Google Mobile App for iPhone, now with Voice Search

Uploaded by Google on 12.11.2008

>> MIKE LEBEAU: Hi, my name's Mike LeBeau. I'm going to tell you about Google Mobile
App for iPhone and show you what this free, downloadable application can do.
"Pictures of the Golden Gate Bridge at sunset."
Cool, right? Google search results just by talking into
your phone. After you start Google Mobile App, just lift
the iPhone to your ear, wait for the beep and speak.
How big is a giant squid? Google Mobile App uses the phone's motion
to know when to start recording. And when you're done speaking, it automatically
does a Google search. See?
No buttons, no typing. And here's another cool feature: Search results
based on your location. Say that I'm in San Francisco and I want to
see a movie. I can just say, "Movie show times," and Google
Mobile App gives me local search results for San Francisco.
Now, say I'm in New York City. If I do the same search-- "Movie show times"--
then I'll get search results for New York. Another way to start a voice search is simply
by tapping the microphone button. "25 degrees Celsius in Fahrenheit."
77 degrees. Now if for some reason you don't want to say
your search, you can also type it. Google Mobile App offers suggestions as you
type, to make it easier and faster. It suggests website shortcuts, Wikipedia articles,
past searches, suggested search terms and contacts.
So the bottom line here is: Faster web search with fewer key strokes.
One more thing. Google Mobile App also has an "Apps" tab that
lets you easily launch other Google products, like Gmail and Google News.
So that's the overview of Google Mobile App. If you want to give it a try, go to the app
store on your iPhone and search for Google Mobile App.