Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance - [Part 11 ~ Prankster's Paradise 1/3] (English Subs)

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Sora: Whoa!
Jiminy: I tell ya that Pinnochio's always causing Gepetto to worry.
Jiminy: Now that I think about it I was pretty surprised that the blue fairy gave life to Gepetto's wooden doll.
Jiminy: It looks like an honest man's wish has been granted.
Jiminy: Maybe if I can give Pinnochio a conscience a bigger wish would...
Jiminy: No, no never mind.
Jiminy: I'd better look for Pinnochio.
Sora: Jiminy! What're you doing?
Jiminy: Who are you? Children shouldn't be here you know.
Sora: Huh? What's wrong Jiminy?
Jiminy: You know my name?
Jiminy: It seems I've become quite the household name.
Sora: What're you saying? It's me! Sora!
Jiminy: You're Sora?
Jiminy: Hm, I've just met you but I feel like I've heard your name before.
Sora: Uhh...
Sora: Oh yeah!
Yen Sid: In the worlds closed off by sleep, time does not flow as it does here.
Yen-Sid: If a world is awaken from sleep and if it does not return to its original state
Yen-Sid: then it will be in a state of perpetual dreams.
Yen-Sid: Even if you meet people in the worlds you visit they are nothing but characters in a dream.
Yen-Sid: In reality the people of the world and the world itself are asleep.
Yen-Sid: And are trapped within that world.
Yen-Sid: In that world, even those who are no longer living...
Yen-Sid: the world will give life to them in the dream world.
Sora: The real Jiminy isn't in here.
Sora: So this is the Jiminy that is in the world's dream.
Jiminy: What are you mumbling about?
Sora: Nice to meet you Jiminy
Jiminy: Ah, yeah nice to meet you Sora.
Sora: Oh yeah Jiminy, you said that children shouldn't be here right?
Jiminy: Even if, when you talk to me in that way...
Jiminy: I begin to feel like I met you before.
Jiminy: This place...
Jiminy: This is a frightening place
Jiminy: Children are made to spend all of their time in idle amusement and then they are turned into donkeys.
Jiminy: My precious Pinnochio appears to have gone astray.
Jiminy: Ah, yes! Pinocchio! I heard Pinnochio say your name before.
Sora: From Pinnochio? How?
Jiminy: I tell ya. You don't go to school and now you're loitering around this place.
Pinnochio: I'm sorry.
Pinnochio: But when I was going to school...
Pinnochio: I was brought here by these two huuuge monsters!
Jiminy: Monsters? How?
Pinnochio: They put me in a bag and...
Jiminy: But weren't you playing?
Pinnochio: I was running so they wouldn't find me!
Pinnochio: Huh? Why is my nose this big?
Jiminy: It's this way because you lied.
Pinnochio: It's not a lie. A guy in black told me to play with Sora.
Jiminy: Sora? Who is that? Geez! You're lying again!
Jiminy: Huh? It's not a lie?
Jiminy: The person in black didn't say anything else?
Pinnochio: Hmm, nope.
Jiminy: I see...
Pinnochio: Hey look at that!
Jiminy: The blue fairy's star!
Blue Fairy: Well Pinocchio, just what has happened to your nose?
Pinocchio: Uhh
Blue Fairy: It's like this because you lied.
Blue Fairy: Sir Jiminy
Jiminy: Y-yes blue fairy, uh, er, ummm...
Pinocchio: Please help. I'm sorry I lied.
Blue Fairy: I understand. Your lies will become bigger and bigger
Blue Fairy: Much like your nose
Pinocchio: I'll never lie again! I swear!
Blue Fairy: I shall give you one more chance. But listen...
Blue Fairy: If you do not become a good little boy you will stay a puppet forever.
Jiminy: He'll be good! Pinocchio: I'll be good!
Blue Fairy: Okay, but remember I will only help you this once.
Sora: Him again...
Jiminy: At any rate, we have to find Pinocchio or he'll become a donkey.
