University of Bristol Centre for Deaf Studies - A Vision of Centre Life

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Before I came to CDS I didn't know much about Deaf Studies.
When I arrived I was amazed at the different culture issues,
education so many things I had never thought of or expected.
Thanks CDS I've learnt a lot of really useful information.
Hello and welcome to the Centre for Deaf Studies here at the University of Bristol.
We have a longstanding tradition of research that spans over 30 years.
Our research topics include Deaf people,
sign language, and the Deaf community.
Our research directly informs our teaching
so as students, both Deaf and hearing,
you get the information first hand on a range of topics.
All the units at the centre are taught through BSL.
I'm so proud of our undergraduate students;
I remember when they began their studies three years ago
brand new to the University and CDS and here they are graduating at last.
I've really enjoyed my time here.
Our group was really nice and friendly and supportive of one another.
I've learned lots of things and I've really changed,
I feel different inside and I like that.
Our third year of Deaf Studies is over. Now it's time to celebrate!
We've all finished and I feel we have made the
grade and now the sky's the limit!
My book was published in 2003.
It developed from my PhD research into
Deaf culture and it was through this process that the concept of Deafhood became clear to me.
Since the publication of my book this concept has resonated internationally. If you are
interested to learn more about what Deafhood means you can study at CDS on an MSc or PhD
programme. We welcome both Deaf and hearing students
and also those who wish to setup a research study related to Deafhood.
I read Paddy's book focusing on the Deaf Resurgence of the
1970's/1980's and the emergence of Deaf professionals
so there is communication, for example hearing people learning sign language, maybe
not to a fluent native level but enough to communicate and interact with a Deaf person.
Four years ago I never thought I'd achieve my PhD, yet here I am!
..students step out of their discussion world
they bring their eye gaze to meet that of the audience.
Now we will set up an international Deafhood Research Centre,
an important way to bring together hearing and Deaf academics.
Deaf have no language problem.
This is the message: Deaf have no language problem.
Deafblind manual alphabet means that we can adapt and match the language.
Communication is a must
The BSc is a three-year programme,
you can take the General Studies route,
that includes the area of education,
Deaf History,
or the Interpreting route.
And that's not all, it's all within
a Deaf environment - an important reason to come and study at Bristol.
Having followed the interpreting stream
I am hoping to become an interpreter. I just need to find an interpreting job.
The three years at CDS were the best three years.
CDS feels like a family, everyone knows one another.
The degree at CDS is hard work but it's well worth the three-year commitment
CDS is the best, best, best!
CDS is fantastic; I really enjoyed my time here.