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previously-owned master chefs
tonya's between different definition the daunting
two aja
happy set fire to fight for
waterway to the top
at the bottom
i don't think it's a
but ultimately it was scott who was sent
lead to losses
the home cooks take to the wrote for the latest team challenge
casey who is calling the shots like that
involving exactly as i had seen it in my mind
such as child when the losing team faces yet another pressure test
i'm scared
one more master chef
will exit
really don't know
the remaining twelve home cooks have been dropped off in venice beach
california where there are about to face atop
teen challenge
venice beach feels great and you get hosts and the sign
you're going to a teen challenge i'd just need it
confidence that it is the region's use contracts
rolling out weight the and its mainstream to probably drive
i cannot weeks here does that sound i want to try it might be from them all
the time
friday mornings
welcome to venice beach california
the filesystem thing in food isn't accuracy bits of vehicle
the humble
fair trial
oh for the first time a'bad
we split into three teams
suffered a stroke
forty eight states
space saver asset you hats
destination in the last month's accounts of bob dole's without amazing advantage
besides the usual teachers stating wright's
really is dream team
well the first person i'm going to choose understand how did he buy dragged
through the california fusing
actors thickest hollysent
and everywhere to every time interest rates
by reason wreaking tally
if i can be a great team member is having in the nineteen means if i get
put in that pressure test i can be too late
advice sections
my second choice is break
track what content below what more towards
and you have to think
sexy my final traces xing becky black akak
you have another
she reached advantage as you get to choose the two teams but he'll be
competing against
lights and i a m
the next
seen before
okay uh...
the first person and i did she isn't
is monty
she is minimized run its competitors
came here for the position where she might still holds
the second person
to jordan wants it
i am hoping that i am not on the same things monte around her neck and work
david martinez thank you
every month to rest
they deny ilan and started with the downfall of clinton
than expected is that
customers take decides but things
space christy mike and josh
but what's the what's the job one might christina feelings and
person and they gave stays in your mail that we're going to be restricted
stacey has another advantage she gets to choose the teams color which dictates
the cuisine
which color
to work for your story
the painful the red structures
makes it interesting
ideologue mexican food
if they keep getting
battery dot to talks left teachings
multi anna sonya
wits color through truck
bialik after fleeing altogether treasures
american breezy i think we have in hand right away begin american cuisine which
is amazing so for the folder directory josh kristin fate exabytes
but think that the police officers you reasoning
heated are the terminal as this is our security
no mandates your team captain i definitely
fidelity and and outside of the cat
side yeltsin first
usual captain princess eileen benz and you're not pretty
need to use my boys and until confident they can do this but i would say
there's a captain
we all talked about it and applied within a week this is a way of allah's
blessing as a team leader but now it might sound the sound of stepped-up i
saw them back to me i think as if they say west layouts deprived took and stuff
political smear at venice beach
remember today is about knowing your customer
whichever team everyday with the most money wins
on boards and girls club of america the team that loses his challenge will fight
bosses chef for success
weddings watergate
biggest competition
okay teams
your time
peachtree plaza planned and prepare one seven dollar dance to serve to the
crowds they have just ninety minutes before their food trucks opened for
business and thinking maybe like a grilled vegetables east india
anti-semitic unintelligible we have
twisted up the some
what knowledge to talk is indisputable inside and out of state they were in
atlantic city really means
anyone it
or in southern california and yes you can please everyone across the board
c_c_r_c_'s exchanged a condo best fully barker's it can be a lot of extra work
to make two separate parkersburg
and that's the way
we need to keep it simple atlantic telling ideas ok slider trio we'd french
i think it might be tracking three connecting to mansfield i didn't realize
it revealed event second suggestion no prize ships because judge ito all ahead
of time and have a man in the bucket basic
bridal order it only takes two minutes to deny them that will and water
descending on an i'm just trying not to get into a fight with anyone
um... it's it's a suburban so even if we run our we could do it right away
product being brought up on that sir
we decide we're going to do an prepared to well we decided to state cannot i'm
very confident and excited to win
reading what you can you
you know i don't know if it's an important i don't make chicken tikka
masala we have tended to come check in and it all that and i think we could
meet at the start of owning up start working on the south
anything without
don't really know what we're treated some kind of chicken kiki jackie here
talking about here giki sue just needed to go on the go ahead because i don't
know what the hell the first ingredient had indian food is so feeling pretty
good about him being captain
muscle isn't interactive that i did
scuba josh because there's no one is comes from the presidency
when he does
sisal segovia dot the quantity because of all your today as we get twenty just
don't think the weakest days the indian in the strongest road to the american
ready to go with and i think that she has
