EIU 360 - Favorite EIU Memories

Uploaded by IAMEIU on 18.10.2012

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>> female speaker1: My favorite EIU
memory is my freshman year attending Miss
Black EIU 2011.
That would have to be my favorite because it was my first
major event during my freshman year and inspired me because I
then competed for the next year for Miss Black 2011.
It was just a great experience, it was a great involvement,
it was great to see African American women in such
a great light.
>> female speaker 2: I would have to
say my favorite memory
here at EIU is when I was sitting on the Doudna steps, a
beautiful October afternoon, and there was a man
playing the violin.
>> male speaker 1: My favorite
memory was being in the Panther marching band
and getting to play at the Chicago Bears
half-time show.
>> female speaker 3: My favorite memory
at EIU has been winning
the Miss Black and Gold scholarship pageant.
>> female speaker 4: My favorite memory
here at Eastern was when we played
football against Murray State and won by one
point in overtime.
>> female speaker5: My best memory
from Eastern is when
I joined ESA.
>> female speaker 6: I would say
mine is taking art class and meeting
Eve and Erin, and Eva and I have been friends since.
>> female speaker 7: I remember the
first day of class the
teacher telling us that if she knew our first and last name
by the time we turned in our first test she would give
us 15 bonus points.
So I remember thinking, 'Wow, that's really cool, she's still
going to learn all 50 of our names, and she really does want
to get to know us and have that personal connection even though
we are still in a larger class than normal.'
>> male speaker 2: There's a new
guy back there.
Are we recording?
I would have to say my favorite memory of Eastern is probably
right here in this bowling alley when I am working, me and my
co-workers, like to have dance parties.
>> male speaker 3: My favorite
memory at Eastern Illinois University
is when my parents came down to visit
on Parent's Weekend.
>> male speaker 4: My favorite EIU
memory was when I was walking out
of class one day and I saw President Perry walking on
the quad greeting everybody and shaking other people's hands.
I never thought I would see the day when I saw the president of
a college coming around and making sure you were ok.
He got on a personal level with everybody, that was
my favorite EIU memory.
>> Omar Solomon: I was really
big in athletics here, so I
really enjoy going to all the Panther athletic events.
So being able to cheer and host Yell Like Hell, different pep
rallies on campus just to really instill that spirit into the
campus, those are probably some of my best memories here at
Eastern, and I still do it to this day, so I guess
you could say I'm living the dream.
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