Mahabharat - Episode 43

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With the coming of the Sages, the environment ...
... is pervaded by fragrance and ritualistic chanting
The moment I was waiting for has come
Let's go to where the ritual is taking place
Light the Holy Fire with the lamp
King Dhritarashtra, Jewel of the Kuru clan
My blessings!
May you live long!
Please be seated
Pride of the Yadavas, sons of Vasudev
Brave Balram and Krishna
It's Balram and Krishna, my king
- Greetings - My blessings
Come Brother
King Shakuni of Gandhar ...
... and Brave Duryodhan with his brothers
Come nephews!
Come Duryodhan
Brave Warrior Karna, King of Anga
You are welcome
Come Karna!
Come my friend!
Brave King Jayadya of Sindhu
King Dhrupad of Panchal
My blessings!
Greetings O King!
Respected Teacher Sage Drona
Family Sage Kripa
Our respects, O Sages!
Our blessings
On your guard
Emperor Yudhishthir, son of Pandu
Respected Grandsire Bhishma and Sage Vyas
Queen Mother Kunti and Queen Draupadi ...
... with Queen Subhadra are on their way
The Lord of Truth reigns over this Earth of ours
O King of Kings! All kings are here to worship thee
O Pride of lndia! Your banner flies in the sky
Pride of the Lunar Dynasty! The flag of Truth flies high
O Pride of the Kurus! The world sings your praise
O Son of Kunti! The Sun blesses your Rajsuya ritual
O Protector of Brahmins! The citizens hail your victory
O Protector of Truth! May you adopt the path of Action
O Brave Yudhishthir! May you win the war of Truth
Let each new day bring new success and victory
Be successful! Be victorious!
At the very beginning I salute ...
... Sage Vyas and all the other Sages ...
... who have come here to bless me
lndraprashtha is blessed by their coming here
I then salute Respected Grandsire Bhishma ...
... whose love has protected us from the reality of life
I then salute my elder Father ...
... King Dhritarashtra of Hastinapur
... who is here to bless me
Had he not come, our joy would be diminished
I humbly salute Uncle Vidur ...
... whose knowledge has enlightened me
I also pay humble respects to my teachers ...
... Sage Drona and Family Sage Kripa ...
... who taught me and made me worthy
I bless my younger brothers ...
... Duryodhan, Dushasan, Vikarna and Sukarna
I pay my respects to all the kings and warriors ...
... who have come here from all over lndia
Pay respects to your elder brother Karna
You are indeed lucky O King ...
... that all the kings have accepted your invitation ...
... and are here to congratulate you
I have never seen such an august gathering of Sages
Their presence here today proves ...
... that this kingdom and its people ...
... are indeed blessed by God
O King! Your relatives and well wishers are here
Welcome them with respect and ...
... appreciate their individual qualities
Whom should I honor first?
The one who is worthy
Is it Sage Vyas or yourself?
It is neither Sage Vyas nor I
O King! You are the essence of Truth
You should have realized that ...
... there is only one such person in the Three Worlds :
Pride of the Yadavas, Lord Krishna
I say this not only because he is dear to me ...
... or because I worship him
Can you not see ...
... how his personality dominates ...
... over the others
Who will look at the stars ...
... when the moon has risen?
Just like the rising Sun ...
... dispels the darkness
Just like fresh air livens up ...
... a closed room
Krishna's presence in this royal court ...
... has given it glamour and freshness
Can Sage Vyas accept your honor ...
... when Krishna is present?
No. Never!
When he is here, none else can be honored
If anyone objects, he can speak up now
Please take your seat O son of Devaki. Come
Grandsire Bhishma has selected Lord Krishna ...
... as worthy of the first honor
Everyone agreed. Everyone was blessed
Humanity itself was blessed
The Compassionate were without worry ...
... to lay the honor at the Lord's feet
Everyone agreed. Everyone was honored
Only Krishna was worthy of the honor
Whom are you honoring?
You keep quiet
Do not think all the kings have gathered here ...
... because they are afraid of you
We allowed you to become Emperor because we felt ...
... you understood Ethics
But you have insulted us by honoring ...
... this milk man
Be quiet!
If you say another word, I'll kill you
Bhim! Shishupal is our guest
The King is right, Bhim
Arjun, do not cross your limits as a host
Keep talking, Shishupal. Today is your day
Of course, I'll talk. I am not scared of you
I do not even accept that you are Uncle Vasudev's son
You have no right to accept this honor ...
... which should have been Sage Vyas's ...
... or King Dhritarashtra's
O Son of Nand, slave of the late King Kansa ...
... your honor is an insult to us kings
As for Grandsire, he has become senile
His oath of eternal bachelorhood is a hoax
Had he not taken this oath he would still be ...
... am impotent bachelor
I swear on Lord Shiva
Had this not been a sacred occasion I would have ...
... cut your tongue
He is not insulting you, Grandsire
He is insulting me. Let him talk
I do not need your permission to talk
This impotent suggested and the cursed Pandavas agreed
And this imposter accepted the honor ...
... no slave would have the courage to accept
Is he greater than King Dhrupad?
Is he greater than Sages Drona or Kripa?
Is he a better warrior than Duryodhan or Karna?
He is neither a King, Sage nor Teacher
Then why do you honor ...
... this ordinary milk man from Nandgaon?
Are you listening, aunt? What can I do now?
Keep quiet or I'll pull out your tongue
Let him talk
Have you forgotten my promise to our aunt?
I'll forgive him for a hundred crimes
You forgive him if you want to
I cannot
He has insulted Grandsire Bhishma ...
