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Prakash, where's father?
He's gone to the hospital
He's gone already? What's the time?
It's 7.
So early.
Hmm. Siddharth, this is Angina.
It's not healthy.
Dr.Nayan Shah, you said the exactly the same thing..
... the last time you saw my cardiogram.
We'll do your stress test tomorrow and I want you to undergo...
Not now.
We'll do everything , but not now.
But Siddharth. I don't want anyone at all to know..
..about my disease.
Not even my son.
But the treatment...
I can be treated anytime. But this hospital needs treatment before me
This hospital needs a lot of aid and loans.
Do you think they'd give the loan when they find..
..out the person who has built and runs the hospital... a heart patient himself.
That doesn't mean... - Nayan
Every department in the hospital needs better equipment.
Be it the neurosurgery department, gynecology department..
...or oncology department.
Cardiac, Siddharth, cardiac.
Do you have any idea how important a Cath lab is for..
...the my cardiology department?
Now the heart-doctor it talking about the matter of the heart.
First we should sort other problems out..
...and then think about other problems.
We don't need to upgrade the pediatric
...the oncology department immediately.
Do the CT-scan and send me...
Hello, sir.
Lung cancer. Brought in at the last stage.
Passed away at 6.
What do you feel like when you see a dead body?
No, tell me. You must be feeling something right?
Sir..Doctors have to see these things every day.
So we get used to it.
I haven't got used to it.
And I've been a doctor longer than you
I feel like I've lost another battle when I see a dead body.
Doctors die of diseases, Vinod.
Disease is the enemy.
Look, the enemy won.
Do you not feel bad losing?
Being a doctor is a responsibility.
And you should be aware of that responsibility at all times.
This is the time bomb. Can you see it?
Sir, it's a big clot.
It's big, but it's not deep. It's on the surface.
Are you really leaving?
Why not if I'm getting a scholarship from the John Hopkins institute?
Did you see yesterday's one-day?
Sachin Tendulkar is such a great player.
He's tiger.
Siddharth, I hope our loan gets passed in today's meeting.
Jamil Ahmed, I built this hospital years ago.
Doesn't matter how, but we've achieved this much.
We've so many things planned for this hospital.
But it feels like climbing the Everest.
The road gets tougher the higher we climb.
Siddharth, we're all with you.
And your son is with you too.
He's a fine doctor. He'll achieve what we haven't..
...been able to achieve.
Yes, I hope so too.
Father - How was your day?
I had to undertake two operations today. One in the evening..
..another in the afternoon.
How did they go
Father, Verma's leaving. Who's going to take his...
I've arranged for it.
I've to perform a complicated operation the day after tomorrow..
.. and I'm going to be accompanied by a new anesthetist.
I'm under a lot of pressure.
Nervousness increases a person's productivity.
A little tension is a good thing.
But what's the cure for the problem after the work is done?
Do you not play your Saxophone anymore?
Akash you...
Good morning Dr.Phatak
I'm a very bad mood this morning.
Why? What's the matter?
A woman, who called herself some MLA's relative, had come.
She was pregnant and wanted to know the sex of her child.
She was okay if it was a boy, but if it's a girl...
Did she not know it's crime...
I wanted to call the police, but then I told her to.. meet Dr.Sinha.
Why did you send her there? He'll shoot here.
I don't care. She must be sitting in his office right now.
Look, I can't fix an appointment with Dr.Sinha for you.
We don't conduct these kinds of tests.
Have a seat. I'll call Dr.Sinha in a minute.
You want to meet Dr.Sinha?
You don't look at all...what should I say?
Can I ask you the reason why you chose this hospital and not..
..any other?
Lot of people told me this is the right hospital for you.
I've heard a some good things about you and this hospital.
That means you believed everything that was told to you.
Mrs.. - Not Mrs... Ms.
And we've to put up with this too?
So you are single?
Do you hire only married people?
No. Not necessary at all.
Forget about marriage. You can do even without shame these days.
You are shameless too, right?
What do you mean?
What do you mean?
I mean you are not married And you are pregnant.
But why should I care? It's your life!
Do you know trying to find out your child's sex before..'s born is a punishable crime?
And I can send you to a mental hospital.
I want to know who you are!
I am Dr.Akash Sinha. And you?
Neha! Dr.Neha Mathur
Are you really a doctor?
Yes. I am an anesthetist. And not you think I am.
I'm sorry. I think there's been some misunderstanding between us.
You are the only one who misunderstood
You can say that.
This is Akash Sinha. He's a neurosurgeon.
Akash, Neha Mathur will be a member of your surgical... instead of Dr.Verma.
Okay, Sir.
You can join from tomorrow.
You can talk to Jameel Ahmed- the join director here- for rest...
..of the details
I was in the ward just now and you weren't there.
Do you know you weren't there?
You weren't there because you were here!
Can you tell me where Dr.Jameel Ahmed's office is?
Why not? I've been working here for a long time. I know everything...
..the office of Dr. Sinha and Dr.Desai. Where Dr.Harsha sits.
Sanju, she only wants to know where Dr.Ahmed's office is.
Did you not hear what she said?
I did. But why do you want to meet Dr.Ahmed?
Are you a patient?
or just a visitor?
I'm a doctor- Dr.Neha Mathur.
I'm Sanjay Arya. And this is my friend Diya Mirchanda.
Now you take the first left. And go straight and turn right.
Then straight, take a left again.
You'll end up here again. Actually you don't need to do all these things.
Dr. Ahmed's office is right ahead.
No bowler is effective against Dravid once he's settled on the crease.
This is Sunil Kapadia, assistant surgeon.
Sir, we're going to make 300 or 400.
If another wicket doesn't fall.
Dr.Mathur, have you been watching the match?
I don't watch Cricket.
Hello Mr.Walia. I'm doctor Neha Mathur.
I'm your anesthetist.
I'll be giving you be an injection.
You'll be fast asleep in 10 seconds.
And you'll wake up in your room.
You won't even realize you've been operated upon.
Dr.Mathur, there's excessive bleeding.
I've started administering Nitro prusside.
B.P should be under control within 10 minutes.
Dr.Mathur, please, what are you doing?
There's some much bleeding that I can't even see the tumor clearly.
What will I remove?
I'm trying to reduce the blood-pressure, but he's hyper-tensive.
The blood's boiling.
The brain is tense, Dr Mathur!
Oxygen Saturation is 100%. The amount of Co2 is also low.
It shouldn't be tense.
Am I lying?
How can I operate when there's so much oozing?
And this is vascular tumor.
Blood pressure 90..
Should I stop the operation then?
I've completed the suction process. There shouldn't be any problem now.
