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Hail Baapji!
Hail Radha-Madhav!
Hail to you!
Hail to you!
Sir, the very first veneration offerings are for you.
Priest, how is the work on our second temple going on?
Very good! Sir, very good.
The people have already started to visit the temple.
Everywhere they are saying..
..let's go to Baapji's temple! Let's go to Baapji's temple.
The sculptor has made such a beautiful idol..
ls that so?
Yes, sir. The idol is of Lord Krishna but..
Wonderful! Wonderful!
Priest, everything depends on one's faith.
The type of feelings you have so will you see the Lord's face.
Wonderful! Well said!
Priest, do you have any other requirements?
Sir, there is a need for five lakh rupees.
Okay. lt will be done. lt will be done.
Saxena! Bhura? - Yes, sir.
With Bajrang's help, devise a strike at Saxena's factory. - Yes, sir.
And donate five lakh rupees to the temple from the settlement.
Of course.
Right? Saxena, l hope there is no fear..
..of a strike in your factory, is there?
Wonderful! Well said!
Shut up!
With your blessings, everything is going well.
Here is a donation of two lakh rupees..
..from Saxena lndustries to your organisation.
And five lakh rupees from the traders' union.
Hail Radha-Madhav!
Jagan, l have fixed the prices of the food grains for this year.
Baapji, it could increase the prices some more then..
Keep quiet! You fool! The key philosophy behind our rule.. to increase the prices so much that people will be busy..
..earning their bread and will have no time to revolt.
But the prices should not be increased so much that..
..people may resort to a revolt against us.
Wonderful! Well said! Wonderful! Well said!
Doctor, how are you?
Baapji, l have come here to serve you.
Sir, this is the new judge. He has come here to pay his respects.
Bhura! - Sir?
Yes sir.
Baapji! Baapji! Doctor! Doctor! What are you doing to me?
What are you doing with my coat?
Let them take it out.
But l am not feeling hot.
Judge, nobody is allowed to wear such a coat in this city.
But why is it not allowed? Even Baapji wears such type of coat.
That's why it is not allowed.
Judge, we will burn this coat. And you should burn..
..all such types of coats you have at your house.
Hail Baapji!
Hail Radha-Madhav.
According to Baapji's orders and blessings.. of government contracts for Narayanpur is hereby started.
Fool! He thinks the whole city is his property.
This contract is for a cycle stand the government price of which..
..has been fixed at 25000 rupees.
You all are requested to bid.
Hail Baapji! l bid 26000 rupees.
26000, one. 26000, two.
26000, three.
Who will get the contracts has already been fixed.
Even so, he brings the whole city to a stand still and..
..calls everybody to this bungalow.
But who can speak against him?
The one who wants to die will speak up. - May..
..death come to those who kill!
This time around l have made firm arrangements.
The public is requested to place higher bids.
Six lakh rupees!
Six lakh, one. Six lakh, two. Six lakh..
Seven lakh rupees!
Mister, have you forgotten how to count?
Have you taken Baapji's permission.. participate in the auction?
He may be your boss. So why should l ask for his permission?
This is a government auction, isn't it?
l am the government here! My command is like a law for this city.
Your command means nothing to me!
Bitta! Bhima!
Baapji, how dare he?
He is one of my own men. l have freed him on parole.
You did this? But why?
Bhura, in this crowd, there are some people who..
..are thinking of revolting against me.
But after this prisoner's death there will be fear in their hearts..
..instead of the desire to revolt.
Without fear there is no love.
Wonderful! Well said!
Look! This is the result of revolting against me!
Nobody can kill me!
Neither from the front nor from the back!
Neither from the left nor from the right!
Neither human nor animal.
Neither with weapons nor with arms.
Hail Radha-Madhav!
Hail Baapji!
Suraj, l have heard so many things about..
..Baapji and his goons that l had to ask to be transferred here.
But after studying this file l get no indication that..
..there has been any crime committed.. Narayanpur in past several months.
Sir, nobody will give testimony against Baapji in Narayanpur.
Yes. - lnspector Rastogi?
Rastogi here.
lt has been a week since you have joined duty..
..and yet have you not gone to Baapji's bungalow.. pay your respects?
You have received a government medal..
..that's why you are acting so arrogant, aren't you?
Shut up! Tell Baapji, l have heard a lot about his wrongdoings.
l will arrest him the day we find a single clue against Baapji.
You seem to be an honest man.
lf you are looking for clues then listen.
Baapji had orchestrated the murder of prisoner number 340..
..right in front of the whole city. But nobody will testify against him.
lf you can take this case to the court then..
..l am willing to testify as a government witness.
Think about it. l will call you again.
Lalla, how is the business doing?
Which business are you talking about?
lt has become tougher to sell five barrels.
Baapji has already taken over all the gambling dens.
Boss, if we don't get any contracts for alcohol soon then..
..we may have to start begging.
Lalla, why are you worrying? l have manipulated..
..such clever arrangements that..
..all contracts will be controlled by Ghasiram.
But keep your weapons ready.
To hell with Baapji. - ls it so?
Please give me the file on prisoner number 340.
But sir, the case of prisoner number 340 has been closed.
l can read! l can read what has been written in words..
..and also that which hasn't.
Alright, sir.
Hail Baapji!
Hail Baapji!
Hail Radha-Madhav!
Welcome Baapji.
Congratulations, Mr. Rastogi! l got the information today..
..that you have received the President's medal..
..for being the best inspector.
Here, have this.
Thank you. Daughter, keep this.
My friends asked me to call you to my bungalow.
l said no. l will myself go to the person's house who..
..has received such a big honour.
Sure. Welcome. Have a seat.
Thank you.
Whenever someone has brought laurels to this city..
Yes. - l have made his life wonderful.
When Dr. Deshmukh got a big degree in America..
..l gave a piece of government land to open his clinic.
When Rajan Patel became a judge from a public prosecutor..
..then on government expense l built..
..a bungalow at Gangapur road for him.
Oh really!
But Mr. Rastogi, these people are so nice and honest..
..that they come to meet me everyday at my bungalow.
Of course. They may have their own needs.
l also have to do something for you.
Think about it and then come to my bungalow to tell me about it.
You assistant was telling me that you wanted to talk to me.
The prisoner whom you had freed..
..last week on bail has been murdered.
lnspector, why are you getting worried about such criminals?
lt's good that he is dead. His soul will rest in peace.
There is one person less troubling this world.
lf he had been alive then he would have..
..committed a couple more murders.
And that's why you have eradicated him from the society.
But on whose authority? And why?
A human is not like a stone which..
..when created remains like that forever.
When a dacoit can become Valmiki then for every dacoit..
..there is a hope that he too can become a Valmiki.
lf you are talking about philosophy..
..then who is it that dies, souls are immortal.
Lord Krishna had said you cannot destroy a soul with weapons.
A soul takes a new form almost immediately.
There he goes and here he comes back.
Then why are you getting worried.
lf someone gets a death sentence for killing prisoner number 340..
..then what difference does it make.
And a soul is immortal.
You cannot destroy a soul with weapons.
A soul takes a new form almost immediately.
There he goes and here he comes back.
You are joking!
l am not joking. Baapji, l know everything about you.
You have come here to persuade me.. shut down the case of prisoner number 340.
Baapji, by coming here you have proved that.. are responsible for the murder of prisoner number 340.
And l have an eye-witness to this murder..
..who is willing to testify against you in court.
Therefore tomorrow you will be arrested.
Hail Baapji!
Hail Baapji!
Hail Baapji!
Hail Baapji!
Bhura! Chandan, Kalu, Mohan! Come here, everybody!
Go find Narsimha and bring him here.
Search the whole city.
l want Narsimha here by tomorrow morning.
Baapji has called Narsimha to his bungalow's porch.
Baapji has asked you to find Narsimha..
..and send him to his bungalow's porch.
l will do it right away. Right away. Chameli, close the shop.
Shakil, Baapji has asked to search for Narsimha. Come on, let's go.
You barber, shave my beard first!
Pakya, Baapji has asked to search for Narsimha. Go quickly!
Come here, take my place.
Wonderful! What a scene! What a scene!
Put force.
Put force.
Put force.
Why did he have to do it? What has happened to him?
Baapji, he is fully intoxicated.
Splash some water on him and wake him up.
This is water.
Just a minute. Leave me.
l'm touching your feet..
See to it that he doesn't get hurt.
Okay. Come to me. Come on.
Wonderful! What a walk!
