Make a Complete Glow Stick - Refillable Too!

Uploaded by NurdRage on 23.01.2009

Hello, fellow Nerds.
In this video we're going to make a complete, refillable, glow stick.
Making the container is fairly easy.
First, you need a length of suitable tubing.
I'm using vinyl for clarity but vinyl is easily stained by the dyes.
Polyethylene or polypropylene would give better results.
Second, you need compression fittings and caps that fit your tubing.
I'm using brass for a steampunk style but you can also use other types if you desire.
Simply assemble it together with teflon tape and tighten it as hard as you can.
Here is the finish product, a refillable container for the glowstick fluid.
Now the next part is to make the hydrogen peroxide ampoule.
To do this, first get a get a disposable glass pipette.
These are quite cheap and can be bought online.
Next, using a torch, melt the pointy end down to seal it from leaking.
This is called flame sealing.
Wait until the tube cools to room temperature.
When its cool, fill the tube with 30% hydrogen peroxide
but leave about an inch empty from the top.
You need to leave this gap so the peroxide does not boil from the heat when you flame seal it later.
Once it is filled, flame seal the top.
I make this look easy because I've done this sort of thing hundreds of times.
If this is your first time, you might get popping,
bubbling or even shattering of your glass due to uneven heating.
I reccomend practicing with water filled tubes until you get the hang of it.
Wear eye protection incase your tubes shatter and always be careful when working with torches.
Here is the finished product, a flame sealed hydrogen peroxide ampoule.
Now we make the glow fluid.
First we use diethyl phthalate solvent to dissolve the chemicals.
Next we have sodium acetate and TCPO.
Then we have our dye which is 9,10-bis(phenylethynl)anthracene for a green color.
Mix them all very generously and fill the container.
A perceptive viewer will notice we use a different solvent from the ethyl acetate we use in our previous videos.
Although diethyl phthalate is more expensive and much harder to get than ethyl acetate,
it gives brighter and longer lasting than light than ethyl acetate,
which is what you want in a glowstick.
Now that the container is filled, very carefully drop in the hydrogen peroxide ampoule.
Cap it off.
And now you have a completed, refillable, glow stick.
Let's test this baby out.
Thanks for watching, i hope you found this video informative even if you are not able to replicate it yourself.