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LAUREN GOTTLIEB: Step Up 4 releases an official
Glee pays homage to the King of Pop.
And the Queen of Pop celebrates a debut of W.E.
This is Just Dance for February 2, 2012.
LAUREN GOTTLIEB: Hey, everyone.
I'm Lauren Gottlieb.
I have some amazing news for you.
Just Dance has the exclusive official announcement for Step
Up 4, which is hitting theaters on July 27.
The film is set in Miami, and it has a full So You Think You
Can Dance lineup.
You have Kathryn McCormick as the lead and Twitch, who I
think has been in every Step Up movie.
Plus it has the perfect blend of hip hop choreographers--
Jamal Sims as the supervising choreographer along with
Travis Wall, Chuck Maldonado, and Chris Scott.
The movie is going to be amazing.
You have cars, hot girls, hot guys, alumni from So You Think
You Can Dance and ABDC, plus amazing dancing.
Madonna's highly anticipated film, W.E., is finally set for
release in theaters tomorrow.
The film follows the greatest love story of the 20th
century, where a king gives up his throne for
the woman he loves.
So romantic, yet totally crazy.
There's a great ballroom scene choreographed by Stephanie
Roos, who has been with Madonna for about a decade.
And for all of you Madonna fans, there's now a
sweepstakes searching for her biggest fan.
So click the link below for all the details you need.
On last night's episode of Mobbed, two feuding brothers
came together through dance.
Well, I got to sit down with both of them to see how their
lives have changed.
I've got so many questions for you guys.
First off, what did this whole thing feel like?
I'd have to say a roller coaster of emotions, going
through so many different feelings and
energies and just craziness.
Overall, it was probably the best experience I've had my
whole life.
LAUREN GOTTLIEB: Now, what did you think would happen if he
said no, if he didn't take your apology?
TIM JARZABEK: Well, I was waiting out by
the drums for him.
And the guy next to me had an earpiece in, and he's like,
he's not coming out, Tim.
I'm like, what's going on?
Because I can't hear anything.
He's like, he's going crazy.
So yeah, I didn't think he was coming out.
I was pretty surprised when I saw him walking
out with you guys.
Everybody's dancing and celebrating.
maturing 20 years in whatever--
LAUREN GOTTLIEB: In one minute.
NICK JARZABEK: Yeah, one minute.
LAUREN GOTTLIEB: OK, well thank you so much for hanging
out with us and giving us all the inside scoop.
By far, the craziest episode.
And congratulations.
Next week's all-new episode of Mobbed follows a 37-year-old
man as he finally gets to meet his father.
Howie Mandel, Nappytabs, and the whole Mobbed gang do all
that they can to make their first meeting extra special.
You can catch this episode February 8 on Fox.
I'm sure you guys are just as excited as I am that So You
Think You Can Dance, Season 9 is just around the corner.
Just Dance was at the New York auditions to see what they
have in store for the new season.
CROWD: Welcome to New York!
NIGEL LYTHGOE: We want the dancers that transfer across
all styles.
We don't think about their contemporary dancers.
We don't need contemporary dancers.
We need dancers.
And it just works out that contemporary dancers actually
are better dancers than hip hop dancers because hip hop
dancers only do one style.
You can't be expected to pick up the choreography that these
wonderful choreographers do if you haven't
had any formal training.

LAUREN GOTTLIEB: It's been a while since Glee has done a
tribute episode, so it was great to see them Gleek out
Michael Jackson's classics.
They did "Smooth Criminal," "Bad," and "Black or White,"
just to name a few.
Glee star Kevin McHale tweeted about his long rehearsal and
shoot days.
Well, Kevin, thank you so much for your dedication because
the episode was truly epic.
I wanted to get a second opinion
from the YouTube universe.
So let's check out what CraftNation
thought about Glee.
KEVIN CRAFT: My name is Kevin Craft, and I'm here to talk to
you about what I thought about Glee's
episode of Michael Jackson.
I must say that I'm impressed.
This was my first time actually watching Glee.
The only reason why I watched this show was because it was
about Michael Jackson.
If they didn't have nothing to do with Michael Jackson, you
probably wouldn't even catch me watching that show.
And I was pretty impressed.
People say white people can't dance, but they got
it in in this one.
And I think it was creative that they had issues with
other people, and they sing it out.
That right there is creative.
And not just sing it out with any random songs.
It was Michael Jackson songs.
I must say, Glee, that was a good marketing tool right
there because somebody like me tuned in for
something like that.
Now I might watch the show periodically, hoping that they
might do some more Michael Jackson and moonwalk.
LAUREN GOTTLIEB: I have the big Dance Moms news for you.
And I know I say that every week, but it's always true.
There's talks of a new spin-off--
not Dance Moms Miami, but Ice Moms.
The show will follow competitive figure skaters and
their mothers.
If you think Abby Lee Miller is cold, I can only imagine
what Ice Moms would be like.
For those of you who missed the fourth episode of Dance
Moms, don't worry because Todrick Hall will fill you in
with his Dance Moms FYI recap.
The long wait is finally over.
Smash is set to premiere Monday night on NBC.
The show follows a group of characters as they come
together to put on a Broadway musical based on the life of
Marilyn Monroe.
It has A-listers like Anjelica Huston, Debra Messing, and
American Idol runner up Katharine McPhee.
The musical series has tons of big production numbers
choreographed by Josh Bergasse, who told us how he
brought Broadway to the small screen.
JOSH BERGASSE: I'm not really nervous about how quick it's
going to have to go to put up the dance numbers.
I've got a great team.
I'm working with great people.
I'm going to have great dancers, very quick, very
smart, very athletic.
Then it's easy to choreograph--
when the music's great and the ideas are great.
You have all the support that you get with a big project
like this from NBC and DreamWorks.
So I'm really excited about this.
It's going to be fast, but I like to work fast.
LAUREN GOTTLIEB: Comedy duo Garfunkel and Oates put up a
really funny dance video to promote their new album.
Here's what Original Tyler thinks about this unique
marketing campaign.
TYLER: Garfunkel and Oates made a video.
And I think that it's a very, very unique approach to
promote music.
Most other artists who are promoting their albums kind of
just update their Facebooks, update their Twitter.
I think that it's going to be interesting because it's
something I don't think anybody's ever done to promote
an album before.
So maybe it'll garner some more attention for them.
Maybe it will make people pay more attention to their album.
Maybe it will make people like me who never listen to their
music interested in hearing it.
LAUREN GOTTLIEB: OK, this is my final reminder.
Madonna's Super Bowl halftime show is this Sunday.
So write below and let me know what you think.
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And I'll see you guys next week.
Strike a pose.