Come here. Well done.
Wonderful! What a walk!
Just a single stair left.
Get inside. - Thank you.
What have you done to yourself?
How have you been?
l am fine thanks to your blessings.
Will you have something to eat?
What? Can l get to drink a little?
Shut up! Sit down! Sit down!
Alcohol will kill you someday.
Baapji, who wants to live? l did not die so l am living on.
l keep on drinking.
Baapji, give me just a little to get me back to my senses.
Oh no!
Just a little bit.
You will never change. Bhura?
Yes, sir.
Bring some more bottles of alcohol for him. - Yes, sir.
Do you want to die early?
Baapji, look at me. l eat your food. l drink your alcohol.
And l carry out your orders without thinking.
Whether it is right or wrong, good or bad..
..sinful or venerable. lsn't it?
l had forgotten about this jacket. Give it to me.
Take it. Wear it.
He has brought it from Mumbai. Just for you. With love.
lt will suit you very well.
What happened?
Narsimha! Listen! What is the matter?
Baapji, l can tolerate it if you whip me.
Chop me into pieces with your sword.
Handcuff me. Tie me up with a chain. l have no complaints.
But don't try to tie me up with these threads of love.
Why my dear? What do these threads do to you?
With these your desire increases.
And with desire you wish to live. Then you are pained to see death.
l have gone through this river of flames once.
l don't want to go through it again.
Bhura. Take it for now. l will never give such things to you again.
Why did you call me here?
Day after tomorrow, a man is going to..
..testify against me in the court.
For such a small thing what was the need to spoil my fun.
You could've sent a couple of men with sticks and broken his head.
lf it was so easy why would l call you?
Okay. Tell me his whereabouts?
l don't know anything. Who he is? What he does? Where he lives?
How can l find him in such a big city?
And that too in just two days?
You are the answer to all my questions.
And there is no answer for you.
Do you have any clue?
lnspector Rastogi, of the market lane police station.. going to file a case against me in the court..
..based on that man's testimony.
Alright. The job will be done.
Get aside. Tempo gangster is coming.
Tempo gangster is coming.
Tempo gangster is coming.
Salutations, brother Tempo.
Greetings, brother.
Give it to me!
Here, take it. - Give it!
l am coming, brother. - Phatpati?
Here l come, brother. - What is it, brother?
Who is this oil merchant in our area? He is acting too smart.
He is troubling this poor man. This man is our friend.
Let's straighten him up a bit. Where is your building?
This way, sir.
This way?
Let's go. - Let's go.
Hey, move aside. Come on.
Why has he come here?
Hey oil merchant! Come out.
Did you hear anything from there?
Oil merchant fears me.
Shut up! Hey, vacate the building..
..or book for the wood for your pyre. Come out.
Who is it? Who is that fool? My husband has just slept.
Why have you come to wake him up?
Tell your husband his death is calling him in the guise of Tempo.
Send him out!
Hey, you! lf you make any trouble over here then..
..l will teach you a good lesson. Get away from here!
Brother, this woman looks quite dangerous to me.
Really! Who is talking to you?
Hey oil merchant! Why are you hiding behind you wife? Get out!
Or else l will..
Get away! The whole world knows..
..Tempo will not lay his hands on a woman.
Here is it. l have kept it. You too keep it down. Get away.
Then why do you call yourself a gangster.
Go be a mama's good boy.
Hey you fatso, don't argue with me.
Go inside and send you thin husband out.
Don't talk too much.
l will stick this broom to you and make you look like a peacock.
Shut up!
Shut up!
Shut up! Do you see this? This is a Rampuri knife. Understood!
You fool! Are you showing me a knife? You idiot!
Just wait there l will show you what l am made of.
Just wait there, you fool!
Don't come forward!
Are you showing me a knife?
Take this! - Hey!
What do you think of me? You fool!
Don't hit me. Look at her!
Take this!
This is enough!
What do you mean enough?
Hey you!
What do you want? You are Tempo, the gangster, aren't you?
Hey! Get away!
What is this? What is this? Why are you dancing?
You idiot! You call my husband a thin guy!
Hey, l will not spare you.
Sir, he was causing havoc in market street.
File a report on him. - Come on.
Don't tear it you fool! Don't touch me.
l am one of Baapji's closest men.
Hey you!
My salutations, sir.
You will cry for your father if l put you in jail.
What difference will it make? Baapji will again get me freed.
l have come out on parole just last week.
From which jail?
From Narayanpur jail. lf you still doubt it then.. up and ask who has freed prisoner number 340.
Please order me a cup of tea.
Sir, will you also have some?
Hail Radha-Madhav!
No inspector, this is not the man.
l had seen that person being killed during the auction.
This is surely one of Baapji's schemes.
Alright. You can go. l will extract the truth from him.
Donate for Govinda festival. Donate for Govinda festival.
Donate for Govinda festival.
Welcome! Welcome!
Bhura, he has the mind of a human and the strength of a lion.
He is the real Narsimha.
Wonderful! What a man! What a man!
Take this. Have fun.
Take him away. Bury him in the cellar.
Suraj Narayan Singh!
This is my father's..
What happened to my father? What has happened to my father?
The police suspect a dangerous criminal called Bhairon Nath..
..has murdered the inspector due to some old rivalry.
Baapji, inspector Vinod Rastogi's son, Ravi Rastogi..
..who is twenty years old, has come to Narayanpur..
..after leaving his studies in Mumbai.
And he has taken admission to our Daly college.
But he is not a danger to us.
Keep an eye on him.
What else happened? Tell me.
Hi, how are your studies going on?
Tell me, what happened?
Group, start!
Come on!
We are just terrific, girls! Just too good!
Hey, we are going to make it bigger. Take it from me.
Okay. Okay. Now we do the spin. Okay.
lt goes, one, two, three and..
Come let's do it!
What superb dancing? Wonderful!
What superb dancing? Wonderful!
Hey get away!
Uh oh! l am sorry, guys. Sorry.
Where did he come from?
Let us watch.
Hey musicians, are you ready?
Yeah! - Alright.
Hey girls, straighten up. Come on. Come on. Right.
One, two, three, four.
Come on! Round, Round.
Round! Round!
Turn. Turn!
O God.
ls this how you should dance? ls this how you should dance?
What are you doing? You will disgrace me during the gathering.
Look. l will do it. Come on.
One, two, three.
Hey! Hey listen. Wait. Wait. Come here.
What did you find so laughable in our dancing?
Forget it. You will feel bad.
No. No problem.
Let us know what your valuable opinion about our dancing is.
lt looked like you weren't dancing but.. were searching for a coin in the ground.
Or maybe you were dancing properly but..
..the floor itself was slanting.
You think you are Michael Jackson's father, don't you?
Michael Jackson's father did not know how to dance.
Do you know how to dance?
Just a couple of steps. That's why l had come here to practice.
Then show us!
Okay. Okay.
Make friends with me.
Make this one mistake.
Make friends with me.
Make this one mistake.
Come, shake hands with me.
Oh baby, come on, listen to me.
Make friends with me.
Make this one mistake.
Come, shake hands with me.
Oh baby, come on, listen to me.
Make friends with me.
Make this one mistake.
lt's no surprise if friendship converts to love.
lt's no surprise, it's no surprise.
Because life is love and not hatred.
Life is not hatred, life is not hatred.
lf it beats.
Then let the heart beat.
lf it erupts.
Then let the flame erupt.
lf it beats.
Then let the heart beat.
lf it erupts.
Then let the flame erupt.
ln this path of love let us embrace.
Baby, walk with me.
Make friends with me.
Make this one mistake.
Make friends with me.
Make this one mistake.
Why should we believe in you?
Why should we believe? Why should we believe?
Why should we accept you are very nice?
That you are nice. That you are nice.
People have.
Told us.
Love is.
Just a moment of shade.
People have.
Told us.
Love is.
Just a moment of shade.
Don't mislead us. Go. Let it go.
No. No. No.
Why should l make friends with you?
Why should l make this mistake?
Why should l make friends with you?
Why should l make this mistake?
Make friends with me.
What kind of a heart is it which doesn't love someone?
That day will surely come when you will say to me.
Make friends with me.
Why is there some much distance between us?
Come into my arms.
l am waiting for you in these paths of love.
Make friends with me.
l will drown myself in these thoughts.
l will not be myself then.
lt seems you are going to loose your heart.
That what is going to happen will happen.
Come, shake hands with me.
Come, shake hands with me.
Oh baby, come on, listen to me.
