Danny Seo Hotel Tray

Uploaded by MichaelsStores on 23.08.2011

Hi I’m Danny Seo author of the book Upcylcing and today I’m going to show you
you how to transform your hotel key cards into a
you how to transform your hotel key cards into a
really beautiful and wonderful breakfast in bed tray.
Um if you are road warrior or if you’re just someone who loves to collect these
when you go to wonderful bed and breakfast or hotels around the country or If you ‘re
lucky enough around the world. You always wonder what do I do with these key cards.
You put them in a bowl or in you junk drawer but they really don’t have a function.
Well I was thinking they’d be great to use in place of tile to grout into a tray.
The first step you want to do is get your collection.
And choose key cards that are important to you are really beautiful to look at
might have some kind of a meaning to you.
So this one from Buenos Aries you know obviously that’s a keeper that you’ll put in here.
I find it’s really important to actually lay the cards out first look at the configuration
see If you’re happy with it before gluing them down
Once you’re happy with the configuration you want to take a hot glue gun
gun and I’m just going to pop these out.
And then you just want to put a little bit of glue on the back of the card like this.
And press it into place. And I’ll just do a few more. It’s such a fun project to do
and I’ll have say this is probably one of my top favorite projects that we did
also with everyday with Rachael Ray
. I mean who wouldn’t love to get breakfast served to them on one of these hand made trays.
Lets put Amsterdam over here. And how much do we love this actual key card.
All right so now that I have 4 of the cards down the next step of the process in your
unfinished wood tray is that you want to use something called un-sanded tile grout.
One of the things I love about Michaels is that you don’t have to go to the hardware store to get grout
Where they only sell them in the great big giant bags for home improvement projects
for something smaller like this you can get it premixed it comes in a nice little container like this.
And this is more than enough to do for several trays the key thing you have to
remember is look for un-sanded and not sanded
If you use a sanded grout on this project it’s going to scratch up the cards and you won’t be able to read
read what they use to be. With un-sanded it’s a nice smooth surface to work with.
This white grout here make sure you wear your gloves because that’s what it says on the instructions.
Just use your fingers which I think are the best tools in any craft area.
And spread it in between each card. And don’t worry about getting excess grout on top
top of the cards don’t worry about doing a perfect neat job because this is all going to wipe
off in about 20-30 minutes with a wet damp sponge. So you can see already in
this corner right here I’ll do the edges while I’m at it. You’re getting a
professional grout job right here. 20 minutes later you just want to wipe it off
with a damp sponge and then let it dry over night so the grout has a chance to completely cure.
If you want to paint the tray cover the entire inside with painters
tape and then paint the outside in the color of your choice.
When you’re done you’ve got yourself a beautiful hotel key card breakfast in bed tray. Cheers. �