... and Aunt Kunti
He is insulting you and you are smiling
I am not smiling. I am counting
Is there anything else you want to say?
You can commit three more crimes
Don't try to frighten me
You are talking of three insults
I'll insult you three hundred times ...
... and yet you can do nothing
Someone with no honor cannot be insulted
Count! That was ninety eight
You are a cheap thief. That's ninety-nine
You killed King Kansa who once fed you
You are ungrateful. That's hundred
What do you say now?
That's enough, Shishupal
You are an imposter, unworthy of this gathering
Today, I am indebted to you
When the time comes I shall repay you
The Lord has punished the wrongdoer
He has nullified his arrogance
Tearing a cloth from her dress ...
... Draupadi comes to the Lord's help
Draupadi has obliged the Lord
He gives her his solemn word ...
... that He shall come to her aid ...
... when she needs Him the most
Like me, the story, too, has a pace ...
... which cannot be increased ...
... or decreased at will
But the story is not eternal like I am
It begins at a specific point ...
... and ends at another specific point
All the action of the story takes place ...
... between these two points
Every story is rooted in a specific time period
That is why ...
... if an ancient story has to be retold ...
... it has to be done from the perspective of the Present
I am trying to do this ...
... without changing the pace of the story
I am only omitting ...
... what is inessential for the Present
I will not show Sage Vyas telling the Pandavas ...
... that the next thirteen years will be difficult ones
That will only reveal the story
Today's stories rely on tension and drama
A killing has a different effect ...
... from that of a coronation
Unlike Sage Vyas ...
... I cannot mix the two events...
... which is why I stopped at Shishupal's killing
Let us now go back to the royal court ...
... where Yudhishthir is being crowned Emperor
The ceremony is about to begin
Victory to Emperor Yudhishthir
In the presence of Sage Vyas and other Sages ...
... Grandsire Bhishma and King Dhritarashtra ...
... Sages Drona and Kripa ...
... Uncle Vidur and Brother Balram ...
... younger brothers and Kings ...
... warriors, the Earth and sky ...
... and Krishna, I give my solemn word ...
... that I'll protect and respect our traditions
So, do not hail me alone
Hail the motherland!
Hail Hastinapur and King Dhritarashtra
On my coronation I also wish to announce ...
... that I do not dream of world domination
I am content to live within my borders
So, no king needs to fear lndraprashtha
lndraprashtha does not need your land ...
... but your love and friendship
I also wish to make clear ...
... that Shishupal's killing does not mean ...
... that Chedi is now a part of lndraprashtha
Chedi was and will always be an independent nation
Shishupal's son Mahipal will be the King
He will be crowned here today
Mahipal will leave lndraprashtha ...
... as the King of Chedi
Uncle, you, too, take a seat
This is my seat
Let Vidur do what he wishes to ...
... or he will catch us in some point of Ethics
Neither I nor Arjun has an answer for that
- Greetings O Sage - My blessings
Come O Sage!
I only wish to see all of you together
Who knows when and how ...
... you will come together again
Why did you say that?
Don't ask me that
I was not happy saying it or you listening to it
I'll definitely say this :
The Sun is important in its proper place ...
... and the lamp in its own place
They cannot change places
In case they do, defeat is certain
Okay. I shall leave now
I did not understand what Sage Vyas said
It was simple, father
Who does not know the difference between the two?
Suppose I don't ...
... will you explain the difference to me?
What is there to explain?
Each one is different
Both are meaningless for me
If someone asks me what is light then I ...
... disciple of learned Bhishma ...
... will not be able to answer him
I am enveloped in darkness ...
... and yet, I cannot define it
Hence, we should ponder over what Sage Vyas said
To ponder is the king's duty
I only want ...
... all of you to bless Yudhishthir ...
... so that he becomes a good king ...
... and History takes his name with respect
Pay your respects Yudhishthir
As you say, mother
Do not look at me
This is not the court but a family gathering
Go to Grandsire first
Bless me, Grandsire
May you live long
Bless me so that ...
... I always respect Hastinapur
What will you ask of your elder Father?
Go bow to him
Bless me, Father
May you live long
You can never be disrespectful ...
... so why ask for this blessing?
Building lndraprashtha does not mean ...
... that Hastinapur is not yours
That, too, is yours
Also tell him, father that ...
... lndraprashtha is mine
Why do you want Father to say that?
lndraprashtha is yours
Bless me with Knowledge
Ask Vidur to give you that blessing
Yes, my son. Even I have to ...
... approach Vidur for that
As you say, Father
Bless me Uncle
May you be a just King
O King!
You are the essence of Truth
What else can I tell you?
Everyone keeps an eye on the enemy
But also keep an eye on ...
... your ministers and bodyguards
All Evil stems from hunger and the pace of work
Keep your work under control
Never let your subjects be hungry
These are mere tidbits, Uncle
Tell me more
Forgiveness is the only way to Peace
All wars end on forgiveness
The strong who forgive ...
... ascend to Heaven
A gardener plucks flowers ...
... but never uproots the plant
Similarly ...
... a king should decide on ...
... the paying capacity before taxing his subjects
If he does not ...
... his subjects will tell lies ...
... in order to protect themselves
Remember another thing, O King
An unjust king ...
... can corrupt an inherited kingdom ...
... with his unjust deeds
The king who takes refuge in falsehood ...
... will find his kingdom ...
... shrinking day by day
The king who is ...
... tempted by another's wealth ...
... bravery, honor, happiness ...
... and good name ...
... can never find success in life