16 Revelation of Truth - The alien (UFO) deception (Part 1)

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Chapter 16 The Alien Deception (part 1)
Unidentified flying objects (UFO)
have been appearing in earth skies for thousands of years
Depictions of flying saucers
and what seems to be some kind of ancient spacecraft
go back to some earliest cave paintings that we know off
Scientists date these cave paintings back to 20-30.000 BC
and these cave paintings are in Russia, China
Africa, South America and other areas
Halfway around the world in 329 BC
The Greek ruler Alexander the Great planned the invasion of India
but according to ancient texts
his army was supposedly thwarted by a strange attack from the skies
The fact is there have been so many descriptions by various Chroniclers
talking about a strange cloud in the sky that glowed red
Columbus in his first voyage
he noted in the log, a glowing object rise out of the water
and head off into the atmosphere...
April 14th, 1561
at dawn the citizens of Nuremberg
awake to what it was described in a local news flyer
as a very frightful spectacle
Various strange objects were spotted in the sky
Engaged in what appeared to be an aerial battle
The Zurich central library to this day retains a copy
not only of the famous woodcut
that shows the 1561 sighting over Nuremberg
but also a 1566 woodcut showing a sighting from that year
that was quite similar in Switzerland
UFO's In Our Age
The images that you are seeing like this one STS 27 (NASA)
by shuttle Endeavor
well all these images are broadcast by NASA
on their own satellites
Sometimes they change direction
like this one which is very interesting
you can see it's rotating
as some kind of apprentices or something
Every sighting where these objects appear
shows different features...
This was videotaped by the police in Slovakia
It's interesting because
now the "UFO fleet" phenomenon
is all around the world...
You know this sighting...
we are very disconcerted by this "thing" in the sky
What is this?
We don't know how to call it
Just watch carefully and it's morphing itself... what it can be?
These are the kind of sightings that we are having now in Mexico
There is a legend
Quetzalcoatl is the "divine serpent"
The serpent that can fly
The bird serpent, the colorful serpent
Is that a legend? Or has some reality behind...
The first one is from 2007 and I present this
because you can clearly see, how this "thing"
whatever it is changes colors...
this is the same object but now has different colors
This is from November 8th 2009
this video it is interesting, we can see a small orb
you can see the movements of the objects
or "organisms", or what ever "they are"
Again we have a fleet after the presence of the object
like it releases all these spheres
The legend says that
Quetzalcoatl the "divine serpent"
would come back to claim "its Kingdom"
and that would happen before the "end of times"
the beginning of a new era
again we are close to 2012
and it's amazing how these sightings have increased
Nature of UFO's
Scholars with no religious affiliation
who have look into this topic of UFOs and E T's
for several decades have come to very interesting conclusions
Jacques Vallee a venture capitalist, computer scientist
author, ufologist and former astronomer
who helped build the precursor to what we know as the Internet
has studied the UFO phenomenon for over 3 decades
After looking into the relationships between
UFOs, cults, religious movements, demons,
angels, ghosts and psychic phenomena
Vallee changed his proposed hypothesis
from the UFO phenomenon being of extraterrestrial origin
in other words, crafts and beings from another planet or a faraway galaxy
to a multidimensional visitation hypothesis or inter dimensional
In his book "messengers of deception"
Vallee states
"Human beings are under the control
of a strange force that bends them in absurd ways
forcing them to play a role in a bizarre game of deception"
Later in the same book he states...
"The UFO phenomenon represents a manifestation of a reality
that transcends our current understanding of physics...
The UFOs are physical manifestations that cannot be understood
apart for their psychic and symbolic reality
What we see in in effect here is not an alien invasion
It is a control system which acts on humans and uses humans"
The chief adviser to Queen Elizabeth the 1st
Sir John Dee
He was a cabalistic black magician
he had gone to the continent
and learned from the top Jewish Cabalist black magic
and he was the chief adviser in the British Empire
and he created enochian magic and the enochian language
which the illuminati who are hiding
behind the Jehovah witness headquarters
they use enochian rituals
Sir John Dee conjured up demons or "angels" with this black magic
The "beings" that he conjured up
there where pictures drawn of them
and they looked identical to what we call "gray aliens"
I visit debriefing people that came out of the illuminati
and this different type of aliens
are participating in illuminati rituals
alright guys... just listen up here
This guy says the Old Testament written in Hebrew
taught him how to summon UFOs
He says that he can do that on command
and he adds, he's been doing this for 25 years
keeping it secret until now
These beings are here they are sitting right up there
We met with prophet Yahweh, sheer of Yahweh in a little park
we pick the day, we pick the time and we pick the location
when the prophet started "praying" for a sighting
I wasn't exactly convinced...
