Ett fiskeår längs Vindelälvsdalen del 6 - Ammarnäsöringen och fjällfisket

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This year Stefan Ågren and Johan Jonsson had planned their fishing well.
Planning is often the key to success when fishing the back county of the Swedish mountain areas such as the upper River Vindelälven.
In order to receive fishing permits Stefan and Johan were required to send an application to Västerbotten county administrative board.
Permits are granted to a limited number of randomly selected approved applications.
Stefan and Johan were among the lucky few who received permits...
... and I got to tag along on their trip to Ammarnäs and upper River Vindelälven.
Ammarnäs is historically a place known for it's church and high altitude potato culture.
But today the area is well known for it's wide variety of sportfishing opportunities.
Prior Stefan and Johan went up into the mountains they decided to fish one day in the local area...
... were you probably have the biggest chance in Europe of catching a serious brown trout if...
... you are to perform certain required rituals.
Which Stefan performed very well.
Johan on the other hand ignored to perform the entire ritual and was quite dissapointed when he realized...
... that the giant migrating trouts were mainly caught with streamers and that the dry fly fishing would have to wait for a day.
The part of river Vindelälven flowing between Ammarnäs village and lake Storvindeln...
... is during late summer occupied by very large brown trout who migrate upstream to their spawning habitats.
Johan was determined to only fish with dry flies during the whole trip...
... and refused to be tempted by the opportunities of catching a giant brown trout and just watched as Stefan got into the game instead.
Stefan however, proceeded like any normal fisherman would have done.
He layed down a couple of casts... and caught a 83 cm long trout...
... just in time for the batteries in my camera to die.
Johan was grumpy to say the least but did not give in to temptation.
Even though Johan heard from one of the guides that you could have a chance of catching these giant brown trouts on a dry fly he never fished that day.
Instead he spent the evening harassing Stefan for not using dry flies and took photos of "interesting" animals by the bonfire.
Look at him, he is so cool...
I took this close-up of him and he's just chillin and eating hot dog bread!
He was scared at first but now he's like risking his own life because he has the bread munchies.
These giant trout can be caught at any time of day.
However, the best time for fishing is usually during the evening and night.
One person who every year catch a lot of these fish is the local guide Mr. Peter Schmitt.
He lives in Ammarnäs and is involved in a number of projects to protect the brown trout population in river Vindeläven.
However, Stefan and Johan were not here for the magical night fishing for giant brown trout.
They prepared for a days walk up to the limited accessed reaches of upper river Vindelälven for some dry fly fishing instead as planned.
But Stefan had forgotten his hiking boots and they had to quickly change their plans.
For the first time in their life they would take a helicopter to a fishing destination...
... just like any wealthy tourist.
The weather in the Swedish mountains can be a bit unpredictable to say the least.
Not surprisingly, Stefan and Johan ended up landing in the middle of a rainstorm.
They were about to spend 3 days up in the mountains and was now hoping for the weather gods to hear their prayers.
A risk of heading up to the Swedish mountains is that you end up spending most of the time your tent due to the weather.
However, it can quickly turn and lead to the sun breaking through the clouds after an hour or two...
... and the may flies start hatching...
... which triggers the fish to start rising.
And you get to experience some amazing days...
... when river Vindelälven shows itself at its very best.
The first sunny day Johan and Stefan got to experience an epic day at the river.
However, it was at the second day the river would come experience Stefan and Johan at their best.
Have look at that!
What a trout!
My hand is so damn cold!
There we go. A Vindel river trout at it's very best.