HetaHazard 7 [ENG / FRA / ITA subs]

Uploaded by SotetAG on 01.10.2011

Germany! Japan! It's me, Italy!
Maybe they're not in this room.
Still, I wonder what this room is.
It's so dark, I can't see a thing. Russia is just amazing... Is this the light switch?
It's the drawing of a western-style house.
The phone doesn't seem to be working.
There is a file that reads, "Institute and Security System Data."
Whoa, that sounds difficult. I don't have to read it, do I?
There is a file that reads, "T-Virus Research Journal."
There is a lighter.
I guess this isn't particularly necessary.
It is full of files.
There are several laboratory utensils.
There are several memos about experiments.
Obtained Disinfectant Spray.
It's some sort of chemical.
Obtained Skull-Shaped Key.
This key looks kind of freaky... But it might come in handy, so I'll take it.
It's some sort of strange container.
What is this?
Veh! Th-this is so gross!
Eek, a-an EYEBALL!! Japaaan! Japan!
VEEEEH!! I'm scared of bones! Germanyyy! Germanyyy!
There are books about selective breeding.
There are books about cloning technology.
There are books about bacteria.
There is a memo on the floor next to the trash can.
Countries with human forms? What's that supposed to mean?
I'll call Russia and then we can leave together.
There are a lot of books I don't really get. I don't even want to pick them up.
What's up?
Well, there's a door over there. Maybe we can find Germany and the others there.
Right. Let's take a look, then.
What is this place?
They're mine carts.
I wonder where they lead to.
I wonder, too. Anyway, why don't we take a look around?
It's a broken barrel.
It's a pile of earth.
It's a lever.
What's this lever for?
Maybe it makes the carts move?
It's a low fence.
It's an ordinary wooden table.
How to operate the escape mine cart (capacity of four people): 1. Move the lever to the right to switch on the power supply.
2. Get in the cart and and press the engine switch. The cart will then automatically move to the place of destination.
This is an escape cart, so we could use it to get out, right?
It's so old, though. Does it even work?
We'll know if we pull the lever.
Oh, it seems to be working fine.
You're right! Now we can get out of here. Come on, let's find the others!
Russia? Is something wrong?
Uh, sorry, it's just that this kind of cart is so unusual.
Yeah, you don't see many of those nowadays.
Um, do you want to get in?
Can I?
It won't hurt to just get in. Besides, I want to give it a go, too.
Thanks, Italy.
It even has seats.
Huhuh, how fun.
It's the first time I've got into one of these.
The first time, Kumajirou?
It was fun getting in the cart. Now, let's go look for the others.
Y-yeah. This isn't the time to play around. I have to give the medicine to Germany and--
Was that an explosion?
I kind of pressed the switch because of the impact just now.
You mean the switch that--
VEEEEH!! Germanyyy! Japaaan!
A little earlier...
I've got the feeling it's a little pointless to lock the door, though...
Are you really all right?
I'm fine... I just felt a little sick when I saw the enemy... That's all...
Yeah, those dogs... really need to be cured with the fairies' cuteness.
No reaction, huh?
Nothing but magazines about rock 'n' roll and American cars. Just as one would expect from the 50s.
There is nothing written on the whiteboard.
It's a newspaper from March 24, 1956.
They seem to be joint bookshelves.
It's a register.
There are condiments such as ketchup and soy sauce.
There are meal trays.
There are glasses.
Where's the light switch?
The tableware is covered in dust.
It's a sink.
It's a paper towel.
A tub? You use that in the kitchen?
I want tea...
There are memos about the amount of food.
I think we can use this stove, too.
It's a large refrigerator. It's chock-full of food.
These things have been here for 50 years, so obviously we can't eat them...
There is food stored.
It's hardened cheese.
There are a lot of empty cola bottles.
There is opened rice.
There are a lot of condiments.
There are rubber gloves, aprons, boots, and gas masks inside the lockers.
We should try to sort out our situation.
Yeah, it is a little confusing.
I'm hungry.
I'd make some scones for you, if there were ingredients.
I don't want your scones!
What the--
Oh, these magazines are--
Wow, I really have to admire the way you're handling our situation here.
Wh-what?! It's just magazines! What's the harm in that?
I want some juice. Does anyone have some money?
You can't drink that. This facility has been closed for over 50 years.
I want some coke...
You can drink it to your heart's content when we get out of here.
But when are we going to get out of here?!
That's what I'd like to know!
Um, sorry to interrupt, but aren't we going to sort out our situation?
Oh, right.
And there is another thing I wish to talk to you about.
So, shall we sort out our situation?
First, about those dogs that just attacked us.
There is no doubt in my mind that they are the experimental animals that got infected with the virus, as described in that researcher's journal.
What the heck are those creatures?! They're too scary!
So, according to the research data, those dogs are zombies?
To be honest, I didn't quite believe it, since it was said to have happened over 50 years ago.
Actually, I still can't believe it myself, even though I've seen them with my own eyes.
That's rich of you to say, considering that you're the one who called them in.
I've already apologised for that!
Both of you, please calm down.
I'm worried about the others, though. They might have been attacked by those infected creatures, as well.
There's five of them and Russia is there. I think they'll be fine.
But he's probably worried about the infection rather than their numbers.
But there's a vaccine, right?
It's true that there is a vaccine, but we don't know if it's actually here.
With the way things are, it would be very bad if anyone got infected.
Indeed. It will be very difficult to either go back to the surface or get the vaccine.
Then we just have to be careful not to get infected!
That is easier said than done, though...
Yeah, it's not as simple as that. This is serious.
Germany, don't you have anything to say?
I-I... uh...
You look pale. Are you all right?
S-sorry. ... I'm fine. I am fine.
Um... Germany... If you keep scratching, you're going to hurt yourself...
Germany, have you been infected, by any chance?
Wh-what are you saying, America?!
The first symptom of the infection is itchiness, isn't it? It's strange how Germany is scratching himself now.
It's possible that he got infected by that stored water, but didn't he just fall in it?
Um, n-no, he actually swallowed it... I'm sure of it, because I checked when I gave him first aid.
I didn't know that water had the virus...
So, he swallowed that water... I was sure he had simply fallen in it...
Then we have to find the vaccine quickly--
I'm not infected. I'm a nation!
A-after him!
Of course!
Damn it, I can't move right...
... not infected...
The lock... Now we can get to the elevator.
I'll look for my brother and Italy and then get out of here.
I only feel sick because I'm in this horrible place.
I'll feel better once I get out of here. I have to get out of here quickly...
You did deactivate this lock, didn't you?
It wasn't, like, locked to begin with. Why won't it open?
Then maybe you accidentally locked it?
No, the door is just defective.
What are we going to do, then?
I'll throw some gunpowder bombs.
You'll blow up the whole elevator if you do that!
Yeah, if I use them like this. But if I use less gunpowder, it won't be a problem.
Really...? Uh, if you need fire, you can borrow my match.
These bombs go off when they take a hit, so I can just throw them.
How can you carry around something so dangerous?
Can't you... open the... elevator?
P-potato bastard!
Oh, Germany, I'm glad to see you're all right. Isn't my master with--
Give me... those...
Um, what?
H-hey, potato bastard...
I'll open the elevator doors with those bombs...
Wait, it's too dangerous; I still have to remove some of the gunpowder!
Stop it! You're acting kinda weird!
Let go of me! I have to get out of here now!
H-hey! Hang in there, you bastard!
Get away from here right now! The bombs were activated when they dropped! They're going to blow up in a few seconds!
What?! Wait! Hey, wake up, potato bastard!