Moms and the Affordable Care Act

Uploaded by HealthCareGov on 11.09.2012

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Every Mom wants the best for her child.
A mother really needs to stand up and say ‘yeah, this law is so important.'
Because of the Affordable care Act-
My daughters-
Our son-
My children-
They're covered.
Now with the Affordable Care Act-
-we don’t have lifetime limits any longer.
My son has a pre-existing health Condition.
And Before our sons would be eliminated because of pre-existing conditions.
As a Mom having him on our plan until he’s 26 is a huge peace of mind.
My 24 year old daughter has been covered for the last two years.
Keeping him on my health care has been wonderful.
It allows me to be a Mom who can focus on taking care of my little girl with cancer.
There is no question in mind that the Affordable Care Act will help families.