore.
C: Why wouldn't I?
S: Did you call the social worker? C: Well you told me to, didn't you? S: I know, I'm sorry.
R: Oh you're sorry, are you? Yeah? Sorry for what? For chickening out or for ruining his life?
C: Roxy, just go and pick up Amy. R: No, I've got plenty of time yet. S: Well how about now, because we need to talk in private.
R: Oh, you need to talk in private do you? What, sweep it all under the rug?
You know what, you never even came out of the closet, did you?
You just opened up the door and you waved your little fingers at the world.
S: Oh you know what, everyone has arguments Roxy, this isn't about being gay. R: Yes it is!
Yes it is, because deep down you are just like your old dear, aren't you? You don't think two men should have a baby together.
C: Roxy, please.
R: He deserves better.
S: I'm sorry.
I know how much you want a kid.
C: It's alright.
Because it's not gonna stop me.
S: What? C: Yeah, I could be approved as early as next year.
S: Right, but...
If you want a child and I don't, where does that leave us?
C: I'm not doing this anymore, Sy.
Why should I have to give up my dreams just to stay in this relationship?
My dream of being a father?
S: So what, we're finished?
C: I don't know, Sy, are we?
Just grow up, alright.
It's time to make your own decisions and stick to it.
S: What, and that's it? C: I've got nothing else to say, alright, and I am walking out of this flat to get on with my life.
Making my life ready for a son or a daughter. Now, your stuff is over there, and the rest of your clothes, they're in the wardrobe.
J: Syed.
S: How's things? J: Oh, where do I start? Fabulous, fantastic, financially perfect. Come on.
J: So,
how's work? You busy? S: Ticking over.
J: So, with a bit of investment, you could just fly. And this is your chance to work with an investor.
S: I'm not sure that's the way I really wanna go.
J: Why not? I mean you're young, fit, stylish, ambitious. You could be living the dream.
Look, with my money, alright, you could open a spa in Soho. Nothing's ruled out, Syed, because nothing is ruled in.
Erm, hello?
S: Sorry. Excuse me.
C: If you're blonde or a little bit tarty, then come--
S: I'm not blonde.
C: Thought you were Roxy.
S: I know what I want. It's just taken me a while...
I've been an idiot.
C: I'm gonna be a father, Sy. S: Yeah.
Me too.
C: You sure?
S: I'm sure.