ArchiCAD 16 - BIM Server - Creating Manual Project Backup from the BIM Server

Uploaded by Archicad on 02.07.2012

You may initiate the creation of a Manual PLN Project Backup file from the Teamwork
Project Settings Dialog of the BIM Server. Open the BIM Server Manager, ... click the
name of the Project in the Projects page, ... then click the Settings button.
In the Backups panel of the appearing Project Settings Dialog, click the Create button and
select the PLN Backup option. Please note that you have to be a Project Administrator
for this button to be enabled.
The BIM Server informs you that the PLN Backup will be created when a team member "Sends
and Receives Changes" in this project and starts the archiving process on a local computer.
Click the OK button to proceed.
In the appearing Dialog, provide a name by which you will identify this manual PLN Project
Backup, then click the Create button to proceed.
The Backup appears in the list of Backups, with its Status set to Create as it needs
to be created after you leave the Dialog. Click the OK button to accept these changes
and leave the Project Settings Dialog.
As a Team Member User in ArchiCAD you will notice that a Save icon appears in the Send
and Receive button of the Teamwork Palette.
This is how the BIM Server notifies you that a PLN Backup needs to be created. In order
for you to receive such a notification the Role you are using must allow you to create
PLN Backups, as shown in another feature clip, you must be online and you must connect to
the BIM Server through the Local Area Network. This last requirement is to make sure people
located far from the BIM Server don't have to upload very large backup files.
Click the Send and Receive button. A Message Box appears informing you that a PLN Backup
needs to be created. You may click the Skip creating backup button in which case no PLN
Backup will be created after Sending and Receiving changes and the Save icon will remain in the
Send and Receive button to indicate that the backup still needs to be created by someone
If you click the Continue button, the Send and Receive operation is performed, then the
PLN Backup file is saved, then uploaded to the BIM Server by ArchiCAD. You will see a
notification box while the file is being saved, and you will see a process indicator on the
Status Bar while it is being uploaded to the BIM Server. After it is finished the PLN Backup
will be stored and available among the backups on the BIM Server.