Meet Google Wave

Uploaded by googlewave on 13.04.2010

Have you ever tried to get something done with a group of people and been frustrated
by sending messages back and forth, keeping track of different kinds of conversations,
and getting new people up to speed? Even with today's tools, it can be a mess.
Google Wave is a new web application designed to help you get stuff done with groups of
people; at work, at school, or with friends and family.
A wave is a shared space on the Web that's updated as you type,
creating a dynamic discussion for making decisions. Anyone added to a wave can edit and reply
anywhere, add images, video, maps, and more. And each wave has a history, so anyone new
can catch up with the conversation, too.
Waves can be kept completely private, shared with a small group, or even made public. Let's
say you're planning a clean-up at your local park. You need to decide on a time, keep track
of who can make it, what they'll bring, where you'll meet, and what to do if the weather
changes. With Google Wave, you start a wave and invite your community to it. Everyone
can contribute in one place and decide together what needs to be done. Then, if something
changes, there's only one copy of the wave so no one is left behind.
And this is just one example of how you can use Wave instead of a number of different
tools. So take some time to get to know Google Wave.
Find out how it can make you and your groups more productive. To get started, visit