Yes. Yes. Yes.
l have accepted your friendship.
l have committed this beautiful mistake.
Make friends with me.
Make this one mistake.
Come on.
Shake hands with me.
Oh baby, come on, listen to me.
Yes. Yes. Yes.
Make friends with me.
Make this one mistake.
Make friends with me.
Make this one mistake.
Make friends with me.
Make this one mistake.
Come, my daughter.
Mr. Thakur is waiting for you since a long time.
Mr. Thakur, this is my daughter, Meenu.
Greetings. - Have a long life, my child.
Where were you, my child?
Father, l have come here even while l was not feeling like it.
lt was exciting! Wonderful!
What have you seen in the college?
A new boy, called Ravi, has joined to the college.
He sings so well! He dances so wonderfully!
lf you watch him dance you too will start to dance with him.
He has promised to teach me how to dance.
Really! All this singing and dancing is the job of dancers.
And not of a princess like you.
You are the heir of the city of Narayanpur.
You have to become a politician.
But father, George Bernard Shaw had said that..
Wonderful! Well said!
Baapji, if you give your blessings then we agree to this alliance.
Mr. Thakur, l have one precondition.
Your son will become my resident son-in-law.
Because after me Meenu will handle the working of this city.
As you wish.
Let's go. l will show you Saxena's factory..
..and get you a big fat order.
Seema, it's not right that you meet Saxena's son so often.
You know Anil Saxena has a bad name when it comes to girls.
But l am his secretary. l have to do my duty, don't l?
Be careful. Okay?
Okay. Bye. See you.
l rule this place.
Good morning, sir
And as far as the license is concerned.
Good morning, sir.
l will provide it to you in just a few minutes.
Good morning, sir.
Which one is Saxena's cabin?
Mr. Saxena is busy in a board meeting.
Please have a seat. You may have to wait for a while.
Do l have to wait? For Saxena who has been wagging his tail.. my porch since the last twenty years.
l object to your using such foul language.
l can't tolerate someone who insults my boss.
lf l say that your boss will fall at my feet and beg..
..right here in front of his employees then what will you do?
Then l will think you are a bad person..
..and throw you out of this office.
You fool!
Hasn't your father taught you how to speak to your elders?
l have learnt from my father how to talk to people like you.
But being a father you have not learnt how to talk to a daughter.
For your uncivilized behaviour l can sell you in the market!
Before selling me you will have to buy me first.
ln fact, you had also tried to buy out..
..inspector Vinod Rastogi, didn't you?
Vinod Rastogi?
Yes. l am his daughter.
So you are the offspring of that fool!
He was a fool who had run away that night from our house.
Thakur, leave me. What does she think of herself?
ldiot! You servant! Call Saxena over here!
Hey Saxena! What kind of people have you hired just to insult me?
Baapji, is it you? Why did you take the trouble to come?
You should've called me.
First tell this woman to fall at my feet and beg for forgiveness.
She has insulted me in front of everybody.
Anita, you should apologize.
lf l asked him decently to have a seat then is it an insult?
lf l asked him to wait then is it an insult?
lf l said to him that you are busy in a board meeting..
..then did l insult him?
And when he referred to you as a dog in his porch..
..then did he respect you?
He threatened to sell me off in the market then did he respect me?
He used all sorts of bad words for me then did he compliment me?
lf this girl doesn't apologize to me then.. will be worse than a beggar.
Child, please. After all, l am like your father.
lf you had been like my father then..
..this man would not be standing here.
He would've been thrown out immediately.
Anita, do you want to work here or not?
My father had lost his life for his self respect.
l am his daughter. l can at least loose my job for my self respect.
Sir, l am leaving. l will send my resignation tomorrow.
l don't need a resignation. l want an apology.
Listen child.
l accept you have the right to..
..sacrifice your job for your self respect.
But keep one thing in mind. This factory does not provide..
..for your house only but it provides..
..a means of earning to thousands of people.
And if you do not apologize, all of us will loose our jobs.
Don't you know how Baapji destroyed Lakshmi Mills?
Gupta Chemicals, Jaitley Engineering..
..and a lot more mills are just ruins now.
My child, the cost of one self respect can be just one job..
..but not thousands.
Maybe you are right.
Sir, please forgive me. l did not recognise you.
Seema, my daughter, please open the door. Please open the door.
Have mercy on your father.
Why is that oldie shouting?
The wood merchant's daughter has locked herself inside.
She is not opening the door. Look at his father, he is trembling.
l have enhanced your life by reciting the holy books to you.. please somebody save my life.
Oh my God! You will receive the blessings of a priest.
Somebody please save my daughter.
What are you searching for?
l want to climb this tree.
You are fully drunk. Where are you going up there?
He is repeating the same drama that..
..Dharmendra had done in Sholay.
Buck up!
Buck up!
My daughter's life is in danger in here and..
..this drunkard wants to pluck mangoes.
Hey brother!
Father, l am carrying Anil Saxena's child.
But he is refusing to marry me.
That's why l am committing suicide.
Your daughter, Seema.
What kind of uncivilized behaviour is this?
Who has sent you here? Peon! Peon!
Brother, what is the problem?
l have come here to invite you for a marriage.
Whose marriage invitation card is this?
Read it.
l am sending an invitation, don't forget to come.
Wonderful! Well written.
Read further.
Anil! That's my name. What kind of a joke is this?
lt was you who was joking. Now there will be a wedding.
And if on the right day.
Monday! - At the right time. - 10 o'clock.
You do not reach the right place.
Shree Temple, near the bell tower.
Then keep one thing in mind we also have a ritual..
..of picking up the bridegroom.
Picking up!? Why?
Because then he is not able to walk with his feet.
Did you understand?
My days are numbered!
Unwilling he will come to his own wedding.
Listen. l don't want this marriage to take place forcefully.
Things that are done forcefully do not last for too many days.
What do you mean?
We have to device such a plan that he himself should come.. Seema and tell her that he wants to marry her.
Why are you trying to organise..
..a prayer meeting inside the devil's house?
l will surely organise this prayer meeting inside this devil's house.
O son of Saxena! Come out!
Where are you hiding?
Hit them!
He has come here as well. Run!
Stop! Brother, please help me!
A gangster carrying a sword is after me.
Please quickly take me to a nearest police station.
Yes, of course. Come on sit.
Where should l sit? - Sit here. That's right.
Let's go. Quickly.
My friend, is it something to do with your girlfriends?
How did you know?
A handsome person like you must be..
..having several affairs, don't you?
Big brother, what should l hide from you?
l am young. She was young as well.
We got involved. Now she wants to marry me.
Then why don't you get married, my friend?
With how many should l get married?
Let's get away quickly!
How did l..
Are you feeling well?
l am fine. But who are you?
Don't you know him? - No.
He is doctor Narayan Sinha who is carrying out the noble work..
..of family planning since twelve years.
For this reason the world knows him as.. Vasectomy Narayan Sinha.
And now he is just four operations behind the world record..
..for most number of vasectomy operations.
And for that he has not spared his own father.
l have not spared even myself because duty is duty.
And you are my 9996th patient. Congratulations.
Have you done a vasectomy operation on me?
Why? Who had asked you to do it?
l did. l thought l should solve your problem forever.
Now go and have as much fun with the girls as you want.
You don't have to be afraid of any girl.
And no girl can now accuse you.
So, wasn't it a brilliant idea?
Will l never become a father now?
l never do a loose job. Ward boy!
Yes, sir.
l have removed the root cause of the problem.
l'll be doomed if this is true.
The government will take care of you. Ward boy!
Here it is sir.
What is this?
This is a reward from the government.
250 rupees and 50 paise cash and a Murphy brand radio.
My beautiful dream has ended.
l have lost everything in love, the heartless world has won.
My beautiful dream has ended.
Narsimha, l was searching for you.
l was also searching for you.
l wanted to apologize to you.
That girl was after your money and l needlessly went after you.
No brother Narsimha. She was not after my wealth.
lt was me who was crazy about her looks.
What has happened to you?
There are still a lot of fish in the pond.
And you have a lot of fish food, don't you?
Yes l do. But l am not the same.
Along with me the whole of Saxena industries..
..has been sterilized.
l am the only child of my parents.
But now l won't have even a single child.
Narsimha, l beg of you please tell me something.
Where is Seema?
What an auspicious occasion!
Who is he?
He is my uncle.
Hello young man. l couldn't bring anything else..
..but l have brought this.
What is this?
