James visits GALLOP

Uploaded by rayroy3 on 28.02.2010

Good morning sunshine.
My name is James Petz.
I've been diagnosed as having Aspergers Syndrome.
Meeting new people is difficult for me.
A neurodivergent person has to actually concentrate to look somebody in the eye,
also to read body language properly.
This morning I'm taking the subway to Gallop NYC
Gallop is an organization that helps children with special needs through therapeutic horseback riding.
The children they help have a broad range of disabilities...
from autism, to cerebral palsy.
Alicia: The stable is this way.
James: The air smelt of horses and hay.
(laughing) I'm sure that counts...
James: It was inspiring to watch Gallop work with my community...
Alicia: They come and we teach them to ride, once a week...
...and all of these kids are fairly high functioning with autism.
I'm thankful for my family and my friends
and the opportunities that I've been given.
And I'd like to return something to my community
hopefully a measure of inspiration.
After visiting Gallop I'm more inspired to help others.