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Hey! It’s been a while!
Today I’m gonna talk about Justin Bieber
and more specifically about Justin Bieber haters
WARNING: I’m not talking about the people who do not like Justin Bieber
I’m talking about the HATERS
And if you don’t know what a hater is, well, basically
it’s someone who is Having Anger Towards Everyone Reaching Success
See: H.A.T.E.R.S.
Now to all the Justin Bieber haters: FUCK YOU !
I don’t see why you hate on him SO much!
I just can't get it!
Is it because of his haircut?
Is it the fact that he’s banging Selena Gomez?
I mean, OK I was making fun of his “BABY” too…
Because at that time he sounded like a 12year old girl…
and he looked like one.
But the kid has grown up! Now he’s a good kid!
He even made a Christmas album
how can you ask for more?!
A few months ago, J.B made an Exclusive Rap on radio
which was basically a freestyle on Otis the Instrumental
And he KILLED it!
And still people were hating on him
saying the video was FAKE and GAY.
That’s why I’m making this video right now
because you cannot hate on that!
Everyone must agree that he did a great job at rapping this shi*!...
Why the f*** do you beep me?
Nah *** *** ! ****! …
Listen, if you want to hate on someone, do not hate on Bieber
hate on the Kardashians!
One last thing that really annoys me is those kids
making videos on how much they think J.B sucks.
And most of those kids hate Justin Bieber
because other kids hate Justin Bieber!
Most of them do not actually know why they hate him so much.
I mean, what, are you jealous?
You know he doesn’t give a shit about haters because
he got everything you don’t have: money, girls and fame.
As Chris Crocker would say
“Leave him alone!”
Well that’s all I had to say about Bieber haters!
Now my question of the day is: Why do you hate on Justin Bieber?
Leave your comments and video responses in the comment section below.
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