Les Misérables (English subs) part 3

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Stay a little while, I want to talk to you.
Did you deliver my letter?
Why not? - I read the letter.
That isn't right, but anyway. So you have a child?
I'm not the only one. Solange, Huguette...
... Madeleine, Clementine, they are mother too.
These are married women. You aren't.
We would get married. I picked a dress already: white taffeta,
A white dress? And you were pregnant?
That doesn't surprise me from a strumpet like you that hides her child in an inn.
An inn. - I don't hide Cosette.
But I'm not able to work and care for her. I miss her very much.
Go ahead, visit her.
What do you mean? - You are fired.
No, you can't take my work away from me.
Monsieur Madeleine poses only one demand on his staff...
... they should have irreproachable behaviour.
I know that. But I'm not a strumpet.
I want to talk to monsieur. He will understand me.
I already talked to him.
And what did he say? - Fire her.
We can go to my house.
It's not far from here and clean. I can set up the fireplace.
How much do you ask?
I don't know. It's my first time.
There's always a first time, but never a last time.
Prostitution is for ever. Inspector Javert, State security.
If I see you again, I will arrest you.
Didn't you ever had a lover? - Yes.
And didn't he teach you anything?
Aren't you satisfied? - You are a girl of fun.
So try to smile at least.
No, crying suits you better. Normally the price is settled on forehand.
You didn't say anything. Apparently it was for free.
Please, give me some money.
You are a pretty girl. But...
But what?
You smell strange. What's that?
Are you sick?
If you are, I go to the police. - Please no.
It's because I eat too little. This is what people smell like when they're hungry.
That's all I have. Next time better.
If you are more unrestrained, and if there will be a next time.
Parizot, quick. The bridal couple is arriving.
Yes, Javert? - The state doesn't want to get messy.
So the municipal policy on prostitution is made by two authorities:
the municipality, that is you. And the police, that's me.
I know about that.
I approve brothels. This way, we can cope with the evil.
Because extermination is impossible.
But that woman doesn't work in such a place. She works on the street.
And she didn't report this to the police. - The poor child.
You wouldn't throw her in jail, would you? I prefer to find out if she can work for me.
Would you hire a prostitute? - I'm about to join one in marriage.
Ask Parizot. She has done the whole city.
These medicines are pricey.
And it takes at least 40 francs to save Cosette.
Send me the money within a week, or...
That's not a reason. Each year, hundreds of thousands of children get ill.
But not all mothers turn into prostitutes because of that.
Why don't you look for a decent job to support you and your child?
The weaving mill of monsieur Madeleine... - I was fired there.
You can have a criminal record, but unmarried mothers are dismissed.
You can steal from a fellow man and will be forgiven, but extramarital love...
... turns you into a leprous.
Just a while ago I saw a carnival man parking his carriage on the square.
It could be interesting for you. - Why, I can't do anything funny.
I can't dance or sing, nor can I juggle or walk a tightrope.
I wasn't talking about that. If I were you, I would have a word with him.
Come in, young lady.
They are so pretty and white...
... and look healthy. - How much do you want to pay?
The price is 4 francs a tooth.
Pull out ten. - Ten?
Especially your front teeth are very interesting. They are the prettiest.
I'll need to strap you up this chair.
Are you sure?
I need 40 francs. Anything else doesn't matter to me.
What are you doing?
I never pulled out ten teeth in one time.
Imagine you bleed to death. I don't want to get involved in such a dirty matter.
I really need the money very badly.
Maybe we can make some arrangement.
I make wigs too.
... you have very beautiful hair.
Would you take my hair? For 40 francs?
The most sales in three year.
Open the safe, Patriot.
An accident, come quick.
Stay there. And you, out of the way.
There comes the mayor.
Bring some pulleys - Too late, his chest shattered.
Use your final strength to ask god for forgiveness.
That man was too poor to buy a strong carriage. Let me try...
That's dangerous mayor. - The city needs you.
Pull him from under the wagon
I only knew one man capable of doing something like this:
he was a forced labourer.
Monsieur Fouchelevent, you should take some vegetable stock to gain strength.
Please let god give me the strength to die in dignity.
That's all I wish for. - Die? You won't die.
Not of a few bruised ribs. I'll look after you.
In a few weeks time it will be better.
You don't need to lie to me, sister. - Sister Simplice never lies.
I have different bad habits.
What's this? What's in it?
I wanted to add a little drop of wine, but all I found was sacramental wine.
It smells like lamp oil. - Lamp oil for a dying man?
You won't die monsieur Fauchelevent. I have a proposal for you.
Through my intercession you can go to work as a gardener at Petit-Picpus.
That's a convent in Paris with a huge garden.
The sisters are looking for a gardener.
Work in Paris, as a gardener?
I will write to Mother Superior.
The smell of incense, organ music, masses... You will feel like in paradise.
Bad people don't find their way to paradise.
Yes sister, I'm a bad person.
Because I wanted to harm the man that just saved my life.
A few days ago, I visited inspector Javert.
And I spoke bad about monsieur Madeleine.
There's nothing bad to tell about him. - I know that.
I made it up.
Because nobody knows where he's from, I told the inspector
... he probably has a bad record.
But what?
I didn't tell any details. I only advised the inspector...
... to start an investigation. He would be surprised.
How is your financial investigation going?
What's easier to count? Numbers or prisoners?
I believe I caught something.
Really? You will catch some large animal?
I would like to keep that a secret until the final report.
But many will talk about this matter.
About you as well? - It could be possible...
... that this investigation provides me with a transfer to Paris.
Are the archives still on the same floor?
Apologies that it took so long.
It's an old affair.
I hope the case isn't dismissed? - Valjean isn't prosecuted anymore.
He's not dangerous, just a little thief. He didn't kill anybody.
He's much more than a little thief: he's a recidivist.
He could sentenced to death.
People like him don't need a hangman. The wander around....
... until they are found in a drain, death of cold and hunger.
Or in their lazy armchair....
... counting the money they received on the harm of others.
What are you doing here, you Nosey Parker?
It's Sunday. You need to stay in your beds until mama...
Someone knocks at the door. - Never mind.
It could be a guest. - Too bad.
We didn't have any guests for a week. - The allowance of Fantine is more than enough.
Last time even 40 francs, so to say to get flesh for her little baby.
You should gain some weight.
Don't you like me anymore? - Yes, but I love robust women.
A real woman is round and chubby like a little quail
Slim isn't a good sign. I learned so at Waterloo:
only the death are slim.
Would you tell a story? - Which one?
You know which one. - Once, one brave sergeant...
... was walking at Waterloo between the death and wounded.
The cursed fog, I think I'm lost.
Where do you go to? - To Montreuil.
You are in the right direction. All you have to do is travel north.
But it's a long way. Would you like some food?
Get up and get some wood.
I got delicious soup, I cooked it once for Napoleon.
I'm a servant of the king.
The little maid seems very young to work.
She may look eight, but she is twelve years old. On that age, children are allowed to work.
Although work... I'm the one doing everything in here.
Shall I bake you a bacon omelette? - No, I just wanted some directions.
Are you okay little girl?
Do you like it in here?
In that case...