But what matters is that the operation was successful.
It was tense in there.
Dr.Mathur, do you have any idea what problem I had.. face because of you today?
Dr.Sinha, I was going to talk to you about..
Is there anything to talk about.
I don't think you've seen a neurosurgery before.
You must have administered anaesthesia only for minor wounds before.
Neurosurgery is not your cup of tea.
It was your responsibility to control the BP during the operation.
But you couldn't do it.
There was so much bleeding that I couldn't even reach the tumor.
That was a brain we were operating on Dr.Mathur.
Even a minor mistake would have paralyzed anyone.
Or make them lose their memory or blind them
Who gave you the degree?
How can we work together when you don't know how to do your job!
Dr.Akash Sinha, you've said what you wanted to say.
Now, listen to what I have to say.
This was a case of hypertension. And he had a heart problem too.
And still I managed to get the BP down to 90.
I had given 150 mixes, but still...
You could have given 200 mixes.
Why was the blood pressure at 90? You could have brought it to 80!
No I couldn't! No Anaesthetist in the world would have been able to do that.
Patient was in a serious condition. He could have
..had a cardiac arrest if his blood pressure was lower than that!
He would have died on the spot!
I know my job very well.
Doesn't matter if you want to work with me or not.
Dr.Mathur, you were right. More Nitro Prusside..
...would have been fatal for the patient.
It was my fault as well. I should have talked to you about his..
....cardiac state before the operation began.
Anyway, important thing is that the operation was..
...successful and our patient is doing well.
Dr.Mathur, from now on we should discuss all..
...these things before the operation.
It's better that way.
Am I still in your team?
Only if you are ready to work with a irascible and impatient doctor
Does it look like these two had a big argument yesterday?
You're right. I thought they won't talk to each other again.
These two have just started..
I've called you people because.. We had prepared a project report..
....of this hospital two years ago. But there's been tremendous..
...development in the medical profession in these two years.
And now we need new things too.
I want you to go through his report..
If you people want to add something to this report.. can send the details to Dr.Ahmed.
Do you people have something to say?
Sir, we think the people who you are giving the report to..
...are not even doctors. - So what?
So we suggest that the report be written
in language any lay-man would understand.
You are suggesting that would be a better way to present it?
Yes - That's possible.
Do you two think you could do something about it.
We can try, sir.
Dr.Sinha's enthusiasm for the hospital rubs off on everyone, doesn't it?
Yes, he think about this hospital even in his sleep.
He had one only two things in his life:
Made this hospital more efficient and raise me.
He never did anything for himself.
Didn't even marry.
He didn't. So you....
I'm his son...but adopted.
A long time ago, a family died in a train accident.
All that remained of the family was a badly bruised pregnant woman
Even she died after giving birth to a child in the hospital.
The child was about to be handed-over to..
...the orphanage, but a young doctor in the hospital developed..
.. a liking for the baby.
He decided he would take care of the boy from now on.
That decision by him changed my life.
Dr.Mathur, looks like my story made you emotional.
Tears don't suit a doctor's eyes.
Dr.Mathur. - You can call me Neha.
I'll call you Neha only on the condition that you'd call me Akash.
From tomorrow, we'll start working on the project we've taken..
...the responsibility of after the operations.
Dr.Mathur, have you ever been to Maris road? - No
A new restaurant has opened up on the Maris road- Spice route
The food there is great. And the place looks good too.
I was thinking of inviting your for lunch
Good food, great atmosphere. Plus...'ll have my company. if you are free..
Dr.Arya, I think you know that I can't come..
..since I've an operation in the afternoon.
Is that why you're inviting me?
Operation was done smoothly today.
Yeah, it would have taken some time but was over quickly
Your tea is here.
And check with Dr.Ahmed if there are one or two operations... be done on Monday and Tuesday.
I'm leaving.
Last night I saw India-West Indies cricket match.
Did you see Sachin bat?
Did you see the match that just took place?
Akash! - Were you sleeping?
Were you reading something?
No - You must have been thinking then?
Yes, something special
A special person?
Can I ask who are you thinking about at 11:02 PM?
Should I tell.
Yes, please do.
I was thinking about you.
Really? What?
I was thinking about the things that you told me.
I was thinking about you too. I was thinking.. come you haven't told me anything about you yet.
I'll tell you when I meet you.
then why don't we meet right now.
Right now? At this time of the night?
Yes, I’m not too far away from you.
Where are you?
Right in front of your house.
Today's the full-moon night.
Let's go on a drive.
No. - Why?
Do you not like the stars?
It's not that.
Then do you not go out without your mother's permission?
It's not that too.
then what is it?
I've not wearing any footwear.
"I don't know what this feeling is"
"It's like losing the heart"
"I'm awake, but I'm asleep too"
"Why does everything look new?"
"The sky looks new, so does the land"
"The entire world looks new to me"
"I don't know what this feeling is"
"It's like losing the heart"
"I'm awake, but I'm asleep too"
"Why does everything look new?"
"The sky looks new, so does the land"
"The entire world looks new to me"
"The entire world looks new to me"
"The light is imbibed with a sweet fragrance"
"The air looks multi-coloured"
"Why do I see and feel things the way I do?"
"The flowers sing a song"
"Which is carried on waves of the air"
"Why do I see and feel things the way I do?"
"Our dreams illuminate our path"
"We don't know where we are"
"We've found the valley of dreams here"
"Why does everything look new?"
"The sky looks new, so does the land"
"The entire world looks new to me"
"I don't know what this feeling is"
"It's like losing the heart"
"I'm awake, but I'm asleep too"
Hey you two.
Akash, lucky me that you came.
There's something wrong with the engine of this car.
Something wrong huh?
yes, that's right. Something does seem wrong.
Anyways, there is something wrong with the engine..
....but what are you guys doing here?
Me..Neha..Dr.Mathur.. To show her the waterfall.
Yes, that's right. There's a waterfall nearby.
So this duo of doctors had gone to check on a waterfall?
Does it need to be operated upon?
No. It's really a beautiful waterfall. You must have seen it
It's been years since I've seen a waterfall.
What's nice about it? Isn't it just water falling from a height?
Where else would it go?
You young people find everything beautiful.
Isn't that right, Dr.Mathur?
Akash, you must have brought your car, yeah?
Or did you row here in boat?
Yes, I did bring my car.
Let's leave my car here. A mechanic will have to deal with it.
I'll come with you guys.
Sure, I'll bring the car.
Go right ahead.
This is indeed a nice place. I should visit it again.
Father, you should buy a new car.
There's no need.
Father, should we drop Dr.Mathur.
How can we drop Dr.Mathur. She's a good doctor and friend.
