Short nails tutorial : cute flowers nail art design

Uploaded by cutenails on 17.04.2012

Hello! Today I'll show you how to make a spring nail art design on short nails because I’ve broken my nails.
You’ll see that it is possible to make nail art on short nails.
This nail art with small flowers is quick and easy to do.
To make this nail art, you’ll need a special brush and acrylic paint.
To make the flowers, I only press the brush on my nail to obtain a drop.
Instead of making the dots from the inside, I’ve made it to the outside to obtain a star shape.
To do so, you should use a large base brush with a very sharp end.
Just like brushes used for acrylic resin.
As you can see, you'll need a very soft and flexible brush
So that when you press on it, it makes the petal automatically.
It is very quick.
If you use the right brush, you’ll see, it works very well!
You got it? A round brush with a large base and a very sharp end.
But not a detailed brush because they are too thin.
Then I add some top coat and I apply some glitter with a toothpick.
Then I apply the final top coat.
It’s done! Feel free to show me your photos on Facebook.
You can also download my free Tartofraises smartphone application.
For more information, read the description area.
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