These are 9999 pieces. From which l had given one to you.
What is this? ls it the same piece?
lt is the same piece. These are the same hair.
lt is the same spectacle. The same moustache and beard.
But l am not the same. l am Tempo, the gangster.
lt means l am perfectly normal.
Seema, have your heard l am perfectly alright. l am..
lt means you have deceived me. l am normal. And this marriage.
Won't this marriage happen?
No Seema. This marriage will definitely happen.
l have deceived you.
l have taken undue advantage of your innocence.
l have insulted you in front of others..
..and still you have accepted me.
Anil Saxena is not such a fool to ignore true love.
All this has happened because of Narsimha.
Come on Meenu. Okay. Give me your hand.
Give me your hand. Five, six, seven, eight and..
Five, six, seven, eight.
Okay Meenu. That's the way to move.
Alright. Come on baby. Fantastic.
Turn. And alright baby you are doing fine.
Okay. Now turn out. And come on in.
Meenu, could you find just this jungle to learn to dance?
We could've done it in the college hall, couldn't we?
All the girls would have gone crazy for you over there.
Ravi! - Hi, Ravi. - Hi.
Hi Meenu.
Hi, girls. - What are you doing here?
We were searching for you in the college.
Good. You are teaching her how to dance, aren't you?
Teach us as well.
Oh sure. Why not? Why are you standing outside? Come in.
Thank you. - Please, come.
l am always here to teach you to dance. Come on.
Okay girls, let's go. Come on.
Do as l do. Okay.
And one and two and three and four. And change.
Wonderful! Okay. Fine. Come here.
Hold me.
Now you are doing fine.
Okay girls. That's the way.
Hey, mister. - What happened?
You are sticking to them like bees to honey.
And you are asking what happened?
What is the need to put your arms around their hips and dance?
Why are you so angry if l hold their hands or hips?
Why are you being so possessive?
Have you bought me or something?
ls everything in this city your property?
Wherever you go, you will remember me.
ln this world, there is a boy who can die for you.
Wherever you go, you will remember me.
Wherever you go, you will remember me.
ln this world, there is a boy who can die for you.
Wherever you go, you will remember me.
Wherever you go, you will remember me.
ln my whole life l have only loved you.
But l have never been able to confess it to you completely.
ln my whole life l have only loved you.
But l have never been able to confess it to you completely.
l have been hiding a lot of wonderful aspirations in my heart.
Wherever you go, you will remember me.
ln this world, there is a boy who can die for you.
Wherever you go, you will remember me.
The clouds of sorrow have melted away..
..the bright sunshine has broken through.
l had not seen this side of life before.
The clouds of sorrow have melted away..
..the bright sunshine has broken through.
l had not seen this side of life before.
The song is in the air, the moment is excited.
Wherever you go, you will remember me.
ln this world, there is a girl who can die for you.
Wherever you go, you will remember me.
Come live in my heart and my heart beat.
My darling, now whatever you say will happen.
Come live in my heart and my heart beat.
My darling, now whatever you say will happen.
There is turmoil in my chest.
There is a storm in my breath.
Wherever you go, you will remember me.
ln this world, there is a boy who can die for you.
ln this world, there is a girl who can die for you.
Wherever you go.
Wherever you go.
You will remember me.
You will remember me.
Wherever you go.
Wherever you go.
You will remember me.
You will remember me.
ln the rain.
Tempo Khan, what news have you brought?
The news is hot, sir. But l have run out of money.
lf it goes on like this then Tempo Khan will become Cycle Khan.
Stand straight!
Sorry, sir.
Thank you. And one biscuit, please.
Your daughter..
What happened to her?
She was dancing in the streets with Ravi.
Their friendship is growing. They go to places together.
Keep her in control or else she will slip from your hands..
..leaving you empty handed.
Shut up!
May l come in, sir?
Come in.
Sir, did you want to see me?
Do you come here to study or to create mischief?
Sir, l did not understand. My marks are good and.. attendance is also full.
Your attendance is more with girls and less in the class.
Aren't you ashamed to roam around with girls?
But sir, l am only going out with Meenu..
You will have to stop it!
This is not my but Baapji's order.
You will have to stop meeting Meenu or leave this college.
The choice is yours.
Sir, l have learnt history from you.
l have learnt from you that in this country the citizen are free.. travel, to say what they feel and..
..if they are harassed they have the right to ask for justice.
l have learnt from you, sir, whoever bans this freedom.. called a dictator.
Shut up!
Thank me that l have given you a chance to improve your mistake.
My freedom is not your favour but it is my right.
l was born in free lndia.
l have taken my first breaths in the air of freedom.
You cannot order me like this.
l can't!
l am rusticating you right now. Get out. Get out!
Will you go willingly or should l call the watchman?
Sir, l am leaving. But keep one thing in mind.. are not practicing what you teach.
Hail Baapji!
Hail Radha-Madhav.
What do you want, kid? Do you need an admission or.. you want your fees to be waived off?
l have heard since years that the command of this house..
You are right.
l have heard that the clock of this house is the third eye of the city..
..from which no event, accident or injustice can hide.
Absolutely right.
l have also heard that you do justice to all.
You are right. l always do justice for everyone.
Then tell me something. lf two people together commit a crime..
..and only person is punished then is it just or is it wrong?
This is injustice. Who has done this injustice?
You have done it, Baapji. You have!
When l had committed the crime of making friends with Meenu.. had me rusticated from college.
Meenu had also committed the same crime..
..then why was she not punished?
ls it because she is your daughter?
Baapji, your justice has destroyed my career.
You have no right to sit on this throne.
Because you have proved that you can't do justice.
Hey you!
Hey you!
Ravi! - Mother!
Leave him alone! Leave him.
Let him go! Leave my son alone!
Please save Ravi!
They will kill him!
Mr. Ramnath, save Ravi. Please save Ravi.
My Ravi will die.
Let him go!
Save Ravi! Save him. What are you looking at my face?
Let him go! Let him go!
Save Ravi.
lnspector, they will kill Ravi. They will kill him.
Please help me. Please help me.
Can't you see? l am the only policeman on duty here.
l can't leave the police station.
Do one thing. Catch those goons and bring them here.
l will lock them up in jail.
How can l bring them here? l am a lone woman.
You have your neighbours, don't you? Take their help.
Their souls are mortgaged at the same place as yours.
'Oh my God! Where should l go?'
'ls there nobody to fight for the downtrodden?'
Have any of you seen Narsimha?
l am Narsimha. Should l come?
These people have taken away my drape.
Uncle! You!
These women of the street have also..
..started to perform religious rituals that's why l had to come.
Uncle, have you seen Narsimha anywhere?
Mother, let's take him to the hospital.
Doctor, how is Ravi? How is my Ravi?
Have some hope. Everything will be fine.
But why isn't he opening his eyes? Why isn't he talking?
There is no movement in his body. Please save my son.
Please save my son! l beg of you! l will serve you as a slave forever..
..but please save my son. Please save my son.
Please save my son.
Please save my son.
Mother, what happened to Ravi?
They have beaten up my Ravi very ruthlessly.
That butcher, Baapji has done this.
Baapji? When?
Yesterday night.
He sent four men with sticks.
They pulled Ravi out of the house and..
He has broken my son's arm as if he is just a toy made of clay.
As a mother l am giving a curse to Baapji that..
..just like l am begging for my son's life..
..he too would have to beg for his daughter's life.
Mother, your wish will surely be fulfilled.
Meenu? Why is she driving the car so fast?
Turn the car around! Stop her!
Meenu! Meenu, my child!
Meenu my child, stop the car!
Meenu, dear.
No father. l will not!
Meenu! Stop the car! What method is this to..
Why? When four people beat up a single person.. there any method in it?
l will tell you everything, my child.
Meenu, my child!
Meenu my child, listen to me. Meenu.
You fool, drive faster!
Meenu, listen to what l have to say.
You are very worried about your daughter, aren't you?
Why didn't you think that Ravi too is somebody's son?
Somebody would also be worried about him!
Meenu my child, listen to me. Reduce the speed.
Meenu, l beg of you. Stop the car!
No father. Ravi's mother's curse has fallen upon you.
My child, listen to me.
You too are begging for your daughter's life.
Today you will understand the sorrow of your child's death.
Are you happy now? What have you achieved by doing this?
What do you want to prove?
That l am your child. l will not let injustice to happen.
Both me and Ravi had committed the crime..
..l too should have been punished, isn't it?
This time you have saved me. But remember..