I meant to say should we drop her to her house.
Ah, that. Sure.
By the way, who else lives with you, Dr.Mathur?
Just me and my mother.
The same in Akash's house.
Just he and his father.
Parents are strange creatures, aren't they?
First they are worried about the kids' education..
..then they are worried if they'll get a good job or not...
..then they worry about the kids' marriage.
I worry about Akash all the time.
Does your mother worry about you too?
No, she doesn't
Ah, okay.
Some parents don t have to worry about anything.
All they have to do is fix a date and book a hall for marriage.
This is my complaint..
What is?
You didn't tell me that you've found yourself a girl.
Your complaint is justified.
But even you haven't told me a lot of things.
What are those? You can ask anything you want.
Should I?
Whose picture is it in the drawer?
That? This one?
I'm sorry if it's..
It's okay. I don't want to hide anything from you.
Her name was Kalpana.
I met her when I had just become a doctor.
I don't know what she saw in me.
But I had never seen a girl like her, and never have.
We had become very close to one another.
Our relationship was very strong.
But it couldn't develop it something more.
Kalpana's father was very rich and influential man.
I couldn't accept the conditions he put in front of me.
And Kalpana didn't want to go against the wishes of her father.
An then she got married.
But she got married to a very nice man.
She's been in London for a long time now.
Her kids have grown up. Her daughter is married.
She's happy.
Why didn't you re-marry? Why did you stay alone all your life?
I wasn't alone all my life. You've been with me.
Akash, listen here. R.K.Jaitley has called again. There's a feast at..
...his house tomorrow afternoon.
I won't be able to go. But you should.
I don't want to..
The man donates to the hospital and it would.. bad-manners to not go.
...I don't know him.
No, he left me
Mrs. Jailed, who's the one talking to your husband?
Akash, your glass is empty - No..please.
Are you Dr. Akash Sinha?
Do you do operations?
It's one and the same thing.
What exactly do you do during the surgery?
Assume this is someone's head and this is knife
And that's the brain! There's blood all over!
There'll be some blood during an operation. But.
... not so much as other operations. A brain surgery.. a very clean process.
Tell me, can you see a person's dreams, desires, thoughts...
...and the schemes he's planning during the surgery?
No, we can't.
Dr.Sinha. I've never seen a operation theatre.
And I hope you don't have to.
Either doctors or patients have to enter an operation theatre.
You are not a doctor and I wish you'd never have to be a patient.
Do you hear that music?
That's Johann Strauss' 'voices of spring'
So you know about music too.
A little bit.
Can you dance? A little bit?
Yes. But I've never danced with a girl whose name I don't know.
Full name: Soni Kapoor Born: East Africa.
I grew up in London. I haven't been her for too long
My father is setting up some industries here.
He's a big businessman. His name is Gulshan Kapoor
Gulshan Kapoor. I've read his name somewhere.
Must have. He is one of the ten richest Indians in the world.
He's tycoon, you know.
And me...I'm a spoilt brat.
Yeah, I can see.
Not spoilt...but you do look a little..different.
There are a lot of people here, it's crowded, it's warm..
..let's go
His heart stopped beating and he died?
And then massaged his heart and he was alive again.
He's alive and well now.
He is alive because you never gave up hope during the 8 hours.
I'm the same way. I never give up.
Very pleased to meet you.
Same here. But I better get going now.
Why? Why are you in a hurry?
You rich kids can wake up anytime. But we have to wake up early.
Early? Chee!
How early is that? - 5:30-6 AM
I go jogging.
Oh, you go jogging every morning, right?
Hold this.
Let's go running right now.
Let's see who wins.
We won't run too far. This is the line.
Sonia, I'm not going to race. Here are your sandals.
Why Akash? Why aren't you going to race?
What are you doing, Sonia? It's madness!
Akash, it's important to go crazy once in a while.
Sonia, there's a Dr.Joshi here, who will be performing...
...a minor operation on you.
Is he going to amputate my leg?
No. It's a small operation
Raunak, anesthetist..
I've called Dr.Mathur.
There she is.
Akash, what are you doing here?
I.... - Sir brought in a new patient.
Neha, this is Sonia. Sonia, this is Dr.Neha Mathur.
Can you call someone from your family to sign this form?
Dad's not here.
Why don't you sign yourself?
No, I can't
Why don't you sign yourself?
There it is. I've signed it.
Akash, you'll be with me during the operation, won't you?
Don't worry. I will be with you.
And she too.
Akash, I don't have any problems with the operation
But is this injection necessary?
Sonia you won't feel a thing after you've..
..been given this anaesthesia injection.
Please, don't let go of my hand.
Where were you running to? And how did you fall?
Can you please turn?
We were running.
Actually..what happened was.. I'll tell you later.
Is this hospital okay? Is it upto the standard?
Sir, this is the only good people in Chandipur.
Building doesn't look too good.
All over the world, 50,000 people work in his factories.
My dad's life should be turned into a film, shouldn't it?
How did it happen?
Is it aching?
It'll be alright soon.
Dad, this is doctor...
Akash Sinha.
Doctor, has my daughter's leg been joined the way it's supposed to be.
I didn't perform the operation.
Didn't you say he's a doctor?
He might have operated upon me if I had fallen upon my head.
he was the one who brought me to the hospital.
You are embarrassing me. Anyone would have done the same thing...
No, Akash..
I haven't done anything special.
Can I...
I just wanted to know if...
..there'll be any operation on Saturday or not?
Because if there isn't, I should join Dr.Joshi.
Yes, there is an operation for sure.
Tell Dr.Joshi there's an operation.
I had to come because your mobile was off.
Look, book two rooms for me.
I'm going to stay here as long as you're here
My PA is outside. You can talk to him.
I'm a doctor, not a booking clerk.
This is Dr.Neha Mathur
And this is a hospital, not a hotel where you can..
..hire rooms to stay overnight.
Can dad not even get two rooms to stay here?
She was right. Only patients get rooms here.
He doesn't know I can buy out this entire hospital.
I can stay in every room here.
My name is Gulshan Kapoor.
Dad, I know that. Calm down now.
I don't care who he is.
How did he dare ask me to book a room in the hospital!
Madam, why don't you try the dal?
How would he know who is who?
Why are you taking his side?
Innumerable people come to the hospital everyday.
Someone is bound to say something stupid sometime.
I can't tolerate it
And you also a good reason to want to tolerate it
And what might that be?
Don't make me say it.
What do you mean?
Say it plainly!
Why should I? I know that you know what I mean.
Sir, why don't you try the dal?
Why didn't you take some pickle?
I did see it, but didn't take it. I'll take it right now.
Is it okay if I take it from your plate?
