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Public Program Melbourne, Australia
March 8, 1983
I bow to all the seekers of truth. May God give you wisdom and understanding about the
truth and about Himself.
Doctor Warren just now brought out a point that if somebody is doing this work in a split
of a second, even on the television when it was only one minute, if it works out, then
there has to be somebody special. All this kind of talk is not necessary in India, because
Indians are well educated in spiritual matters. They know what is the Shakti is, what is Kundalini
is. They know the chakras. They are very well equipped. They have got the names of the Shakti
in which it is said so. So to them it is not to be told and requested. But in the West,
though such great saints have been born, such seekers are born, they have forgotten the
knowledge that they had, perhaps, of the power of God. And that’s why I find the sensitivity
of people is not towards understanding the reality, but more they take to artificial
Perhaps the more we are in contact with machine, we become more akin or close to machine. We
try to understand everything in a machine-like manner, but not in that sensitive way, that
people had once upon a time. Even at the time of Christ, except for few Jews who didn’t
like Him because they wanted to have their own money-making propositions, they crucified
Him. Even the judge who judged Him, his wife could understand that He was a saint. And
the people around Him, who were simple people, all of them knew that He was something saintly.
Even at the time of Shri Krishna and Shri Rama, it has happened. I agree that many saints
have been crucified, have been tortured, but not by the general public, by general people.
It has been done by people who were in power, or who were prophesying some sort of a religion,
who thought that their religion is in danger because they were making money out of that
religion. These are the people who did all these atrocities and they brought forth this
kind of calamity or this kind of torture to the great saints who lived.
But today is just the other way round. The public is not sensitive enough. That’s a
very hard thing to feel that the public itself is not understanding what is the truth and
how to come to the truth. Yesterday in short I told you, first of all we have to be honest
people if you want to find the truth. Is a simple proposition that we have to be honest
about it, that we should know that we cannot purchase the truth. Secondly, the truth is
what it is. Whatever are your own conceptions about truth is not the truth. Is your own
idea, your mental projection.
Truth is what it is. It will be for ever and ever. And truth cannot compromise for you.
You have to compromise for the truth. It is the other way round thing, that you have to
compromise for the truth. You have to understand that so far those concepts you had, relatively
if they are not near the truth, then you have to give them out. It’s a very strange thing
that you great people who are seekers, are born in various countries, in so many countries,
I find. And then at this juncture, when it is not because there is so much sickness and
all that. But is a special time also. Is a time of resurrection. Is the time of your
last judgment. At this great times, that people should lose their sensitivity to reality.
It is amazing how people take to artificial things. So many things people have done just
because they could not see through. That’s why I requested you yesterday, you must come
to some logical conclusion. You must use your brains and understand that reality, if it
lies within you and if it is a living process of your evolution, then it has to be done
in a way that is not done by human beings, because no living work is done by human beings.
It cannot be done. We cannot transform one flower into a fruit, leave alone a human being
into a spirit. So, it has to be done by the same process which has made us human beings,
and the same process that is living force of God’s love, of living God’s love, should
do the job.
So it has to be spontaneous. You cannot achieve it through your efforts. Actually, those who
tell you like that, that “You have to achieve it through your efforts,” or, “You have
got your karmas. You have got to suffer,” and all that, are just giving excuses. They
don’t know how to achieve it. They are just giving excuses. You must understand that if
you have got that power within you, it has to manifest spontaneously. For example, some
people may not get realization. May be little bit, very little bit percentage, I hope, may
not get it. But that is nothing wrong with Sahaja Yoga. There must be something wrong
within you, physically, mentally, emotionally. There must be something wrong. So we have
to correct it and we have to see that you get your realization in a proper way and that
it is achieved through your own understanding, in your own glory. That you should know that
you have got your realization.
This is the only difference between the evolutionary process so far from animal to this stage,
that human beings will be aware of their realization. They will know all about it because now they
have become masters, that they are not doing things automatically. They will know that
this power is flowing through them and they will also know how to handle it, which can
be decode through Sahaja Yoga. And you have to learn the technique of operating God’s
laws, which are tremendous and wonderful. You believe it or not: God exists. His loving
power is all-pervading. We have never felt it before. I agree there, you have never felt
that His all-pervading power is everywhere. You have felt the ether, through which we
receive the television and other communications, but you have not felt that subtle power, which
is all-pervading, not only but that, but is the subtle of all these gross that you see.
But the time has come, very precious time, that you have to get it. So all your other
identifications, I am sorry, you have to drop them. You have to just become your self. Whatever
you have gathered in life time, all kinds of concepts, and precepts and all that, forget
it. Just think that you are a human being and you have to get your realization. That’s
the most important thing. All the rest of things are of no use.
So I would request you first of all, in all honesty, try to be the spirit. And if you
become the spirit, try to understand the path of progress in your spiritual ascent. Now
to come to the point of this subtle instrument already created within us, to come to this
point we have to understand, as I told you yesterday that this is the knowledge of the
roots. Whatever you have so far, is the knowledge of the tree. But you don’t have any knowledge
of the roots. Many people have told me, “Mother, what Christianity has failed. That religion
has failed. This religion has failed. How can it be? If there is God, how can it be?”