..whatever Ravi goes through l will also bring it upon myself.
Please protect us O Lord. Please protect us.
You may have received my message.
lf l had wanted it would have been Ravi's blood splattered..
..all around this house instead of this pigeon.
lf l had wanted l could've paraded your daughter..
..without any clothes in the market.
lf l had wanted the dead bodies of all of you would've been dragged..
..bitten, ragged by the street dogs and..
..nobody would've said anything.
But my daughter has tied my hands.
She has tied my hands so l had to come.
l had to come here, in this ugly place.
Please forgive Ravi. l will make him understand.
What will you make him understand?
Even if you cut him and throw him it wouldn't matter.
Even if l cut him and throw him it wouldn't matter.
The question is not of your son's life..
..but my daughter's stubbornness.
lf your son dies then my daughter will also take her own life.
Until Ravi is in this city Meenu will want to meet him.
Then what can we poor people do?
Leave this city and take him with you.
Where should we go?
Go wherever you want!
No light should be seen in this house tomorrow.
And be warned! Nobody should know where you have gone.
Get lost in this darkness as if you were never here.
Have mercy on us, Baapji. Don't harass us.
Don't remove us from this city.
Here is some money and you have some hours left.
l can't do anything more.
Remember, tonight is your last night in this city.
Baapji said we have to leave this city..
..and you packed our thing at night.
Mother, think for a moment, where will we go?
Where will go after we leave this city?
Why? ls this the only city left in this world to live in?
We will find many cities to live but mother what about money?
l had got this job with much difficulty..
..and after begging to so many people.
You will get many other jobs. Just pack up the things.
And what about Ravi? Have you thought about him?
He has not yet regained consciousness.
And we don't know for how many days..
..he may have to be in the hospital.
This house is my father's house. lt has my father's memories in it.
We will..
Mother, we will not leave this city.
Mr. Saxena, has Anita Rastogi come to work today?
Please find out.
Has she come? Baapji, she has come to work.
Give me the phone!
l should give my resignation! lt means..
..l should accept that l have committed a crime, isn't it?
Sir, this will not happen. l will go to Supreme Court.. save my self respect.
Then l will have to remove you from office right now.
And once you have been removed with the accusation of theft..
..the bad name that you will bring to yourself..
..will never be able to get a job for you anywhere in the country.
Will you accuse me of theft?
lf you don't give your resignation then helplessly..
..l would have to take this step to..
..guard the reputation of my company.
And only you can stop me from doing this.
Doctor, why are you removing all this?
Take him away from here, right now.
Doctor, don't say such a thing.
Mother, what happened?
Ravi has not yet regained consciousness and..
..these people are asking me to take him away from here.
What is the matter, doctor?
The same thing. Take him away. Pick him up.
But why? The treatment that doctor Patel had advised.. not yet complete. His wounds have not yet healed..
..and you are saying he is fine?
Are you a doctor or am l?
This is not a charitable institute where you can stay forever.
This is not your profession that is speaking at the moment but..
..your arrogance and power.
Shut up!
You should be ashamed of yourself.
Why are you playing around with your patient's life..
..just because some lowly person has told you to?
Stop your nonsense! l am asking you for the last time..
..are you going to take him away from here or not?
Until Dr. Patel doesn't come, l will not take him away from here.
Alright. Namdeo! Gajanand!
Yes sir.
Pick him up and throw him out of this hospital.
Don't touch him!
Don't do this!
Let him go.
Let go of him.
Stop it, what is happening?
The ration card is being transferred, what else.
On whose authority is this being done?
Under my authority.
You can't remove us from this house without giving a notice.
What are you looking at? Bring everything out!
How can you vacate this place? Get out of my house!
Get out! How did you get inside? Get out your hooligans!
Hey, girl!
Narsimha! Narsimha!
Hey you oldie, didn't l tell you your house..
..will be vacated by nightfall?
Get out of here.
l want this house to be vacated right now.
So you were doing all this.
l had not even thought that the one who builds someone's life..
..could also destroy it.
Whose house did l build?
Seema's house.
When everybody was just watching the fun.. saved her life..
Madam, a person who has lost his way is like the flames of fire.
They are faceless and they don't have any direction.
Sometimes these flames cook the food for the poor and..
..other times these same flames burn down a complete locality.
And isn't it your fault if today..
..somebody's house will be destroyed?
lf you think it is my fault then we are just five men.. have all the people living in this locality.. anyone for your help. Let me see who comes to help you.
A helpless woman, her old mother and a wounded boy..
..could you only find us to show your strength to?
lf you are so arrogant about your strength..
..then you should show it on the wrestling mat.. the sports field, in the boxing ring..
..only then your strength would have been the pride of this nation..
..not the wrath of a helpless family.
The person who sent us here is a powerful man.
Get out of here or else..
Else what? What will you do? What will your Baapji do?
He will force me on the streets with this wounded person..
..ask my old mother to beg and..
..earn a living as a woman of the streets.
Only then will you get your revenge, won't you?
What has my brother done?
He has not chopped off somebody's head!
He has not thrown out somebody from his house.
He has fallen in love. But what do you know about love?
All you have seen is hatred.
Madam, Narsimha does not have the habit of..
..listening to so many things.
He will loose his head. You have seen his sword, haven't you?
He will chop you off into pieces.
l know. l know that his power has gone blind.
And when power goes blind, it becomes terror.
lt destroys the houses of those who are innocent.
lt will cut the wives and children into pieces whom it doesn't know.
lt can abuse their sisters and daughters.
Using this strength four goons can..
..destroy a happy family in such a..
Go and tell your power and your boss that..
..we will not leave this house while we are still alive.
And if anything leaves this house then it would be our dead bodies.
lf your boss gives you the order then cut us up into pieces..
..with your sword of which you are so arrogant about.
Go! Go away!
Well done! Welcome! My lion!
Here is your reward. And this.
Take this.
All this is yours.
What happened? lsn't it enough?
Baapji, l could not throw them out of the house. - What?
Were the woman and the boy more powerful than you?
No Baapji. My conscious was more powerful than me.
What nonsense are you talking about?
Are you out of your mind? Haven't you taken a drink today?
Tell me, what is the problem?
Baapji let them stay in that house.
They are like insects as compared to you.
Sometimes it is alright to have mercy on such insects.
You fool! Why are you feeling sympathetic towards them?
Baapji, you will not understand the pain of being homeless. But l do.
When both the sky and the earth don't accept you..
..then where should we go?
We can't even die.
Baapji, let them be. Let them live.
Shut up! l had sent you to throw them out of this city.
And you are now advising me!
Baapji, l am pleading with you. That boy is injured.
His sister is unemployed. The rainy season is near.
After leaving that house, where will they go?
Wherever they want! But they will not live in this city.
This city also belongs to them.
But it is my law! Since time immemorial..
..the command of this house has been the law for this city.
Commands coming out of mansions..
..are not treated as laws anymore.
lndia is a free country.
My command is still like the law of this city.
And it is my command that.. should go at once and throw them out of this city.
l have followed your orders without thinking whether it is..
..right or wrong, good or bad and whether it is sinful or venerable.
But today.. have you started to think?
Every common man thinks he could be king.
But it is the destiny of the common man to be suppressed.
And the king will always be the king.
But when the common man revolts he can overthrow the king.
Traitor! Will you revolt against me?
Then today l will have to take back all the favours l had done to you.
You traitor!
Baapji, you can hit me as much as you want. But let them go.
Long back a similar home had been destroyed..
..and a Narsimha was born out of it.
lf you make them homeless then another Narsimha will be born.
That would be good. l need such a Narsimha who..
..will come begging to my porch for two loaves of bread..
..and a bottle of liquor.
Baapji, how many Narsimha's will you create?
lf necessary l will convert every youth of the city into a Narsimha.
But when a single Narsimha finds the true aim of his life..
..then your mansion will be turned to rubble.
You don't know how powerful l am!
l will finish off the Narsimha who doesn't follow my commands.
They will run gambling and liquor shops on my order.
Election is coming..
They will diminish all the houses by riots.
They will brutally kill women and children.
They will sacrifice their life on me and take even take anybody's life.
The Narsimha who rejects to do this..
..l'll kill him.
Baapji, that's enough. l will not be your slave anymore.
From today, there will be a battle. And it won't be for a single family.
But to decide whether this city belongs to you or to the people.
This battle will decide whether the youth of this city.. your slave or the future of the city.
Use all your power to throw that family out of this city and..