more to prove that anybody we know that she was having to adjust that craig
control flavors however she hasn't stepped up and she doesn't hear i think
he's done
priceless insights cases
calendar intact
factor in their work and i have also a mysterious witness at about twelve
best was as much work
he can't decide what if i can't make a bet it's very unhappy then that's gonna
screw us pecking order dismay omar missing the point net
and really good to see that stayed home okay with it and if they get well
separately yelling area it's not like
do what he said that we can use all of our heating statement huh
now why would you not listen to me
what serving we have to give it to the following reverberate with the cabbage
salad cabbage this
love without their world stands out yogurt and minden based on the birth
before they're trying to pull out
since all the food trucks open for service
the red and blue teamster already grilling
book the yellow team is still struggling to prepare all the time
spot there for her dual
attempt to book a ceo burgers
great text
unanimously calypso outsiders paraphrasing what to do something
whether it's a single portion and
green is baffled while you were doing
two different style burger and just to one study that and everyone has said
that we can pull out more than let me say nothing
existing means he senses the donors
eww all networks just for the privilege
this is a contest and volume decir unusually sylvana foa proceeded to bogus
but one day s
nicolette sober
what's up
we decided to eighty six has gone somewhere i think that's a great idea
as worried about getting done in time we're just gonna knock down trade texas
broker word of the ministership food trucks and spread on venice beach
now with just ten minutes left until a open the teams must have enough food
prepare to keep the growing crowd
struggling with their own
about his own
waiting for us as a lawyer
i got i think johnson
what's really surprising
by the hundreds of people walk effectively politics has not
tell us what's cooking
tolerating but those are all busy robert
denied industrialist three teams are competing to create in cell one seven
dollar dish from food trucks on venice beach
five guys it's time to have a copy of the car
this hungry customers flocked to the trucks the yellow team has moved
ready to survive
disputes hard-fought itself
going on
identified minutely
you don't have one
white house
sees a guy guys i got it
you don't have it
disasters like slackers
we don't know if it goes further
assembly lines
aliphatic offline
now we're getting
havelock you know how many customers
this challenge is about how
people you can answer
as the yellow team rushes to get food out
both the red and blue jeans are moving food out quickly enjoyable of
waiting for you guys
all three times
slight people
waiting that were ready
what are you
sealing order
basically have really fast so i'm happy about
until there is because if you're like its backup for too long customers are
so the time crunch is definitely on it
one of the blue team is pushing out there in the initial
yellow teeth i think just the momentum
as a new issue with their texas style vs
this is
comic timing
korean condensed
find are rock
on this show
three four five years of age after positive
like this
a together and i think the
let's take it
still cost anything i can trust debate steel cut here
david we are not so yes
yeah couple rob burgers
and cooking burgers faster than they could serve them
give me a freakin break
like superman
has the flu and great teams continue to print out all this enjoy the judge's
move into the crowd to collect customer feedback
really didn't do it
it mexican family like being in the
personally what that would be great
okay i'd hate you had the indian chicken chicken is always a good it was good
but what's wrong
itself is actually
the burgers are coming out
we have not met
midway through service the teams are raking in the morning their faith here
but the judges have their own ideas about who's driving the best deal facts
publisher charles that was a dose of customers
mexican food truck is doing ok although this place is ok stuff
a lot of people are asking why is there no fish rely on it if you're up for
the indians starter story grading systems install building
food for thought his personality shows
got decisions and but it was just a little out of the feedback we had an
sorry the lead one down
thinking indian is in the lead certainly with flavor
which is something we could have been
twice as many cases
you have to make it fun
thank you know
ninety days taco agar record
to look at the other tribes and the young team
people you know i A
not goin on anymore customers here ready for a matter of time can you bring it
right now
so i bought the
anti factor driving over to skate park a pastime
i start telling people to get their asses every area of arresting a woman
services really hotcourses got
candidates seemed with less than
five minutes left in all three teams still moving toward out
the judges don't see a clear winner gellert present for this
positive cease-fire for seven dollars
had to be in the insist the heartbeat wishes it's hot it's probably the most
sensible that the
at nit picking here it could be the most delicious but when it comes the sales
talking please
less than a minute ago
all three teams make their final push to win the challenge
anytime i see it
during that entire lying
definitely along with that
i don't know how much money is in our still
after serving the crowds of them a speech
the food truck challenge feasible
the cash has been counted in the teams are about to find out who made the most
money and which team will have to face the pressure test
where i got out
time is up
i had nothing to go off and i couldn't watch the other trucks the entire time
so i'm very uncertain within two months ago
what's your trucks
have taken
and the results
all staggering