I bet the pickle touched by you will taste great.
Dr.Sinha, you have a phone call
Sonia, tell me.
No, me. Listen to me.. Okay, I'm coming.
For you and me.
Look, Sonia. This hospital has certain rules and regulations.
Patient are not allowed to eat food with doctors.
Try to understand.
I do understand.
No problem. Throw it all out then.
What are you doing?
Today's my birthday and nobody remembers it.
I thought I’d celebrate it with you.
Today's your birthday?
Doesn't matter. I'm sorry, I was too excited.
You should be excited!
Firstly, very very happy returns of the day.
Secondly, it's okay if we break the rules and regulations..
...of the hospital for one day.
Let's go have lunch together.
Now I'm extremely happy!
You'll be happy for the entire year if you're happy on your birthday.
Sir, this is your mobile.
Did you return his mobile? - Yes, I did.
What was he doing?
He was eating Chinese with patient number 35.
Chinese - Yes.
I didn't ask what they were eating.
You can leave.
There's no better language than this to explain the needs...
..on this hospital to the lay-man.
You've prepared the report But this presentation will cost 10-15 crores.
Where are you going to get that much money from?
The government won't give us that much money
I've talked to Setalvad corporation about this
I'm not saying this to make you happy. But you..
...did an excellent job with the project report.
Thank you very much.
I appreciate the fact that you liked something I did.
I'd like something you did when you do it the right way.
And I was thinking you've lost taste..
..for everything except Chinese food.
Oh, so you've taken up detective work too
Wouldn't everyone in the hospital know about it if..
...a doctor starts eating Chinese food with a patient.
I don't much like Chinese food. Because you can't pick the pickle..
..from one plate and keep it on another.
Oh, so you notice everything.
I'm not making this up like you are. I'm telling you what I saw!
Were you not eating Chinese food with her?
Neha, she is a little crazy. She was getting a little emotional.
And it was her birthday.. So I thought
It was the poor girl's birthday.
Poor girl? Birthday?
Her birthday is not anytime soon!
Her birthday is on 17th March. And this is the October!
17th March. How do you know?
I've seen her admission form I know her age too.
How old did she tell you she was?
Why would I ask her her age?
how would I know?
Why did she lie to me?
She's mad about you!
What's the use?! I'd rather have you mad about me.
And why would I go crazy about you?
Because I'm mad about you.
Lies - Truth.
Really? - Really?
Do you believe me?
I do.
Akash, you don't know how you've changed me.
Can you say it a little loudly? I couldn't hear it.
"You have come into my life in such a pleasant way"
"Bringing an unforgettable song along with you"
"You have come into my life in such a pleasant way"
"Bringing an unforgettable song along with you"
"My heart tells me you are the one"
"In a song which never leaves my lips"
"You have come into my life in such a pleasant way"
"Bringing an unforgettable song along with you"
"My life is filled with laughter and happiness"
"Since you came into it"
"My evenings are now suffused with colours"
"A new kind of splendour"
"Believe the message of the night"
"and listen to what the air hums"
"In my life.."
"You have come into my life in such a pleasant way"
"Bringing an unforgettable song along with you"
"I never believed dreams could come true"
"Before you came into my life"
"My life took a completely new turn"
"After you came into it'
"I want to live again and again'
"The moment I met you"
"In my life"
"You have come into my life in such a pleasant way"
"Bringing an unforgettable song along with you"
How are you?
You don't even have the time to ask me how I am.
When is the plaster going to be taken off?
Tomorrow. And I'm going home tomorrow.
But we are going to continue meeting, aren't we?
Why not?
You are not lying, are you?
I always tell the truth.
But why did you lie to me?
About what?
About your birthday.
That..just to spend some time with you.
Sonia, you still are an obstinate, little girl.
Exactly. I want everything that my heart desires. Every wish..
What's your biggest wish?
What if a genie appears before you and..
..tells you he will fulfill your favourite wish.
What would I say...
I'll ask him to make this hospital as my father wants it to be.
No wish of mine is bigger than that!
Sonia, you wanted to meet me?
How's your foot? Does it still ache?
No, not at all.
Okay. Tell me..
Sir, it's Mr.Saxena.
Yes, say what you wanted to say.
Dad, remember when I was eight and we were in London...
..and I wanted a barbie-doll from the toy-shop.
And everyone said it was Sunday and the shop's closed.
And I said I wanted the doll that day itself and at the very moment
Today and right now!
I don't know how you managed to get hold of the toy-shop's owner.
But that Englishman wasn't ready to open the shop.
I've no idea how big a cheque you gave to him.
But you got the barbie-doll.
You remember everything.
Now I've understood!
Dr.Akash Sinha..
Does he love you too?
I don't know.
Do you want to marry him?
But I think he loves someone..
Is he mad?
You are Sonia Kapoor, Gulshan kapoor's daughter.
Jameel Ahmed, I've come here because you asked for me.
I think this Gulshan Kapoor will do something for our hospital.
He was saying so atleast.
Such a busy doctor found time to visit my place.
Come in.
Please have a seat.
What would you like to drink?
Doctor Ahmed told me that you'd...
I've heard you want to make your hospital bigger and better.
And you've been talking to the ministry of health of 3-4 years.
And lately you've submitted a project-report
to Setalvad finance corporation, right?
There are some people who have a lot of respect for you.. the Setalvad finance company which passes the loan.
But there are some people who are against you too.
They say it's not good business sense to give crores of..
...rupees to a hospital.
No one can say for sure of your loan will be passed or not.
It looks a bit difficult.
Are you listening?
I am.
But I don't understand why you are..
..interested in the financial affairs of this hospital.
You want 12-15 crores. And I can give that to you.
Not as loan, but as donation.
If I'm doing something for you, it's obvious that would want to do..
...something for me in return.
What can I do for you?
How did your meeting with Mr.Gulshan Kapoor go today?
But Sonia was telling me that he is very impressed with our hospital.
And that he is also ready to fund.
But she did say that to me.
That's not going to happen. Drop it
Father, I've never heard disappointment in your voice before.
No, it's not that.
I'm tired.
Dr. Siddharth Sinha, you once told me the cure for exhaustion: Music.
Uncle, is the car not working?
Yes, son
Can I be of any help?
Sister? Are you..
Son? Don't be afraid. I'll take you to the hospital.
Get the stretcher. Hurry!
Take him to the emergency theatre
he had bled a lot.
The kid...did you take the kid to the emergency?
Father, I'm here
His lung shouldn't collapse!
Lay down!
Siddhartha, where were you?
Dad, I want to be a doctor like you.
And your son, Akash, is with you too.
Dad, can I read this book?