..l will use my strength to keep them here.
l swear by every youth of this city..
..l will not allow another Narsimha to be created.
Please give me these things.
l will not sell any of these things to you. - Why?
Because we are just spectators, why don't you entertain us?
Shut up! Don't you have any manners to talk to decent people?
At nights you visit the bars to search for a companion..
..and during the day you act as if you are a decent woman.
l have stopped being decent.
l have stopped being decent.
These beautiful women have blown away my mind.
Brother Sulemaan? - What is it?
Why have you parked your Tempo outside my house?
So what happened? - How should l go inside the house?
What is the need to go inside the house when Sulemaan is here?
What do you mean?
l mean, come with me. l will take you to a brothel.
All your needs will be fulfilled and some of mine as well.
Are you coming?
Get away!
Stop it!
Why are you beating him?
He has called you names.
He has abused me. Not you. What have you got to do with it?
He is doing it because of his helplessness.
But whatever you are doing is neither your helplessness..
..and neither your right.
There is no need to protect us.
We are not accustomed to hire goons to protect us.
Baapji, Narsimha has been rendered useless. - How?
He has run away from here and over there..
..Anita has refused to take his help.
But they are still living in this city, aren't they?
Baapji, don't worry about them.
l have stopped all my work and l am troubling them day and night.
According to your orders nobody is selling them any food grains.
lf they want to stay alive then..
..they will have to leave this city in the next eight to ten days.
Or else they will die of hunger.
Please give me some oil.
We don't have any oil. Get away from here!
Brother, l am giving you the money.
l know you have lots of money.
Your father was in the police force, wasn't he?
He must have left you a lot of money earned as bribe.
You idiot!
You have insulted my father! l will beat you up!
Let me go!
Beat him up!
Where is Ravi going so late at night?
He is very hot tempered.
He beat up some shopkeepers today. - What?
Where are you going? - Just keeping an eye on him.
l will see to it that he doesn't get into any more fights.
Do you miss father very much? - Yes.
lf father was alive today then this would not have happened.
All this has happened because of me. - Ravi!
No Ravi.
Sister, forgive me.
No you fool. - l am responsible for this. Forgive me.
Rat poison, quick death!
ln goes the rat poison and out goes its life!
Brother, give me a bottle of rat poison. Don't refuse.
Here it is. Two rupees only. But keep it out of reach of the children.
Rats die from it. But even humans can die if they consume it.
What? - Yes.
Two rupees only. Rat poison, quick death!
Mother, where did you bring this food from?
lt has been given by someone l know. Eat it.
Ravi, your favourite cabbage vegetable is also there. Come.
But mother, where did you bring all this from?
Why do you want to know? - Mother, answer me.
Why should l answer you? Have l committed any crime?
Mothers can even commit any crime to feed their children.
But mother, who has dared to disobey Baapji's orders?
He is also a man. - Whose goon is he?
lt must be him, that Baapji's goon.
What? Mother, have you begged from that Baapji's gangster..
..and brought this food for us?
Ravi, l did not go to beg from anyone.
He himself came and gave it to me.
Mother, how could you forget he had come here to..
..throw us out of this house on Baapji's orders?
Yes, l have forgotten it. Because l couldn't forget that.. children have not eaten since the last two days.
l couldn't forget that your father's eyes follow me day and night..
..asking me for answers. l could not forget it.
Mother, it would have been better if you had poisoned us.
You are asking for poison instead of food and..
..he has give us food instead of poison.. that we would not die of hunger.
Mother, we are ready to die of hunger but..
..we will not eat the food given by him.
Where are you taking it? Stop, my son!
Stop! My son, he is standing outside.
Mother, that's even better.
Let him also know what we feel about Baapji's goons.
Ravi, stop! Wait!
Do you also want to let your brother die of hunger?
Mother, l can watch him die of hunger..
..but not out of shame and insult.
l am going to return all this food to him.
Spread the bed-sheet, my beloved.
Spread the bed-sheet.. - Hey, look at him.
Narsimha, something has happened to you.
Ever since you have returned from Baapji's mansion.. don't drink, you don't talk to us and you don't tell us anything.
Brother, has the matter about that woman's house got worse?
Baapji has ordered everyone not to supply them any food grains.. that they leave this city.
So how does it matter us? Come on, have some drinks.
Baapji wants to convert every youth of this city into a drunkard.
And you are asking me to drink?
Why should we care? Who is there to care about us?
Baapji wants to convert every youth of this city into a terrorist.
How does it matter us? We have nobody to loose.
Why should we care!?
lf not us then who will think about this city and its youth.
Who will think about that ruined family?
Why are you thinking about it?
ls this the first time that someone is being harassed?
Why didn't you think about the ruined family when.. yourself had taken us to throw them out of their house?
Why didn't you think about the city when you used to gamble and..
..terrorize people and used to run after them..
..with your sword to kill them.
Why didn't you think about the youth of the city when.. used to drink, eat and commit..
..all sorts of crime with Baapji's money.
Forget it, man. l will tell you what the real problem is.
He has started to like that girl.
Brother, we are people of the streets.
lt's not in our destiny to get married and settle down.
And you have gone so crazy about the girl..
..that you are revolting against Baapji.
Have you lost your mind? - You all have lost your minds!
l am not doing this for that girl. l have come to realise the truth.
Why don't you tell us what truth it is?
Yes, why don't you tell us. - Yes tell us.
lf you want to know..
..then listen.
'l too had a home is some corner of this city.'
'A home of my beloved ones. A complete loving family.'
'My mother used to work tirelessly.'
'She used to get up out of deep sleep on hearing me cough.'
'Nothing escaped her motherly eyes whether it be.. injury to my knee or the opened stitches of my shirt.'
'My father used to dream big for me.'
'He used to be very particular about my studies.'
'And he used to watch me lovingly at night while l slept.'
'My sister who used to fight for me and also against me.'
'She used to steal kites for me.'
'And she also used to steal from my purse when..
..l used to give her less money during the Rakhi festival.'
'But when her marriage was fixed..
..she had cried for three days on my shoulders.'
'My brother-in-law. l knew about his secrets..
..and he knew about mine.'
'He had not taken a single paisa as dowry.'
'And he had cried the most when.. sister was going to her in-laws' house.'
'My younger sister was more like a doll than a sister.'
'Everybody in the house was happy when she was around.'
'l could've fought with the world if any harm was done to her.'
'l still remember that day when my sister and brother-in-law..
..had come to our house for my nephew's tonsure ritual.'
'l reached the priest's house to fix the auspicious time as soon as..
..the arrangements were over.'
'l was talking to him when l heard an unusual sound.'
'Listen all of you! A riot has begun between..
..the people of Bajrangpura and Mominpura.'
'The houses are on fire. Some gangsters are coming..
..towards this place with swords, chains and sticks. Run!'
My shop.
l am doomed!
l am doomed!
Come on hurry up.
Before it gets more, we should leave this place. Hurry up.
Brother, listen. No, no.
l came to this city to take an order of medicine.
l had to return back in the same train.
Station is closed down.
lf you can tell me about some guest house or lodge..
..l have to spend my night.
ls there any post office near by?
l'll give a trunk call home.
My mother must be worried. Please.
Oh, take a left as soon as you get down these steps.
There is a post office after three to four houses.
There is a guest house near by too.
Thank you. God bless you.
'What was my fault in all this?'
'What wrong had l done to anybody?'
'Like it always happens. An innocent girl was shot dead..
..while the rioters went scot-free.'
'Help me!'
ls anybody there! Help me!
Help me!
Help me!
'Hey you! Sunil, Sameer, what are you doing?'
'We will teach them a lesson today!'
'Get out or else l will break the door!'
'But what have they done? What have they done to you?'
'Do you have any personal enmity with them? '
'Narsimha, they had thrown bricks on our procession.'
'Yes. We will give them a suitable reply. We are no cowards.'
'Bricks and stones are not to be used to hurt people.'
'They should be used to make homes.'
'Get away! Allow us to do our work.'
'ls this the work you do?'
'To threaten and frighten a helpless mother and her child.'
'ls this why your mother has raised you?'
'ls this why we used to work out in the gym?'
'lf you have so much enthusiasm then show it on the wrestling mat.. it in the boxing ring, enroll yourself in the army.'
'Narsimha, instead of us if it had been the people of Mominpura..
..and your family was in there then..
..they would've done exactly the same thing.'
'They would've killed your family. Get away.'
