How to Do an Ollie: Skateboarding Tricks : How to Do an Ollie on a Transition

Uploaded by expertvillage on 22.02.2008

This is Kyle Hovercamp from Skatechurch in Portland, Oregon. On behalf of Expert Village,
this is the tutorial of how to learn how to ollie on your skateboard. In this clip, I'm
going to show you how to ollie on transition. This transition, it is like a ramp but it's
made for you to go up and come back down. It's going to have a way smoother transition
than a ramp. You usually find these at skate parks. You don't find very many like on the
street. They're made out of wood, cement. I've skated one that was made out of plastic.
Before you learn how to ollie on it, you're going to want to get comfortable riding on
it because it's a lot different than a ramp and way different than flat ground. Before
you learn how to ollie on transition, you're going to want to learn how to ride up it.
You don't have to ride all the way up it, but practice riding up it a little bit, then
half way, and then eventually all the way up it. The big thing about transition is you
have to keep your balance. Since it's such a steep incline, you can't lean back at all
or you'll slip on your butt. You just have to make sure to put pressure on your front
foot and lean forward. When you ride up it keep pressure on your front foot, and then
when you're coming back down put pressure on your back foot and balance yourself out
but still lean a little bit forward. Once you get comfortable riding on a transition,
you might want to learn how to ollie on it. It's kind of like the ramp how you have to
lean forward when you ollie, but you might want to lean a little bit more forward since
it's so steep. The main thing that you want to worry about is you ollie and then you're
coming back down. You have to put pressure on your back foot. If you keep it on your
front foot then it's just going to slip out. You have to put it on your back foot, on the
tail. You have to put a lot of pressure on it and just keep your weight balanced. Once
you get to the flat, straighten out just like the ramp and you can roll away.