Why are you going to Chandipur?
You'll have to agree with a condition if you want to marry Kalpana.
You know that the your lease will expire soon, don't you?
You are tired, father.
Where will you get the treatment?
Akash - Yes, father
Father! - De-fab. De-fab
Akash, why are you sitting in the dark?
I found some old letters. And now I know..
...why he didn't marry the girl he loved many years ago
The girl's father had set the condition that the..
...child wouldn't stay with with her and that he should be.. sent to an orphanage.
Neha, my dad decided to renounce his love instead..
...of renouncing his son.
He didn't renounce me
Akash - My father had a very big heart..
..that he never made me feel like I owed something... him. And what did I do for him in return? Nothing.
This is his dream and you'll have realize it, Akash.
Hello, yeah speaking.
Dr.Ahmed, I've some bad news.
Setalvad finance corp. has refused to give us the loan.
Akash, I've even worse news than that.
Siddharth had leased this land thirty years ago.
And the lease is going to expire in six months.
This is the notice.
If we don't renew the lease...
But how will we do it?? From where will we procure that much money?
What do you mean?
I mean there's a chance that
this hospital might close down in six months.
There must be some way out of this.
Gulshan Kapoor has offered to give us some money.
Why shouldn't we accept it?
Do you not know? - No
Gulshan Kapoor was ready to give us everything, provided...
....his daughter is married off with you.
And do you know what Siddharth said?
He said my son is not for sale.
Every dream that my father had for this hospital will be realized.
We both want it. But the road is only going to get..
...tougher from here.
Akash, this hospital is not just a job for me.
It's also a part of my life.
What's bothering you?
I don't know how to say this..
....not do I know how you'd react.
Akash, tell me what this is about.
Neha, I'm marrying Sonia.
Mr.Tiwari, order every equipment that is required.
Mr.Kapoor has already told us to order..
..the required equipment within one month
Sir, this is a legal formality.
Dr.Ahmed said the power of attorney is with you.
yes, but what is written in this?
Sir, you are going to be provided equipment..
...worth 12-15 crores. This says the equipment will belong to...
...Mr.Gulshan Kapoor for seven years and after..
Tranferred to the hospital's name after 7 years, right?
Gulshan sir has bought a 99 years' lease for you.
So you wouldn't have to face any problems in the future.
Can we possibly face any problems when a businessman like...
...Mr.Gulshan Kapoor is on our side.
This is nothing but a legal formality.
All this needs to be done in corporate system.
You are right.
We do have to do these things
My god. There are so many corridors in this hospital.
I've brought something for you.
This is my wedding- invitation
Don't assume that I'm inviting to all and sundry.
These invitation are only for special people..
..who are Akash's friends- Sanjay, Dr.Ahmed and you.
I thought I should invite you people personally.
Congratulations. But I think I won't be able to make it.
You won't come?
That shouldn't happen.
Look, Neha, I hate emotional stuff.
But I have to say this, you people..
who are Akash's colleague, are his family now. If you won't come...
...who will? I'm going to tell Akash that the marriage..
..will take place only when you people have time.
Listen, Neha, you'll have to come.
Okay, Sonia, I'll come.
Excuse me, I've to give the card to Sanju too.
This is Dr.Sanjay Arya.
Many important doctors have come today.
Which specialist are you - Paediatric.
Mr.Kapoor, this is Dr.Neha Mathur.
Tiwari, take them inside and look after them.
Hello, Dr.Jaitley welcome
Why are you calling me a doctor?
There are so many doctors around that I've started calling..
..everyone a doctor.
First you two will sign. Then two witnesses from both sides..
...will testify. But first, sign here.
Jaitley you will testify.. - And I will suggest another name.
Dr.Neha Mathur.'s a matter of respect.
"Life, tell me why has this happened?"
"Why have I lost my happiness? Who has cursed me?"
"Life, tell me why has this happened?"
"Why have I lost my happiness? Who has cursed me?"
"Who do I answer?"
"Why is my heart sad?"
"I don't know why my dreams are shattered'
"Life, tell me why has this happened?"
"The days are dark, the nights darker"
"Eyes shed tears like rain"
"The days are dark, the nights darker"
"Eyes shed tears like rain"
"I've no clue why my heart deserves pain"
"Life, tell me why has this happened?"
I can't believe we're married.
You're happy?
Yes, Sonia. I'm very happy.
Mrs.Sinha is extremely happy if you are happy.
Akash, we're going to start anew life today.
And I don't want to hide anything from you...
..about my past.
I don't want you to get mad about things later.
I'm never going to feel that way.
I'm concerned only with your future and not your past.
But I do want to tell you.
There was someone in my class when I studying in London
He and know? Actually, we wanted to marry.
But later I realized...and so did Rahul..his name was Rahul.
We realized that we are very different from one another.
That's why we stopped meeting.
And now I don't even know his whereabouts.
Is that all?
Now forget about it.
What happened before our marriage is of no importance.
You must have had an affair or two too.
Look, I've bared my heart to you.
I never asked these things to you.
Okay, I won't ask.
I've told you things about me. Now it's your turn.
What do you want to know?
I think, you and Neha. Right? Tell me!
It's no more.
That means there was something between you two.
Akash, can I tell you something else?
I never knew a boy called Rahul.
You didn't. just said..
That was a lie.
And I made it up because I wanted to hear
about Neha and you from you.
It's no more! There is still something.
What are you saying?
Akash, this Neha Mathur cannot remain in your life!
Sonia, don't be silly. Neha is not a part of my life.
She is in the hospital.
She's a good doctor and the hospital needs her.
Hospital or you?
How many people are in the operation theatre..
...apart from you two. The patient is unconscious
He doesn't have a clue what is going on around him.
Don't say things which will reduce my respect for you.
You think you can scare me?
I was trying to make you understand, not scare you!
And you want me be a sweet girl and stay at home.
So you and Neha could have a darn good time in the hospital.
I'm not going to touch you unless you stop saying..
...these childish things.
Akash. - Father.
What have you done?
You have chosen this life to save the.., to make my dreams come true.
Now you know this path is full of thorns.
How far will you be able to go?
I will go as far the life takes me. Even the path.. had chosen was strewn with thorns.
It's not easy to think no more of your real love.
I know. But I'm trying.
Father, I will try to make this relationship work.
I won't cheat.
I just need the your strength and your blessings.
Those you'll always have with you.
I' m with you. Always.
What are you looking for?
I kept a yellow file somewhere around here yesterday.
I have kept it there. On the top
I'm leaving, mother.
Are you alright?
I'm perfectly fine. Why?
But you don't look too good to me.
You don't eat well these days. You should get your full.
..check-up done.