'They too are like my family. And until l am here.. harm will be done to them.'
'Because right now l don't belong to Mominpura..
..and neither to Bajrangpura. But right now l am just a human.'
'And you are neither my friends nor my neighbours..
..but just terrorists.'
'Hey you, get out!'
No! Help us!
'The sword that came into my hand has stuck with me till today.'
'Mother? Father? Brother-in-law?'
'Brother-in-law? Brother'.
'Sister?' 'Sister?'
'Chhotu!' 'Chhotu!'
'Where is Meera?'
'Meera!' 'Meera!' 'Meera!'
'Who are you? Don't come forward.'
'Get away, she is my sister.'
'Don't come forward.' - 'Meera!' 'Meera!' 'Meera!'
'Uncle, what happened to her?'
'My son, l couldn't save her. l begged to them..
..but they were about twelve of them.'
'They injured my legs with their sticks.'
'And they abused her.'
'Who were they?'
'My son, when the animal inside a person wakes up then.. hide his ugly and cowardly acts from other people..
..he comes in the form of a crowd and..
..that crowd has no face and no religion.'
That crowd has no religion. - 'Meera!'
'Meera!' 'Meera!' 'Meera!'
Glory to Baapji. Welcome, sir.
Sir, he has been in this state from past seven days.
He doesn't even know that his family members are dead.
He is right, Baapji.
He doesn't eat, drink, nor speak anything.
He has lost his way.
There is only one remedy for young guys who has lost their way..
Chandan Singh.
Seeing the fires and the hoards of dead bodies..
..l did not feel like living.
l became cold at heart just like you.
l did not know how my days and nights passed by.
But looking at Anita's family being ruined and..
..hearing her outburst reminded me of my own family.
l felt like l was returning home after wandering for four years.
l found a new meaning of life.
Narsimha, forgive us.
We know nothing about the aim of life.
We are with you.
l have heard everything. l am convinced you want to help us.
But l don't know whether Ravi will be able to understand or not.
Ravi! Ravi!
l have come to meet you after so many days..
..but why are you ignoring me?
Meenu, don't you ever come to my house again.
And don't even try to talk to me.
But why?
Because whatever there was between you and me, it's over.
Got it!
How can it be over?
Have you forgotten that l have injured myself..
..much more than you were.
Your every pain is mine.
Meenu, neither do l want to discuss about this..
..nor do l want to talk about it.
Ravi! What do you think of yourself?
What do you mean by ignoring me like this?
Ravi, you owe me an explanation if not an apology.
l owe you nothing. Now get lost!
Meenu, l am leaving you forever. Don't try to meet me again.
Wherever you go.. will remember me.
ln this world, there is a girl..
..who can die for you.
Wherever you go.. will remember me.
Wherever you go.. will remember me.
ln this world, there is a girl..
..who can die for you.
Wherever you go.. will remember me.
Wherever you go.. will remember me.
Meenu, l can die for you but l can't leave.. mother and my sister all alone to face Baapji's atrocities.
But whatever father had done..
..he should have done it for my wellbeing.
l hate people who harass other people.. that their relatives are happy.
lf that is so then l should also hate you because.. too are doing the same thing.
You are hurting others to keep your relatives happy.
You are punishing me for the crime which l have not committed.
With one call of love our desires start to come to life.
lf you wish l can tear open my chest..
..and present you with my heart.
With one call of love our desires start to come to life.
lf you wish l can tear open my chest..
..and present you with my heart.
l will write this tale of our love with my blood.
Wherever you go, you will remember me.
ln this world, there is a boy who can die for you.
Wherever you go, you will remember me.
Beloved, you know the truth?
We are only complete when we are together.
Beloved, you know the truth.
We are only complete when we are together.
l am your earth and you are my sky.
Wherever you go.. will remember me.
ln this world, there is a girl..
..who can die for you.
ln this world, there is a guy..
..who can die for you.
Wherever you go.. will remember me.
You are a stranger then why do l feel you belong to me.
Why have these eyes started to dream after seeing you?
You are a stranger then why do l feel you belong to me.
Why have these eyes started to dream after seeing you?
Why are you so silent?
You too are tongue-tied.
l have made a mistake by ignoring your stubbornness.
You have taken undue advantage of my concession.
But now you will do what l tell you to do.
Bhura, this girl will not step out of this room..
..before the engagement ceremony.
And only as much air is to be allowed.. is necessary to breathe.
Nothing else should enter this room. And nobody.
Are you telling the truth?
Anita, Narsimha, Tempo Khan and..
..a couple of others are now together.
Narsimha is now like the head of Anita's family.
Bhura? - Yes Baapji.
Tomorrow is the auction day. - Yes.
Everybody will be assembled here and the city will be empty. - Yes.
Send our men with sticks and kill Narsimha.
Whatever you say Baapji.
With Baapji's permission and blessings the auction of the..
..government contracts of Narayanpur are hereby started.
The contract is for the 130 government food grain shops.
The initial price of this contract is fixed as 5 lakh rupees.
The public is requested to bid higher.
The next contract is for the land opposite the Narayanpur square.
The initial cost of which is fixed as 25 lakh rupees.
The public is requested to bid higher.
26 lakh rupees!
26 lakh one, 26 lakh two..
..27 lakh rupees.
'Today it's his turn to die.'
Who are you, my friend?
Hey clerk, why don't you ask Baapji who l am?
He knows me very well. Baapji, do you recognise me?
'l know you very well.'
Bitta! Bhima!
Catch that fool! Don't allow him to leave this place alive.
Baapji, don't be afraid. Narsimha will never lay his hands on a..
..innocent and helpless person.
Narsimha was the answer to all your problems.
Now who will be your answer to Narsimha.
Look! Look carefully into his eyes.
The terror with which he used to rule this city..
..that same terror is now in his eyes.
Look carefully!
This is the real face of every Baapji of this nation.
He is such a demon who wants to convert every youth of this city..
..into such a lowly person who will come to his porch.. beg for a meal and a bottle of liquor.
He wants to treat the police and the law like a pet dog..
..which will bark at or bite any person he points at.
He wants to convert the learned people of this city..
..into the courtesans of his court who will dance on his commands.
l request all of you not to be afraid of Baapji anymore.
Do not follow any of his commands.. that every person who intends to become another Baapji..
..could see his terror being defeated.
Do you want your children to inherit..
..a city which is run by gangsters, goons and murderers?
Baapji, look. Until yesterday the people used to leave this place..
Now the same people have shown their back towards you.
Baapji, the spark has been ignited and the fire is spreading.
Look behind you!
What is all this?
lnspector, here they are. Arrest them.
Because they have accepted that they had tried to kill my brother..
..that night only on Baapji's orders.
And that's why, issue an arrest warrant against Baapji..
..for the crime of attempt to murder.
What nonsense! lt is possible that.. have threatened them to accept to committing the crime.
Yes. - Do you know you could face three years of imprisonment..
..under section 506 for threatening these people.
Then file another case against Baapji under section 506. - Why?
Because the government doctor, the principal and Saxena..
..has also confessed that Baapji had also forced them.. do some illegal work.
Alright. Now you can go. We will do the investigations.
The time to investigate is already over.
Baapji is a murderer! Put him in jail!
Put Baapji in jail!
Put Baapji in jail!
lf you still refuse to arrest Baapji then..
..neither will the police station be here nor will you.
Suraj Kumar? - Yes sir.
Welcome! Bhura, this is called loyalty.
Mr. Suraj Kumar, what news have you brought?
l have an arrest warrant against you.
Goyal, are you out of your mind?
Which fool have you sent here with an arrest warrant?
Do you have to live in this city or not?
Baapji, everything has changed.
The whole city is against you.
Your betterment lies in surrendering yourself to the police.
Or thousands of people rushing towards your bungalow..
..will tear you into pieces. - Shut up!
Judge, what are you doing sitting at your home?
The police has issued an arrest warrant against me.
l need an anticipatory bail immediately.
Baapji, today is a government holiday.
l will look into the matter tomorrow.
Have a nice time in jail.
Hey you. Don't move. Let's go.
Look, this crooked man.
Let's straighten him up.
Let's cure him.
The way he should be cured.
How, my friend?
How do we cure him?
Like this.
Hold him tightly.
Hold him.
Hold him tightly.
Give him some hefty blows.
Now that we have caught the thief, don't let him escape.
Hold him tightly. Give him some hefty blows.
Now that we have caught the thief, don't let him escape.
Hit him! Beat him! Crush him! Give him some hefty blows.
