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Uploaded by OpenUniversitiesAu on 18.12.2011

I’d always wanted to study, but I thought I’d missed the opportunity when I was young.
I have a family and a husband that works long hours and weekends, I thought it had passed
me by. On campus study was out of the question, so online studying opened a whole new door
for me. I found that anyone can do some kind of study through Open Universities Australia.
When I saw the OUA ad on TV, I wondered if it would work for my situation, it's been
brilliant. I was a bit scared because it had been 13 years since I had left school. I'm
not saying it's easy; it’s a proper uni degree after all. It took a few months to
build my study routine, and a lot of that was learning to management my studies and
exercises and own self-discipline. The flexibility has been brilliant; I actually
managed my study units to fit in with a family holiday. So I come back when I need to and
load up on uni work when I have a block of free time. It works because the study was
built around me not a building in town. It’s made achieving my study education goals more
attainable; and in that regard it’s been life changing for me.