Android 2.2 Official Video

Uploaded by androiddevelopers on 19.05.2010

>> We are pleased to announce Android 2.2. There are four areas we'd like to highlight
in this video. We're working to continue improving overall speed and performance on Android.
In Android 2.2, the newly introduced Dalvik JIT Compiler delivers a two to five X performance
boost to CPU-bound code compared to Android 2.1. In this demo version of the game Replica
Island, the screen turns red when the CPU is unable to keep the game simulation thread
above 30 frames per second. Here, the Android 2.2 device with JIT maintains a game simulation
frame rate above 35, while the 2.1 device quickly goes below 30. Developers can use
Android Cloud to Device Messaging to easily enable alerts, send to phone, and two-way
sync functionality for their Apps. With this API, an App server can send authenticated
messages to the Google server, which would push the message to the App on a user's device.
In this example, a developer has used Android Cloud to Device Messaging to enable a URL
send to phone extension from the desktop browser that automatically opens the push page with
the appropriate App here at Google Maps. The App Backup API enables any App to have its
data backed up and then restored when installed on a new device. The feature is controlled
by users via the automatic restore setting on their device. With Android 2.2, developers
can specify whether they want their App installed on a device's SD card. For Apps residing on
the SD card, users can move the App from the SD card to internal storage and back from
the manage application settings. Android 2.2 introduces the ability to use ones phone as
a portable hotspot. Users can activate portable hotspot on their phone then connect their
computer to the portable hotspot to get internet access. We're continuing to make the browser
better and faster. Android 2.2 introduces the V8 JavaScript engine which provides a
two to three X improvement in JavaScript rendering times compared to Android 2.1. You can see
the difference in the side-by-side visualizations of the respective SunSpider JavaScript benchmarking
test results.
We're introducing several new features to Android market. Users can choose to let an
App auto-update as long as permissions remain unchanged. Users can also update all Apps
with unchanged permissions with a single click. Application Error Reports will provide to
developers App crash and freeze reports submitted by users. These reports will be available
to developers through their Android Market publisher account. To learn more about Android
2.2, please go to our website,