visitors come by if you will be collected over ten thousand dollars and
that charge
the most money
which was seven hundred ninety eight dollars
departs london foreseen
we won
now that last place but my personal incredible classy bball
you had a huge advantage to use its deductibility were reportedly it paid
knots is facing
the press excess thank god
thank you
i'm just paste approved today we're going to a prestigious
but the point is to be going retain does it say
the locals
that that is defecate chicken tikka masala
victory for the so i guess
with a difference
of a hundred and fifty full color
isn t
yeah that's it
paul the
armed i'm also it is
in disbelief we gain even coming in second place betsy
did eighty six callous
i wouldn't say i'm super upset i mean i made so many britons
i don't know how
and i don't think this lost is my fault
detects a good night's sleep
because one of you
the latest competition
quite frankly based on that before was in that the lack of direction
itself supplies
militants can pressure test munchies up on the chopping block my plan unfolding
exactly's i'd seen in my mind
six barbara to digress license means that you have done yourself
eleanor you're upset should i answer that regained a minute
such as health
but starting and making that
napping nine
everything life i got this i've got this i'd ask
months he wants to be we should just got most personas fast so i was looking
that's the bottom line is a basic unit you did nothing wrong back in ninety one
dash three
on their returns
at the beginning setting
for our twenty tickets
my responsibility
date you're going
bottom line and responsible and the team captain i_d_ tibet state behind that it
wasn't enough
i denied biggest mirrored was stressing david's bosses classes
final first person dot on inline handed me the money
hotline to take us to get out of her
ten minutes now because the burger intended for more than ten and not think
that the uh... holding back and not because of the bird
will not take the blame for
a landowners faceted that's not my fault
the media defenders work the meatballs
ready to go in
timeframe so david
elastically challenge and status quo
after losing the full truck challenge the yellow team awaits their pressure
but they still have some serious unresolved issues there were things we
could have done it
beginning to prepare staffers with that
that i did not have the power of the meat
you did intentionally not intentionally time united and nbsp i think it's your
guys refusal to say we just did a pumped for oil fashion
it's unfair for anyone to say that i was on the truck bomb ass i don't like three
years people around you know
diversity things that you sent out raha not all along
i went to portland with you
totally pissed off process
he could blend that talent you've given him listen all of us
brilliant seeking that
with the romper earthworms are absolutely insane
now one impression test now
and i'm making my best to kick in the
proved to be made life time here doing fine my place and that call in a recent
have the catering company
i can't go home
i get sent home right now i'm going back into school i'm going back into that
horrible great enough killing
kidney that
question that courage
says does get what i what i like the last question
i feel
on into the first test
because of that argument because of how the t_v_ it's opinions i'm totally ready
to fight to have spotty
here and three
amazing three tracks
but soon
absorb the lease
amount of money
was legal issue
lawyers for the flights
of the country lights
because of time all of you
ted please
today's pressure test
i'm hoping that my attitude an
my style
maniacs elite sees me refresh success today
is all about
for too lenient
it takes intuition
and finesse
to make the perfect ritalin
i will show you how
it's basically constructing a rep your weekend than taking it one step further
tilling has been flavorful not to watery because of the water boils it looks
you'll have to be combination of various meets and records of parmesan cheese
partially playstation to create a balanced filling one of positive as a
nation into it
you want to rest
so it's ready to be worked the filling has about half a teaspoon of your make
to buy in the past us to get the yousendit watch to make sure that
the top level of pasta speaks to the bottom level
feel around the filling
to be sure that there's no air inside
for the bottom he stopped
over the top
police out around this is where we had a small fingers
is a big advantage
tension in the back
pulled the top piece downtown around
i feel like i'm not equipped to do this at are pretty clear
yes asap
all of the head back to stations this challenge makes me nervous because i
don't smoke and mirrors
his don't
you will have sixty minutes
david hare
totally with the meat and cheese filling
certain assembled for us
this challenge if design with
one thing in mind and that is
at least what would you
believe in the kitchen forever
the sixty minutes
stuff from
each competitor has access to exactly the same ingredients and equipment in
the kitchen
every possible spikes there's so much to execute with this pressure tested this
is a highly pressurized differences two minutes
first initiative is what
picked apart norfolk's relax a control devices it's about balance that's about
the nasons about timing which may be a child
for the semester sport
this will be intense
receipt dated someone who makes pasta on the stand still surface without
brentwood board on the move
understands novel about part of
pasta needs to be in the warm and gentle environment
activities planned for years think it was
balloonist institutes to past moving on
a pastor
because everything to the past
does not support
disputing that delicacy of the devil
is the most important part in
and you've already screwed that up from the beginning
i think i mean for the record high set home from a catalogue time so not the
not today
i think it is going to them and he's got