Hold him.
Hold him.
The son of a demon is the companion of..
..Ravan, the demon king. - The demon king.
He is the elephant of the jungle of crime.
He is the elephant.
He always used to hate love.
He always used to hate love.
lnjustice is his deed and money is his religion.
Hold him tightly.
Give him some hefty blows.
Now that we have caught the thief, don't let him escape.
He is a python which will swallow everyone.
He is a python which will swallow everyone.
He will not even bite you.
He will not even bite you.
He has ruined many families.
He has ruined many families.
Who knows how many he has killed.
Hold him tightly.
Give him some hefty blows.
Now that we have caught the thief, don't let him escape.
Present him in the court of the people.
Let everybody know about his crimes.
Count to him every crime he has committed.
Tell him about every sin he has done.
Count to him every crime he has committed.
Tell him about every sin he has done.
And then ask him what else he wants to know.
And then ask him what else he wants to know.
Bring all the footwear we have in this nation.
And hit him with 80 crore of them.
Bring all the footwear we have in this nation.
And hit him with 80 crore of them.
Hit him so much that he will call out to his mama.
Hit him so much that he will call out to his mama.
Hold him.
Hold him tightly.
Give him some hefty blows.
Now that we have caught the thief, don't let him escape.
Hold him tightly and give him some hefty blows.
Now that we have caught the thief, don't let him escape.
Bhura, you idiot! l had taught you everything and you too..
Baapji, you have taught me many things.
But today l have learnt one thing on my own.
The person who does not respect the people of the nation..
..will someday face their wrath. lsn't that right?
Wonderful! Well said!
Then please write it down.
Meenu, this is too much. l can't watch you in such a condition.
Come with me! Out of this hell!
Where? lnto another hell?
What? Another hell?
Yes. Ravi, you have closed all doors for me.
The door that opens is the door to hell.
Meenu, l had promised to take you only to heaven.
What are you talking about? What have l done?
What have you done? You handcuffed my father and..
..dragged him through the city streets and took him to jail.
You called him a murderer, a thief, a dacoit and all sorts of things.. front of the whole city.
Meenu, we have only said the truth.
But why should l accept it? What proof do you have?
Don't you trust me?
l want to believe in you.
But if l believe you and go away with you then..
..the whole world will think that..
..l have also accepted that my father is criminal.
Ravi, the accusations which can ruin someone's life..
..should be made with solid proof.
And l don't have any proof to ruin my father's life.
Ravi, l don't have any proof.
You and my father have ruined my life..
..just to quench your thirst for revenge.
Meenu, believe me! All this is true.
No it isn't!
And if you think it is then go and bring proof of my father's guilt.
Ravi, father is going to be released tomorrow on bail..
..and the day after is my engagement.
lf you show me the proof before that then l promise you..
..l will go with you in front of the world.
But Ravi, all this is not true.
All this is not true.
But Ravi, all this is not true.
But brother Narsimha, where will get more evidences from?
There is no proof which is against Baapji.
lf he kills them there will be no proof at all.
Even if there is a proof, who will get it?
Tomorrow morning is Meenu engagement ceremony.
By now they would've done all the preparations. - Shut up.
lf there is no proof, forget it.
There is a proof.
What proof?
Baapji! Baapji himself is the greatest proof of all his crimes.
So, what next?
The proof itself is in the mansion and.. is the one who is seeking it.
Now all we have to think about is.. to make them come face to face with each other.
lt is very easy. But how do we do it?
For that l will have to go to the mansion.
And what about us?
Look, whether l return from the mansion or not..
..but you should come to the mansion..
..with the wedding procession in the morning.
Wedding procession!
Yes. Ravi's wedding procession.
l will bring the proof while you bring the wedding procession.
Now l must leave.
Can l come with you?
There are some paths that one has to take alone. All alone.
Shinde? - Baapji, l am at your service.
The time has come. Tomorrow my daughter is getting engaged.
The whole city is against me.
Baapji, l was always with you. l am still with you..
..and will be with you in the future.
Good! Very good!
What is it? - Narsimha has been caught.
Where did you find this traitor?
Baapji, he was trying to get into the mansion.
Until some days back, you used to be at my feet. And that too alive.
Now have you seen the results of revolting against me?
You have been tied down and are waiting for your death.
What difference does it make whether l live or die?
The fire has already started.
Now your mansion will not remain safe for much long.
My mansion was and will always remain strong.
Baapji, your terror without my strength is just a myth.
You are nothing without me. You can't rule over me.
Every person sitting near a religious place thinks he is a saint.
And sitting at my mansion you have been mistaken that.. are the one responsible for everything that goes on in the city.
But whenever you were in trouble.. used to send everybody to fine me. Find Narsimha!
Hey you! What do you think of yourself?
l have killed a lot many like you.
Why are you laughing so loudly?
Do you know what had happened to Ghasiram Patel..
..who had tried to revolt against me?
l had him buried alive behind a wall.
But l had brought him here, didn't l?
But you had not brought the prisoner..
..whom l had killed right in front of the city during the auction.
l had revealed the truth about you to the people during the auction..
..but you couldn't do anything to me. You were afraid, weren't you?
You would've been killed right then because.. 25 men with sticks were searching for you in the city.
What will happen if you kill me? l have Ravi to take over.
He will carry out the work l have left incomplete.
l had killed his father and do you think l will let him go?
lnspector Rastogi?
Yes lnspector Rastogi! He had come here to arrest me!
l had killed him right here with my knife.
You had killed lnspector Rastogi?
Yes, l did it!
Baapji, talk softly. What will happen if Meenu hears this?
What will Meenu say!?
Wonderful! Baapji, wonderful!
Baapji, your only child has been blessed that..
..she could hear all your doings with your own mouth.
Kalla? - Yes sir.
Take her to her room.
Baapji, nobody has hit you from the front nor from the back.
Neither human nor animal. Neither weapon nor arms.
You have killed yourself.
You have ruined my house. l will not let you live.
Baapji, you can kill me but not the whole city.
Baapji can do it! Tell anyone else you want to tell.
l will start riots in the whole city!
l will again make the people of Mominpura..
..and Bajrangpura to fight against each other!
l will set the whole city on fire!
You had sparked off that riot!
Yes, l had done it! To finish off my enemies!
You murderer! l will kill you!
l'll kill you!
Will you kill Baapji?
Take him away and bury him behind a wall in the cellar.
Father, l beg of you. You have already killed all my desires.
l am like living dead without Ravi. Father, don't harass the dead.
lf l had to get your dead body engaged today then l'll do that too.
Meenu, your fiance, your father-in-law..
..and other guests are waiting for you. Come on!
No father. - Come with me! - No!
Father, l beg of you. l will not go with you.
l have learned how to love from Sohni and Heer.
Nobody can stop me now.
l had kept a distance from you.
l had kept a distance from you.
l was powerless and helpless.
When l heard your song, l was freed.
The chains are broken.
lt's true, love is above all.
This is the time to make a decision.
This is the time to make a decision.
Where is your leader? Your saviour!
Your hope! Narsimha!
Call him! To save their lives. Where is he? Shall l call him?
Neither you nor l can call him back from where he is.
l have killed your Narsimha!
The one who is arrogant about his power.
This is the moment of truth.
Let him employ any of his methods of harassment.
Let this world know that..
..lovers are not afraid of anything.
Even if death lies in front of them.
lt is true, love is above all.
This is the moment of truth.
Come, let's tell this world, whether they accept it or not.
But love is above all.
This is the moment of truth.
This is the moment of truth.
But love is above all.
Narsimha! Narsimha!
Ravi! Meenu!
Ravi! Meenu!
Narsimha! Ravi and Meenu!
They have been buried behind the wall.
Hey you come on!
No! Let go of it.
Narsimha, has come!
There is Baapji!
Father, please come down before this mansion of sin falls down.
Father, l beg of you! Please come down!
No. Never! Nobody can kill me.
Neither from the front nor from the back.
Neither from the left nor from the right.
Neither human nor animal. Neither weapon nor arms.
Nobody can kill me!
Why are you so silent?
This is the time to make a decision.
Why are you so silent?
This is the time to make a decision.
Come, let's tell this world.
Whether they accept it or not.
Love is above all.
This is the time to make a decision.
This is the time to make a decision.
This is the time to make a decision.
Wherever you go.
Wherever you go.
You will remember me.
You will remember me.
Wherever you go.
You will remember me.
Wherever you go.
You will remember me.