David Duke dénonce le génocide des Français

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Hello, this is David Duke
It has gone so bad in the sick world we live in
that now some leaders of nations
are openly promoting genocide of the european people.
French president Nicolas Sarkozy
made a speach last year at École Polytechnique
outside of Paris.
Sarkozy clearly laid out his plans for the genocide
of the european french people and nation.
Sarkozy openly seeks to destroy
the european race in France.
He demands that the french people
massively intermarry with non-Europeans.
This combine with massive non-european immigration
and high non-european birth rates
would completely wipe away the true french people.
Here is a quote from the Brussels Journal,
un article called "The Engineer of Diversity".
Quote : "In his message, Sarkozy insisted
that the french people must change,
that there will be dire consequences if they don't,
and that not to intermarry racially is bad
for the survival of the country.
Thus, he amalgameted the concepts of preference for minorities in job hiring
with that of the necessity for the French People
to intermarry racially." Unquote.
Sarkozy went on to say
that if the French don't interbreed of their on free will...
that, (quote) :"it will be necessary for the Republic (government)
to resort to even more forcible measures."
To oversee his measures,
he announced the appointement of Yazid Sabeg
to head up his government program a discrimination
and genocide of the european frenchmen.
Sabeg himself made this statement in 2008.
Quote: "I speak arabic and I am a Muslim...
I repeat : I'm a Frenchmen and in no case
will I renounce one single element of my identity."
So here we have :
Sarkozy's man trying to destroy
the heritage of the historical french people,
destroy their identity while he himself proclaims,
quote "in no case won't HE renounce one single element of HIS identity."
As some of the french state
Sarkozy now has also ordered
wholesale racist discrimination against french men and women
in all walks of french life,
in education, in business, in employment,
white people in France now face mandatory racial discrimination
much like the USA.
Millions of our people in America face affirmative action
which is nothing more than blatant discrimination
against better qualified white people in college admissions, scolarships,
in hiring, in promotions, then the awarding of contracts.
Funny isn't it?
I'm called a racist because I believe in equal rights
that the best qualified should get the scolarship in college admissions
or the job or the promotion.
But the truth is, the government is the one racist,
it's the courts who are racist, it's the politicians who are racist.
France is already slated to become one of the first european nations
where the indigenous people will become a rapidly disappearing minority
in their own homeland.
We're at that same direction in America.
These acts by Sarkozy are violation of the international genocide convention
of which France is a signatory.
It defines genocide as acts commited with the intend to "destroy,
in whole or in part, a national, ethnic, racial or religious group,
killing members of the group, causing serious bodily or mental harm to members of the group,
deliberately inflicting on the group conditions of life calculated to bring about its physical destruction in whole or in part... "
Trying to destroy an ethnic group constitutes genocide as defined by international law.
Sarkozy is guilty of this crime
and we demand that he'll be punished in the world court
for attempting to destroy the european french people.
Who is this man trying to ethnically cleanse the european people from France ?
Well he's very similar to other people of other nations who don't like them.
He's not french.
Actually, he is a jewish extremist who supports the supremacist state of Israel.
He does everything he can for jewish heritage and its preservation Israel and in Europe
and is in close relationship
with jewish extremists in France
and with israeli terrorist Benjamin Netanyahu.
Sarkozy blatantly says
that he supports Israel as a quote: "Jewish State."
He supports Israel although Israel has segragated schools for Jews and Palestinians,
segregated appartments, even wholly segregated towns and villages.
Israel's strict immigration laws for Jews only,
and Israel forbids intermarriage
between a jew and a non-jew by law.
Imagine of any place in France or in Europe
when an act of law which would prevent a European
from marrying a jewish person or an African.
That law would be branded by Sarkozy
and the media as the epitome of evil.
Sarkozy demands that Europeans intermarry outside their race,
but who did Sarkozy marry ?
When he became the french president,
his wife was the very jewish Cecilia wo announced publicly that she was
quote : "proud that she didn't have a single drop of french blood in her veins".
Sarkozy divorced her later to marry Carla Bruni
who the jewish press proudly hailed of being of jewish descent.
Recently the jewish newspaper Haaretz in Israel
headlined that Sarkozy's ex-wife Cécilia has now remarried...
... remarried a Jew.
And Sarkozy's son had just had a huge marry.
He also married a Jew.
So, what gives ? When Sarkozy threatens Europeans to intermarry,
he and his family sure don't.
Why does Sarkozy and so many other
support and meet with jewish extremist organizations such as Chabad
and light menorahs of hanukka ?
Here is a clip of Sarkozy at a menorah lightning in Paris.
Why is there no criticism of this in the press
and no mention that hanukkah is a celebration of jewish resistance of assimilation,
in other words jewish opposition to mixing and intermarriage with gentiles.
So why does Sarkozy and much of the mass media advocate
race mixing for Europeans and demonize any European who opposes intermarriage for our people ?
Sarkozy and the media don't criticize the largest jewish organizations of the world,
every one of them has programs to prevent intermarriage of jews and non-jews.
They say, among themselves, that intermarriage would destroy their heritage.
If Sarkozy and a heavily jewish mass media think it so wonderful
for jews to preserve their ethnic heritage,
then why do they support the genocide of the european people ?
Every jewish organization in the world acts to prevent intermarriage of their own people.
So it's obvious that they know that such policies are destructive and harmfull to the european people.
What is a reasonable person to think jewish extremists like Sarkozy and the most powerfull bosses of the media,
with jewish bosses, intentionnally seek the harm and the genocide of the european people ?
These hypocrisies can no longer be kept from our people.
Millions of our people are learning the truth,
millions of our people all over the world are waking up,
and they are beginning to stand up for our basic human rights.
And the most important human right of all is the right to live.
It's a human right that must be accorded to our people,
and we demand that Sarkozy along with political collaborators
in the United States and in other nations as well as the media bosses in America and Europe
be prosecuted, convincted and emprisonned for the racial genocide of our people.
Our people may be down now, but they are not out, they are awakening.
Some day, we will regain the control of our nations
our economies and our media.
Justice will be done. Our people will live on.