I'll take Dr.Desai's appointment, okay?
I was coming to meet you.
I wanted to talk to you.
Not here. We'll go somewhere. Sit, have a coffee..
...and then talk.
I wanted to talk to you about something important.
Neha, I know everything about you and Akash.
Akash, told me.
Akash clearly told me that that chapter is over now.
And now he doesn't even like to meet you.
But what can I do? We've to meet in hospital.
Akash, told it to me.
Why are you so quiet? Aren't you going to say anything?
I'm silent because I don't have anything to say .
Yes, I understand your position.
Any girl will feel the way you do if...
Neha, you shouldn't live here.
And it will be better for you and Akash too, right?
Yes, that too. But I can help you, Neha
My dad has many contacts. He can get you a job in America, England...
...Germany through his contacts.
And you will surely find a great guy for yourself.
If you need any help I'm here for you.
You want me to leave this city and this hospital..Why?
Yes, that's exactly what I want
I don't want you meddling between me and Akash
I'm ready to pay you anything for leaving this city.
I don't believe my ears.
I thought things like this happen only in movies.
You have no right to relate in any way with my husband.
The person I had a relationship with was not your husband.
And the person who is your husband now doesn't have..
...any kind of relationship with me.
Dr.Neha Mathur, you'll have to leave this hospital and this city.
Sonia, what's wrong?
What happened, Sonia?
Neha met me today.
What do you want to talk about, Akash?
Sonia told me about yesterday.
I know she had no right to talk to you that way.
She's very embarrassed and was crying all night.
She wants to apologize to you.
She realizes now that she misbehaved with you.
I..I request you to forgive her.
She is very embarrassed.
No, I'm the one who is embarrassed.
Okay, let's end this.
Can you please convey this to Sonia in person? She's here.
No need for that.
Neha, I don't know what took over now that..
I've forgot all about it. So should you.
Yes, Dr.Ahmed. I'll be there asap.
So have you forgiven me?
Yes, Sonia.
You forgave me?
Really? Who do you think you are?
I knew you'd tell what transpired between us to Akash.
So I decided to cut off that route for you.
I'm repulsed by the way you think.
You're repulsed by me?
One day this entire hospital will be repulsed by you.
You should be ashamed that your brain is saturated by....
...this much bile and poison.
Neha, you have every right to be mad at me.
But please forgive me.
What are you talking about?
I'll beg for your forgiveness if you want me to.
Sonia, what are you doing?
Neha, I never expected you to do this. Someone.. asking for your forgiveness and you're trying... embarrass that person.
No, Akash. She can say anything to me.
Sonia, no one has the right to say anything they want to you.
You are my wife, and everyone should be aware of it.
Neha, please try to forgive me if you can.
Neha, I had come to collect some blood reports and thought..
....I should say hi to since you are on the way.
I won't ask anything to you, nor do I want you to tell me
But I've learned something from these kids.
They are always happy, doesn't matter what disease they have.
Look at Dia. Who knows how long she'd live.
But still she keep smiling and laughing.
What are our sorrows compared to hers?
You are right.
Great! The other day you smiled and took my chewing gum.
Now you've taken my advice.
I'm getting confident day-by-day.
Lunch time is over. I think I should invite.. to dinner now.
What do you think?
This is my story: Mother and father are in Delhi.
I've a little sister, who is also a doctor in Chicago. And I'm here
I've a little family. Mother, father, sister and me.
I don't even a family, except my mother.
Consider my family your own.
I said this 50% jokingly and 50% seriously.
But now I think I should increase the percentage of seriousness.
And say this. - What's that?
Neha, it wouldn't be a bad idea if you and me get married.
But I see you're more inclined towards saying no.
So don't answer now, okay? Think about it.
Okay. I'll think about it and..
You guys sit here. We are sitting here.
Why don't we all sit together?
Do you two come here often?
I don't know about Neha, but I do.
Okay, Asparagus soup for me.
No. You won't like Asparagus soup.
Hey, listen, I'll order food for everyone.
Can you come here please.
Neha, tomorrow's operation is post-poned to Friday.
Okay. Dr.Joshi is going to perform an operation..
There won't be any discussions about hospital, operation and diseases.
Okay. Order the food.
There's nothing like spending a night with friends.
Food was great, wasn't it
Sanjay and Neha, we should do it once again.
You knew!
You knew! - Knew what?
That Neha is also going to come.
What nonsense.
You knew, You knew!
Sonia, you had made the dinner program, I didn't..
...even want to come.
Then why did you come? - Because you forced me.
Why should I keep quiet?
Anything special?
Dr Jameel Ahmed is not here. And you are on...
..the board of directors. So I thought..
If you want to resign... You are good doctor. You'll
...get a job anywhere you want.
Doctors go abroad for work these days.
I didn't resign to go abroad or earn more money.
Then why are you resigning?
You know.
Dr.Akash Sinha and Dr.Neha Mathur shouldn't be affected because..
....of the problems between Akash and Neha
But Neha and Dr.Mathur are the names of the same person.
If they were two different people then you wouldn't have had... sleep in the hospital last night.
That's my problem. You have nothing to do with it.
It has! That problem will persist until I'm here.
You're wife has the complex which...
I don't want to here anything about Sonia from you.
She is my wife!
No one can disgrace her in front of me, especially you!
I don't regret that it's not with me, but atleast you..'ve fallen in love with someone.
I'm glad you are keeping a promise.
I don't think you understand whose promises..
...I'm keeping.
Okay, maybe you going away is the right thing...
..For you and me.
Dr, patient number 15 has become unconscious.
Doctor, look what has happened!
You can't come in. Get away please
This is the tumor..
I've never seen a tumor like this.
Everything will be alright.
Neha, this operation might last 7-8 more hours.
Pulse is stopping, Akash!
I want some more time.
Sunil, I don't believe this is done.
This is done, Sunil.
Doctor.. - Operation was successful.
You don't need to worry.
Thank you, Doctor We're indebted to you.
It's unbelievable that the operation was successful.
It's like Pradhan died and came back to life again.
Neha, if ever a situation like this arises again.
Yes, if ever.
Don't you think that you shouldn't leave this hospital and the...
...surgical team?
Don't lie.
yes, right now, I think so.
So what should we do about your resignation letter?
Throw it away
I'll go home and sleep now.
You should do the same too.
I've more work. Not everyone is as lucky as you.
Where's Madame?
She has been at her house since yesterday.
Get me the telephone diary.
Forget it.
Should I serve food?
Not now.
No, father, I'm okay.
You gave someone a new life today.
But, father, it wouldn't have been possible without Neha.
You did a great thing by not letting her go.
