Physicians Help for Menopause : Controlling Alcohol Use During Menopause

Uploaded by expertvillage on 18.01.2008

Hello my name is Dr. Susan Jewell. Now in this clip I’m going to talk to you about
how to reduce the symptoms of menopause. Now when you drink alcohol, one of the effects
of alcohol is that it temporarily increases your body temperature, so that when you are
actually in menopause one of the symptoms of menopause is hot flashes, and also sweating,
profuse sweating so you don’t want to exacerbate that, those conditions or those symptoms by
drinking alcohol. So the advice of most medical professionals to women who are actually in
menopause or entering menopause is to stop drinking or reduce the amount or the intake
of alcohol into your system. Now the best advice is also abstinence, is abstinence or
course. So the recommendation is either reduce the amount of alcohol intake or stop drinking
all together when you are in the menopausal phase of your life.