Let's Play Skyrim Ep. 23: We Know

Uploaded by AquatakatII on 04.12.2011

>> Internet people, it's so cold outside!
I did not dress for the occassion. Like not even a little bit.
Like I'm wearing basically a sheet and
it is not. It's... No. It's not, that's not the sort of thing that you wear when it is
snowing outside.
We're playing Skyrim.
I don't know if you noticed or not
considering that's the title of the video
it's obviously Skyrim. Basically I'm just insulting your intelligence every time I'm
telling you that we're playing Skyrim every single time I start a video.
I think.
My plan was to go to Winterhold to join the College of Mages or whatever it is
then I realised this guy asked me to get him a white phial from the Forsaken Cave and I
figure that's vaguely on the way
so we will go here, get that white phial, then go up here to the Shrine of Azura
and then flip down Winterhold and it'll be all like yeah.
Woo. Got a plan. Plan of action.
>> I've been looking for you. Got something I'm supposed to deliver. Your hands only.
Let's see here. Yeah, got this note.
>> A note? From who?
>> Don't know. Creepy fella. Black robe. Couldn't see his face. Paid me a pretty sum to get
that into your hands though.
Looks like that's it. Got to go.
>> Uh.
Oh my god, it's because I punched her in the face.
It's because I punched that old lady in the face.
I was doing, I did that for very honourable reasons.
I wonder if they're watching me.
Very honourable reasons!
Of course they're not watching me.
I'm going crazy. OK. OK.
I'm collecting a white phial.
White phial.
White phial.
Oh, hello.
This is a very forsaken cave. Oh my god, mushrooms.
And urns!
Urns leave me with nothing but intense happiness.
This cave is icy. Holy geez.
A chest.
That is a very large chest to only have a few gold pieces in it.
Oh, you got to be kidding me.
Oh, you are an ice wolf. You are not a regular wolf.
>> [howling] >> Oooo. I can be creepy too, you wolves.
White phial?
White phial, if you can hear me, please make yourself known. You are an inanimate object
that I am trying to talk to.
Although to be honest, if it could hear me and if it could be like, "Yeah, I'm right
here," then that would be very convenient for me. Do I go through here or do I search?
No, I must go through here.
It's much warmer down here.
What I am I hearing right now?
OK, Lydia. Don't step on this.
Turn around. Turn around. Lydia. Lydia?
Yes. You're paying attention, good.
You see that on the ground there?
OK. I know you don't want to look at it. You see that on the ground there? Don't step on
Because if you do, something awful will happen to you, probably involving that thing that
has a bunch of things... It'll shoot stuff at you and you will die.
So don't do that. Don't step on it.
Just... just walk around it. Yes. Yes. You walk around it.
Good job, Lydia. Good job.
Oh, hello.
You and your useless sword. I can shoot fire from my hands.
What is this? Oh, hello.
Ingots. The Mirror.
This is an incredibly boring book about blocking.
Like... it's just about blocking with a shield. It's very, very long.
But that's OK. Oh, hello.
How's it going over there?
I'm doing pretty good. I think. I don't know if I want to be standing on those things though.
Just need to adjust yourself there.
No, don't want to be standi- No, don't run on it again. My goodness, Lydia. Why?
Will you do it again?
You're just going to stand there and die?
Come on!
Why? Why are you so useless, Lydia?
>> Are you a priest?
>> I kind of have to be if you're going to keep killing yourself.
OK, I know we've been over this and you've passed your first test but you see this button
right here? Guaranteed it is going to do something awful, probably drop this log on us or something.
Do not step on it. Do not step on it.
OK? Lydia? OK.
Fuck me. Oh Christ.
You deserve that. You stupid ho. You deserve everything that just happened to you.
Just go through this nose door into a Forsaken Crypt.
Oh, lots of ingots around here.
I suppose that's a good thing.
Oh no. They're climbing out of their coffins again.
You guys really got to stop doing that.
Like, it works out a lot better for me if you just stay in your coffins, I got to say.
This is a really large, circular area.
Lydia. Do not stand on this giant disc as it will likely squish you into those spikes
you see up there.
Oh, maybe it won't. OK.
Fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck.
You were lucky this time. I hope you know that.
Oh, not this again. Who builds these?
I guess I have some...
Some magic I can just sort of...
Oh, you are a person. Oh dear.
Oh dear.
I don't even know who's who.
[fire shooting from hands noises]
Well, this is a problem. I don't have any magic.
Oh, killer.
That was nice and all but he didn't have the phial on him.
This is a fancy place.
Oh, he's probably not going to be pleased.
Ooh. So many alchemy ingredients. Oh, and a table. Oh, I'm going to...
I'm going to do some alchemy tonight.
That's sort of weird but that's OK.
I love making potions.
Well I guess now is the time to take this convenient shortcut out.
Oh, it is awful outside
but I have that white phial.
I won't be returning it to him right away. I think instead
we are going to
take the trip
to the Shrine of Azura.
I'll return this phial to him next time I am in Windhelm. Ooh, a barrow.
Yorgrim Overlook.
Well then.
Obviously this place is not for me just yet.
That, my dear friends, on that rampart is a skeleton.
This appears to be a very haunted
Perhaps next time I will
discover its secrets.
Or just bumble around inside for a little while?
I could do that.
I think we'll make that an episode, Internet people. Thanks for watching.