And it would have been better if you were partners in life too.
But it didn't happen. And I regret it
I'm calling to say goodbye.
I'm not only leaving your life, but I'm also..
...leaving the world.
Sonia, where are you.
I'm at my home.
But don't bother to come.
Because I'll be dead by the time you come.
What kind of doctor are you? You don't even understand
... the difference between nail polish and blood.
What is this madness?
I just wanted to see if you really love me or not.
This is not the way to find out if someone loves you or not.
Oh, Akash, the way you came running and called.. name 'Sonia, Sonia' and the way you put..
....your arms around me, I understood that you do love me.
I'm really crazy to have doubted your love.
Okay, from now on, it's the end of arguments and start of friendship.
See how lovingly I welcome you from work from tomorrow.
The way I'm going to talk with you.
I'll make all your worries and problems disappear.
"The night is deep"
Something like that is going to happen from now on.
SO you don't think I could all that?
Wait, I'll show you. But you'll have to close your eyes first.
"My heart wants you for itself"
"Or else...understood?"
"My heart wants you for itself"
"Or else...understood?"
"I wish we could forever be one body two souls"
"Try to understand"
"My heart wants you for itself"
"Or else...understood?"
"My heart wants you for itself"
"Or else...understood?"
"I want you to want me every second"
"Tell me how beautiful I am every second"
"Keep me in your heart. Call me closer to you"
"Keep looking at me"
"Try to understand"
"My heart wants you for itself"
"Or else...understood?"
"I wish you'd know what I desire"
"You are all I think in my sleepless nights"
"I'm restless"
"It's a strange loneliness"
"Why should we stay afar now?"
"Try to understand"
"My heart wants you for itself"
"Or else...understood?"
"I wish we could forever be one body two souls"
"Try to understand"
"My heart wants you for itself"
"Or else...understood?"
Impressed is not enough. Give me my reward.
What do you want?
What's that?
Two tickets for Switzerland.
We're leaving tomorrow.
There's a beautiful city there: Lozan
Just you and me..for 15 days.
No, Sonia. We're not going anywhere.
Because I've 9 operations to perform in the next 15 days.
And when did you get the tickets.
And you didn't even tell me.
You could've atleast asked me.
Cancel them.
Okay, I'll cancel them.
And book three tickets.
Why three?
One for Neha. You would come then, won't you?
You don't know what you're talking about.
What am I talking?
Sweety, did I ever ask you what you and Neha were talking when..
....while sitting in the hospital garden early in the morning.
Or what were you talking about all night?
Did I ask you? Did I?
I'm disgusted and embarrassed with how shameless..
..and outrageous your thinking is.
So I'm shameless.
I'm not shameless. You are!
You and your world.
Sir, I want to talk to you about something.
We've ordered the MRI machine from Germany.
The machine will already be there when you reach the hospital tomorrow.
Sir, I want to explain to you.
I'll never give you a divorce.
I will talk to Sonia, you relax.
What are you doing?
Don't do this. He'll leave you if you do this.
Please try to understand.
Hello, Akash, come to my home soon. Hurry up.
I shouldn't have told Sonia that Akash will leave her.
I shouldn't have.
She was eight years old when her mother and I got divorced.
She was passed on between me and her mother like a football.
Then someone else came in Sheila's life. Sheila's my ex-wife.
And she married.
Sonia couldn't even go to her mother's house after that.
I - her father - was the only one left in her life.
I had a lot of money, but no time.
I gave her everything she asked for.
But, did I ever sang a lullaby before sleeping?
No. Did I ever get to take her to the park?
No. I understand these things now.
She doesn't understand that anyone can love her.
All the anger is pent-up inside her.
You can leave.
What is this? - Sleeping pill.
I understand, Neha.
People who laugh often know...
...the meaning of sadness too.
But, Neha, grief can be dismissed from the mind too.
What do you think?
What should I? - Life is not about looking at the past.
It is forgetting about the past and marching into the future.
That's the right thing to do.
That is necessary.
And that's the thing you should do.
Maybe you are right.
Then don't think about it. Listen to me.
I have stopped trusting my own advice. Maybe I should listen to yours.
Neha, wash my hands before I go crazy.
Oh, Akash, Sonia is happy now, yeah?
I'd be nice if you two could stay here for some more time.
I've a very important meeting.
What'd you like to drink? Tea, coffee?
I'd rather have beer today since I've brought a great news.
Tell us right away.
I'm going to get married.
Really? Wow. Who's the girl?
Dr.Neha Mathur.
What's the date of the marriage?
Date will be fixed after my parents arrive.
But we've arranged a small party tomorrow.
Do you really want to marry?
But where's the ice? Call him and see when is he going to bring it
Neha, you? So early?
I want to say something.
What's this about?
Sanjay, I can't go ahead with this marriage.
I said yes when I was vulnerable. But this will not be a real..
And I don't want to lie to you as well as myself.
Neha, I don't want you to lie to yourself.
Maybe what I want won't happen. And I might also be..
...unhappy about it for a few days.
But what can I do?
I have to respect your decision.
Sanjay, I feel bad about the fact that you've informed your..
..relative and friends about this.
And they'll be arriving here in a few moments.
You are in this situation because of me.
Don't worry about my situation.
People will talk about this for a few days and then..
...forget all about it.
Who has the time to dwell of others' misfortunes?
Akash, I'm going to Delhi tonight..
..and these are reports of neha's mother. Please..
..give these to her.
What happened to her?
She a tumor in her stomach.
She needs to be operated upon as soon as possible.
Okay, I will give these to her.
What's the matter?
You know what the matter is, sweety.
You should tell me what why has that happened.
I don't understand.
Sanjay and Neha's marriage got cancelled.
Really? I don't know what to say
You must have said something to Neha and Sanjay.
That's why the marriage got cancelled.
Sir, tea?
Sonia, I had nothing to do with it.
And don't start about this silly argument with me.
I don't want to talk about Neha.
Hello, who's talking?
This is Mrs.Mathur.
Hello, Aunty
Why don't you tell Neha to stop hitting..
...on two men at the same time.
Why doesn't she marry the person who's ready to marry with her?
Who are you?
I will throw acid on her face if she doesn’t stop...
...flirting with Akash.
Are you listening?
I will ruin her life forever.
I will get her murdered.
And you too.
Do you understand?
Neha, her tumor has ruptured because of the fall.
We'll have to operate upon her immediately!
But we need her x-ray and catscan reports, without... we won't be able to operate on her.
I just talked with Dr.Desai. He said he had handed over..
..all the reports to Dr.Sinha before going to Delhi.
Get them quick.
Hello, Sonia. This is Neha. Can you put Akash on the phone?