Sora: Got it. I'll help you look for Pinocchio
Jiminy: Really? Thanks, but do you know Pinocchio too?
Sora: U-uh...
Sora: Look! There's Pinocchio!
Jiminy: Yes, that's definitely Pinocchio!
Sora: Let's go Jiminy.
Jiminy: I'm counting on you Sora
Jiminy: Pinocchio! We finally found you!
Sora: Pinocchio it's not safe here!
Sora: Hurry and go with Jiminy
Jiminy: What in the world!?
Sora: A Dream Eater!?
Sora: Looks like they want a fight.
Sora: A Dream Eater turned into Pinocchio?
Sora: Where could the real Pinocchio be?
Jiminy: Sora! There!
Jiminy: At the top of that tower!
Sora: Yeah. Let's go Jiminy!
Jiminy: Pinocchio, how did you get up here?
Sora: Come on, let's go.
Jiminy: Another fake...
Sora: There he is! He's walking over there.
Jiminy: That's probably another fake...
Sora: Don't give up Jiminy. Come on, let's go.
Gepetto: Pinocchio!
Gepetto: Where'd you go my boy?
Riku: Is that Gepetto?
Riku: That means this place is...
Riku: Something happen?
Gepetto: Oh, who are you?
Riku: Riku
Gepetto: Riku, huh? Poor thing.
Gepetto: Monstro ate you too
Gepetto: I'm Gepetto, Pinnochio's father.
Riku: Has Pinnochio gone missing?
Gepetto: Yes
Gepetto: I was able to meet up with him here but he went off somewhere
Riku: This situation, same as last time...
Riku: Gepetto, I'll go look for Pinnochio and bring him back.
Gepetto: Really? Oh thank you! Can I count on you?
Riku: Yes, leave it to me.
??: So you're going to go look for Pinnochio?
Riku: Jiminy?
Jiminy: Wha?
Jiminy: Yes I am Jiminy but... Where have we met?
Riku: Never mind, I can't say for sure...
Jiminy: It doesn't matter. Pinocchio's more important.
Riku: Yeah. Do you have any clues as to where he may be?
Jiminy: He went along and followed someone.
Riku: The person, how did he look?
Jiminy: I'm certain that he was wearing a black cloak.
Riku: A black cloak
Riku: Him again...
Riku: Okay
Riku: What?
Jiminy: I'm going with you.
Jiminy: It's my job to teach him how to be a well-behaved little boy.
Jiminy: Pinnochio!
Pinnochio: Jiminy!
Riku: Let Pinnochio go!
Jiminy: Pinnochio, are you okay? I came to look for you with Riku.
Pinnochio: Yeah, I'm okay.
Pinnochio: And, I'm sorry
Pinnochio: I made you and father worry again, didn't I?
Jiminy: Pinnochio, you finally understand what I've been trying to teach you.
Riku: Who are you?
Riku: Me?
Jiminy: What was that just now?
Riku: That was...
Riku: my dark side.
Riku: In the past I fell into darkness...
Riku: Since then, he's been appearing in every which way
Riku: As the seeker of darkness who took control of my body. As an imitation that was copied from my darkness.
Riku: And as me myself
Jiminy: Darkness?!
Pinnochio: Hey Riku, do you have anyone like Jiminy?
Pinnochio: I learned a whole buncha important things from Jiminy.
Pinnochio: It'd be good for you to have someone like Jiminy huh?
Jiminy: I think so too. You don't have to take on everything by yourself.
Jiminy: You have one too right? A friend that you can talk to about anything?
Riku: Yeah...
Riku: I do
Riku: He's always laughing
Riku: He teaches me a lot of things
Pinnochio: Must be nice. I want a friend like that.
Jiminy: You can make friends like that. A whole bunch!
Riku: What was that?
Riku: Is there something over there?
Riku: You guys go ahead and go back. I'm going to take a look around.
Pinnochio and Jiminy: Okay