campaigners matches etc
i wish them all the best
but i hope we do better than having swan
betsy minutes left
we only want and so the only short selling figures excellence in his
taj beg off tonight is served very good
pretty nervous remakes of info no i havent
believing you know i think a person like me with sausage fingers has a little bit
over the summer and utilities missiles figures on using the case of this thing
to make it a little bit more smoother
stating that is the article
with whole foods like abit
guys take care of your wire going abroad
you're smart
you deserve two batches with two fillings at this point the commission of
people who eat right in the first from friends that when you decide which one
you want to send to the dentist and then go with them
seven minutes before what do you know
your last seven minutes in this campaign
my last time
i'm absolutely ready to fight back and make peace carolyn yes perfect as
possible and show
despite my father's competitors that my hands to make something good
this is absolutely delighted
comment how would you and
scared shoddy and should be joni mitchell
seattle this before you know maybe three four never
did you press the comedy theater that water out
to be tried one of these people trapped billing and put it off to make sure it's
not too salty
city tried one of these two still on the tapes
i'm saying no dot every question graham is asking the
i'm reading from talent i'm ready to give up
every life that i could be leaving
anything you realize how bad it is not one of the
warning of certain
and just disappointed in myself
invaded and all around
believe in yourself
that's what this is about
how bad things get here cooking
so much more
then other people just ask you all
let me ask them to do it
biggest six minutes
okay campus gulf
he reminds me why i'm here
any reminds me why it means so much to me
defeat is not an option a and m five minutes left
treatment on demand
just considered
towards the leaders of the bill
the prabhu bhakti
self-doubt fallen victim to really do not
gossip this guys
two days ago
at this point the who truly need for non-polluting
sixty seconds
plates and get their status
whatever demands two really neat great image
deviated his perfectly is their gorgeous
tiniest would only need to look so you didn't get her send-off
seniors it to you
we're about to begin testing and at least one of you will be going home
minor first out
relieved by because they'd rather just get this over with
refilling hats people parts or stella and put it down little bit of ricard
army general
means parsley
and attended
antes ceiling
bypasses the out indeed it is rock
hearing from gordon that
this is not is
my death sentence
i didn't trouble
pressure is definitely on someone's going home
intermittent support
loan to susan
it sounds pretty is too early in the end of the scene but
between a man and a safe
rates which would bring to you
one of those facts figures make such sorely needs they're beautiful
the judgment
demands or do you need
mayan not going on today
man is running out of time and i want to make sure it on the cooked
like taking really poor
and shipping them
that's coming up and then dimension
the struggle the lines
wind looking totally
lots of buses
anything internet shape because the debt right out there
now it's my fault for carrying out the delaware working at
as possible
at this point
down into tonya and i
after tasting all four dishes in a tort illini pressure test
the judges must now decide who will be leaving
a master chef kitchen judgment
part of our users users defeatist attitude
or for the from at least
sixty minutes
to make a stunning totally subs in a simple brawl
for at least one of you
as last time improved in the master of kitchen
papers and don't feel like a lot of my peers here walking around still but
i'm not going down a plan to be here for a long time
david what's best
these shows
a nice technique for the total eighty
it was the best i can
obsessed about her
schedule a totally different
nightline's man unbelievable
goes toward a levy
were incredible
balance refined every sense
awesome thank you so much
thoughts is assessed
and and i and the bottom two out of this pressure test and it's not fair
we performed the best yesterday
and now we at the bottom
running was the first time i had seen you
was that your dad
by disease struggled doesn't she just dates
you made some mistakes starting by creating the dilemma food processor visa
stamping the totally need to remove the air dual role on
there was a lot of issues and expected one
but never seen you
comic struggling bloke so uncomfortable
with a call-ins
going nowhere
that you're struggling from the moment and presented
what this challenge is gonna be using shocked
i think that she was based upon this competition angry chess
the bus and leading muslim
doesn't deny
the time is done in office
you've been amazing
became with spirits creativity flare
you beat your husband's
in this competition
you magazine the top twelve
i'll tell you something
when i visit
policy really pressures bitterly whatever way being denotes
give up that dream
your sweetheart
please put your under section
this whole experience
his just really the tremendous
right is still so fortunate
to pat this opportunity so
and since it's cried a think because
and tuesday estimates soaring being cheered system intermediary
a necessary for everyone
they're really
has been in education
i am really proud of myself
just the beginning and amor and culinary world
and is that it is part
one two three four five six seven eight nine ten eleven distinguishing right now
is one of her
might be questions you'll if he can win master chef
i had a chance
tomorrow night un master chef
that uh...
a surprise guest cooks alongside the home cooks in the mystery box challenge
then as the competition into
maqsood judges hall
nothing back
one elimination
there's more shocking new
d_d_t_ d_k_