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Reporter: ….So, you have never used a computer?
Student 1: Not at all. I don’t know anything about computers
Commentator: Cecilia and Carolina go to school in the Cuscatlan rural area of El Salvador,
therefore, they have never browsed through the internet.
Student 2: Well… we don’t know how to use the Internet, but we can learn little
by little. We are young enough!
Reporter: In order to change this fact Alliance For Education and Development (AFEAD), founded
in California, U.S.A., brought to Cuscatlan, over 100 computers. Matt Wald, President of
the organization, said, “give a fish to someone, and they eat today, but teaching
the village how to fish will last forever.” Donated computers come with a training program.
Russ Allen, another member of the organization says that the donated computers are recycled
computers that people don’t use anymore in California. The key point is that the students
improve their knowledge, using the Internet.
These computers will be distributed among various low-funding schools. In addition to
the schools, some community centers for young students in the area, will also receive a
computers donation. The teachers, themselves, became astonished when learning this school
was going to be the recipient of such donation.
Teacher 1: We are very excited for the donation, but more so, for all the students’ reaction,
when they learn they will, finally, have computers for our school. As presently, we don’t even
have a typewriter.
Teacher 2: We did not even dream of having such technological recourses, to be able to
provide the students with a more enhanced knowledge.
Reporter: The students that are already visiting the cyber cafes, in main cities, know about
the benefits of Internet.
Student 1: Because one gets to know about navigating through internet, especially when
we have homework to do.
Student 2: We can use it to find a job or play!
Reporter: This is the first donation from this organization; however, they plan on gathering
more computers in California that will benefit other sectors.
Reporter: In Cuscatlan, El Salvador, Ivan Manzano, TELEMUNDO