I pray O Yahweh that you sent a sighting
so that they know that I am not mentally ill
I am not a false prophet
by those who seek to kill me say I am
I think it's something straight up...
You can barely see it, a white speck
then another sighting
Our photojournalist locks on it
let's take a closer look here
its an orange sphere that appear out of nowhere
I called the boss with an unexpected change in my story
Question: can you tell us about UFOs?
My sister before my wife came around
used to be leader of the state of Ohio
the high priestess (of satan) there of the whole state
and her little pastime was calling up
supposedly filling the sky with UFOs
and watch everybody's excitement...
And some of the most outstanding sightings
in the early 70s in Ohio
and she used to laugh about it
because she be standing in a circle
out in the field somewhere calling up demons...
and that's all they were, "angels of light"
playing games in the sky
remember a demon, they are fallen angels, an unclean spirit
they can't assume any form or go into anything
UFO "Abductions"
The deeper side to this phenomenon are the abduction accounts
recorded by millions of people, all over the world
regardless of time, race, culture and upbringing
Dr. John Mack professor at Harvard medical school
a psychiatrist and writer
also look into the UFO and abduction phenomenon
for several decades
and came to similar conclusions as Vallee and Hynek
It used to be the cases
they come from some other domain
not an other star, maybe from another dimension
but they manifest, they show up here in our physical world
What's going on here is something in some ways more subtle
In other words, something is coming from another dimension into our world
which is very commonly experienced in other cultures but not in this culture
There is another angle to this phenomenon
that is seldom discussed but is very important to point out
That is the solution, to help stop
those who experience the alien abduction phenomenon
Joe Jordan director and field investigator for MUFON
through his investigation at CE4 research group
has discovered that calling upon the name of Jesus Christ
during the abduction
can make the experience stop instantly
The terms Alien Abduction or the Abduction Phenomenon describe
"Subjectively real memories of being taken secretly
and/or against one's will
by apparently nonhuman entities
and subjected to complex physical and psychological procedures
What I am going to share with you today
is some of the most powerful evidence
In the UFO community
About what these experience is about and the entities behind them...
we have shared this over the years
and, we always get a lot of flack, for what I am about to share
MUFON is the is the largest
scientific based organization in the world to day
There is over 5000 members of investigators, consultants
we have a lot of tools as MUFON investigators
to be able to follow up on reports, and do the investigations
And looking at the people coming to our meetings
we were hearing stories from people who were saying they were
Abductees or contactees
and we started listening to them
They were saying, they have been in contact
with these entities, that are behind the UFO sightings
and I want to give you a little idea of
what the abduction experience is about
and one of the best example of this...
was written by, the late Dr. Carla Turner
who was actually an experiencer herself
and she put together a really good piece
to take you through, and show you exactly
what these experiencers go through...
If "abduction" reports can be believed
and there is no reason to doubt the honesty of the reporters
The abduction phenomenon includes the following details
Aliens can alter our perception of our surroundings
Aliens can control what "we think" "we see"
They can appear to us, in any number of guises and shapes
Aliens can take us "our consciousness"
out of our physical bodies,
disable our control of our bodies,
install one of their own entities,
and use our bodies as "vehicles" for their own activities
before returning our consciousness to our bodies
Aliens can be present with us in an invisible state
and can make themselves only partially visible
Another thing that these people get in their messages
through the communication from these entities to the experiencers
They say they are the ones who have created us by using DNA
They will "guide us" in our next evolutionary step
Jesus, Moses, Buddha, Mohammed and other religious leaders
"were really them"
That the Earth is actually a living organism
They teach that the Earth will be destroyed
if they can not change mankind...
They teach that they are more advanced both technologically
and spiritually...
They teach that they are corporeal beings
and that they reside in other star systems
They teach they are our "benefactors"
My website CE4Research.com
I've got over 75 of the testimonies
Up on there, as evidence for you free to go see and read
what these people have been through
Read that they have been set free
by the name and authority of Jesus Christ from this experience