A haftanız kutlu olsun / Happy A week !! (18-24 Mart/March)

Uploaded by GreenerNautilus on 18.03.2012

Imagine a world ...
In this world, parents shall teach their youngs to love the nature and people instead of telling them that they ...
will burn forever if they don't believe in fairy tales with blood, violence and hate.
They shall show their youngs not to hate those who disagree with them.
They shall tell them that nothing goes waste in the nature,
and today we benefit from the nature but tomorrow, when our lives end, we will pay our debt.
They shall inspire their children to know that every creature has the right to live in its own habitat, instead of thinking every single creature was created for mankind.
Then the world would be such a different place wouldn't be?
"For freedom free of religions"
A WEEK March 18-24