We Are Deaf: One & Many

Uploaded by seekgeo on 24.01.2009

Hi Seekies.
I had some requests to do this video called,
"We Are Deaf: One & Many" which means,
what we did for Deaf community in the past.
I have several ones so I decided to pick four of them
that really hit me the most which it made me feel good.
First from last summer when I went to Nicaragua
to teach group of deaf students ASL.
The purpose of this was for them
o guide Deaf Americans whenever they come to Nicaragua to visit.
It is wonderful rather than having a hearing tour guide
along with an interpreter so we get rid of that
and get a deaf tour guide, we give them jobs to guide Deaf Americans.
It was great and I hope in the future there will be more out there
and plus for us here in America, we can learn their languages
so we can do tour guide for them.
Secondly, there is a deaf school next to a church
and the church seems has gotten smaller for number of deaf students to involve,
most deaf students stay within one group of each at dorms
so I decided to try to get elected to be the president of Youth Club.
I did get elected as president
so my goal was to encourage group of deaf people
to socialize each other more and get involved.
There is one thing in common for all of us is what.. we all are Deaf.
I encouraged them to get together which then
it was success after a year
and it was wonderful experience.
The third, during in high school time,
I volunteered for the summer three times
to help out a group of deaf people due to their
limited of English reading, the understanding of English
so I translate from English to ASL
for their independence living for such as
bills, letters, appointments, etc.
When they got letters, they couldn't understand
so I read and explained by translating to ASL,
also to take them to stores, etc.
That was my favorite thing to do and I really enjoyed to meet
really wonderful deaf people to help out whatever needed.
That was during my free time in summer.
I would definitely do it again, I would love that.
Now with forth, that was the one
I set up an organization which called for drugs
to encourage that deaf kids not to get involved and not to try drugs.
So, I set up what it was called,
"Don't say no to drugs, just say never."
What never means.. you know by saying no, no, no-no then
can easily change mind by saying yes.
It would be too late so I set up to encourage that says "never".
It was really successful organization in Florida
but I had to shut it down when I moved out of Florida
but it was definitely worth to see kids being happy
and be encouraged to say "never" to drugs instead of saying "no".
So these four things has hit me the most
and it was really good memories for me so it was great.
Take care.