It's an emergency.
He's not at home.
Try his mobile. - His mobile is off.
What can I do?
Who called? - It was for dad.
Did you get the reports? - no
I couldn't find them anywhere here.
It will take a lot of time to do those tests again.
Maybe he took them home.
But he's not at home.
But the reports should be at home. I'll go and look.
Found it.
Sonia, you are getting addicted to it.
Which is not right.
I just have one daily.
Sonia, this is Neha.
Who? Ramsingh? Just a minute.
Please tell me where Akash is.
I don't know
My mother is very serious.
She is going to be operated upon.
You very well know how many girlfriends Akash has.
I have no idea who he is with right now.
Ramsingh, what's that?
Coffee for sir.
Put it here.
Watchman - Yes, madame.
If anyone comes, tell them sir and madame are asleep.
And the gate cannot be opened - Okay, Madame
Akash - Sanjay, where's Neha?
Where were you yesterday?
What do you mean?
Where were you last night, Akash?
I was at home, with Sonia
Neha kept calling you last night but Sonia told her you weren't there.
I came there myself, but your watchman didn't let me enter.
What are you saying?
Akash, did you not realize that you had every report..
...of that poor woman: Catscan, x-rays..everything.
Neha's mother's reports, right? I'm here to hand them over.
Akash, Neha's mother passed away last night. She's dead.
Her abdominal tumor ruptured. We didn't have the report.
Therefore she was operated upon late, and she died.
Neha kept calling me last night and you didn't tell me?
What's the fuss about?
You were very tired and I didn't want to wake you up.
Neha's mother passed away last night
But why are you upset about Neha's mother's death.
Why am I being upset? A selfish person like you..
...won't ever be able to understand it.
Because there are people in the world who feel bad..
...about others' suffering.
She wasn't just Neha's mother. She was also a patient in my hospital.
And saving her was the responsibility of every doctor in the hospital.
And because of you I feel responsible for her death.
it's not my fault that she died.
You are the one responsible for what has happened.
What can you do?
You are one of those who take other peoples' humility.. their weakness and their patience as their cowardice.
I had tried..I had tried all I could.
But I cannot live with an impatient, crazy person like you anymore.
I'm leaving you!
I'm Gulshan Kapoor's daughter, Sonia Kapoor.
I can ruin you and your hospital in a jiffy.
You ruined me and my hospital when..
....a woman died without being operated upon.
If I wait anymore, what has remained of it will be ruined too.
Where are you going? To Neha?
I'm not going to let you go to her!
You're right. I'm leaving you for Neha.
Do you think I'll give you a divorce.
Never! I'll never divorce you.
Don't leave me. I'll die. I'll die, Akash..
You can't leave me.
You can't do this, Akash. Don't leave me.
I will never cause you any trouble.
Sonia, what happened?
Tell me..
I'll come in the evening too.
Where were you Akash?
Where were you?
Sonia, I'm calling all my lawyers.
You've been married lawfully. It was not just a game.
Who does he think he is?
But don't you worry. Your father- Gulshan Kapoor- is with you.
Dad, I thought you will support him today too.
I always did support him and tried to convince you.
But how dare he tell my daughter to die!
How could he! I'll embarrass him in the court.
Die if you want to die!
I feel like shooting him right now.
I've decided today...
You cannot let emotions make the decisions for you.
I don't care what happens now
I've broken all the bonds with my past now.
Yes, Dr.Ahmed..
Tell me, I'm listening.
What will you do now, Akash?
Sonia has suffered a serious wound to her head in the accident.
There's no other way than operating on her.
But as Jameel Ahmed said, there's so much damage..
... that chances of success in the operation is mere 5%.
Only a miracle can save Sonia's life, who's made your life hell.
No one will blame you if you refuse to undertake this operation.
But if you do undertake this operation and fail in it...
..If Sonia dies on the operation table..
then tongues will wag.
You'll be accused that you let her die..
...because you wanted to get rid of her.
Your medical career will be ruined, Akash.
You won't be able to undertake any operation in your life.
But, Akash, if you don't do this operation...
...then you won't be able to forgive yourself.
Akash Sinha what should you do at this moment..
No one can take this decision other than you..
Not even me.
What's the matter, Akash?
Sonia is in the hospital. She'll die if she is not operated upon.
I'm going to undertake this operation.
Dr.Neha Mathur, I need you too.
Will you help me?
Where's my daughter, Sonia Kapoor.
In the operation theater.
Who's the surgeon?
Akash Sinha.
Stop this operation!
This doctor will kill my daughter.
Stop this operation.
Sorry, the operation has already started and cannot be stopped.
Sister, blood. Order four pints.
The blood vessel which was severed in the accident... stuck here, here and here.
This is called clotting.
There is no chance of her surviving if these clots aren't removed
Do you understand?
Yes, I do.
I understand that my daughter will die if Dr.Akash is not stopped..
..from performing this operation.
I want to take Sonia to the best doctors in London, America, Germany!
Pieces of metal..
We've to be very careful while removing them.
We can't allow even minor brain damage.
I'm Gulshan Kapoor. No one can stop me.
You? I will call the police myself.
The man who told my daughter to go die this morning.. operating on my daughter right now.
Pulse-rate has dropped.
Akash, we have to stop this operation for a while.
Your daughter is in stable and safe condition now.
Can I meet Sonia?
These are Sonia's catscan and x-rays.
You can show these to any doctor in America, London, Germany..
..they'll tell you how an Indian doctor has saved your..
..daughter's life from death's clutches.
Today, I went out of the house for the first time, after two months.
You feel completely well?
I was never completely well before, nor I'll ever be.
Yes, your performed the operation well.
Dad told me how you and Neha saved me.
Well, that problem doesn't exist anymore. But there's another problem.
Have a seat and tell me what the problem is.
I'm still your wife and no one's this formal with his own wife.
You were right when you said that you can never be completely well.
And I don't want to.
You know, I gave a lot of thought and understood... thing, that you and me.. how should I put this?
Take music for example, if life is a tune, we sing it a different way.
And that's why we cannot sing it together.
Sonia, since when have you become this philosophical?
Since you operated on my brain.
Take this. - What's this?
Take it - But what is this?
Divorce papers. I've signed them.
Sonia.. - We sing it differently..
Look, take these immediately, or I'll take them back.
I'm going to London this week, and then..
...going on a world tour with my friends.
I'm going to circle the entire globe..
..who knows if we'll meet or not later.
Sonia, maybe we two weren't meant for each other.
But you'll always be in my memories.
How can you forget me?
I'll accompany you to the door.
This is enough. You should go back now.
Be good and be happy.
That is exactly what I plan to do