iFly TV: International day of peace

Uploaded by iflymagazine on 06.09.2011

Music is universal, independent of social background, religion or origin.
Everybody loves music.
Music can connect hearts; open up hearts and minds.
An open mind is like an open parachute. It works better.
Music can create something ground-breaking.
I am Ilco van der Linde. I am from the Netherlands.
On 21 September 2014, on the international Day of Peace...
we are organising the most heart-warming Peace Concert ever:
The MasterPeace Concert, next to the pyramids of Cairo.
We are inviting artists from all the major conflict zones...
to perform together on one stage.
The number one from Russia and Chechnya, from North and South Sudan.
From North and South Korea. From Israel and Palestine.
As a statement of togetherness, positivity, dialogue and reconciliation.
We also want to invite world leaders...
to perform, for the first time in history,...
John Lennon’s Imagine.
It is amazing to be in the hotel room of Lennon and Yoko Ono...
Where they had their Bed-in for Peace 40 years ago.
The difference is we are getting out of bed and taking action.
There are no tickets on sale for the MasterPeace concert in 2014.
You need to do something for peace to earn an invitation.
This is a DIY action for peace.
The goal is to actively involve...
around 20 million people from around the world.
To me, that is more important than getting one billion TV viewers.
It is all about making an effort for peace.
Building peace is a verb, so we need to just go for it.
Everything helps.
Organise a dance event, a seminar, a talk show.
A project with your football team.
Your energy and expertise can help create a breakthrough.
If we all join in, we can achieve greatness.
People around the world have to start changing their priorities.
What do we spend our money on? People or new weapons?
Weapons have not increased safety over the past 40 years...
Or positivity.
More weapons make the world more explosive.
People need food, water and education. And that is what peace can bring.
And that is what MasterPeace is all about.