I mean, there are communists also in this world who deny God completely. But is not
that the religions have failed; not the prophets have failed; not the incarnations have failed.
It’s the people who represented them, wanted to make something of their own, of their own
concept, of their ideas, and the whole thing has become such a market place, that I just
don’t understand. How can you sell God? How can you sell His ideas? There is no business
about God.
Now this one is the great instrument that you have within yourself. Yesterday I told
you that you need not accept Me as a sort of a conditioning on your mind. But as a scientist,
keep an open mind. And this is the hypothesis I put before you, and when it works out, you
have to see if it is all right or not. Now some of you who might be doubting about it,
or thinking that, “Oh, it’s all another story,” or things like that. They can go
ahead with it because Divine is not interested in such people. Divine is only interested
in people who are honestly seeking the truth.
So this center that you see the first of all, is a very important center. I don’t know
what he has told you about it, but is called as the Mooladhara. It’s the center of Mooladhara,
center of Mooladhara. Mooladhara itself is that triangular bone, which is a very small
triangle. You cannot see it clearly. We should have expanded it to show you, which contains
in itself the power of Kundalini. Is the power of that energy, which I told you yesterday,
is the pure desire to become one with God. All other desires are not satiable. That’s
why this is the only desire that has to manifest. Otherwise, you are not going to be satisfied
with your life. Now, this pure desire exists in that triangular bone, and you could see
it also when you raise the Kundalini, is pulsating there just like a heart. But not on every
person. Not on every seeker. Only those who have a problem with the other two centers,
you can see with your naked eye, the pulsation of the Kundalini. When there is such a pulsation
of the Kundalini, we have to know that these two centers are in problem in human beings.
And these two centers are, the higher one is called as the Nabhi Chakra, which means
the center, the subtler center of the navel. And this center manifests outside, what we
call the solar plexus. In the medical terminology is called as solar plexus. But that’s the
gross thing. This is the subtle center which is in the medulla oblongata in the spinal
Now this is a very, very important center within us again, which was created since long,
when we were seeking. First, as animals we were seeking food. Then also we were seeking
our evolution. Because animals also sought their ascent from a one-unicellular animal
to a multi-cellular animal, like all the quadrupeds are or the mammals are. How they arrived it,
is no one can say. because the power that worked for it, lies in the central path of
this central Nadi called as Sushumna Nadi.
So first we were seeking the food. Then we were seeking the shelter, as you go by in
the history. Then as we evolved more and more, we started seeking our joy in, say, economics,
in possessions, then in politics, in power. Then we evolved much more and we thought there
is no joy in all these things. We have had enough of it. Specially the affluence helped
you a lot. Because affluent people get fed-up of materialism, and the plastic mountains
that they have created. And they just want to have something simple in life. At this
stage then they start thinking of their spirit. They think, “How is it that we are not yet
satisfied? How is it we are so restless? What are we seeking?” Some of them know what
they are seeking. Some of them don’t know what they are seeking, but even if they know
what they are seeking, they don’t know how it will happen, and what should we expect.
That’s a very important thing where I find Indian people are better equipped.
But you have another great equipment, that your desire to seek is very strong, is extremely
strong, and you go like a bull at it. I have seen people who got realization, and they
were running so fast towards it that even after getting realization they would not accept
that they have sought it. They would not stop, you see. Like a bull is running very fast,
you see, even if you offer him something to eat he won’t be able to stop at that point.
He goes little ahead then he looks back, “Yes, that’s it.” So he comes back. It has happened
with so many people who have done a kind of a guru-shopping, I would call it, it’s a
habit. They take a bag in the hand with little money, go round in the shop, “Now which
guru is available?” So they go to one guru, “All right, no good, hopeless.” Then he
goes to another guru, third one. And Sahaja Yoga is a temple somewhere away from that
market. So that habit is also formed in human beings of seeking that even being introduced
to Sahaja Yoga and even after becoming the spirit feeling the all-pervading power, still
they don’t want to stop, because the inertia is too much. And it’s still they are going
on. But after some time, they reverse back. I’ve seen many things like that happening
in Sahaja Yoga in every place I went to. Specially in England is very common that in first shot
they just can’t believe it, “How can it be? It’s not so simple.” Because then
their ego is finished. They have found it, “How can it be? We can’t do it by ourselves.”
So they forget about Sahaja Yoga for a while. Then the Kundalini comes and tickles them
all over. Again She comes and clears them all over. Then they start thinking, “What’s
happening to me?” And then they come back to Me and say, “Mother, I must say there
was something that had happened. But I, just I was too fast. I was too speedy and I just
didn’t get the glimpse of it.” All right, settle down now. So that’s one thing is
always common and it’s all right. It’s excusable; this doesn’t matter. You take
your own time. I am not in a hurry. But Divine is. Divine is in a very great hurry, and the
work has to be done in a very great speed now. It is very important that we have to
move in a very tremendous speed.
So this seeking within us is surrounded by this ocean of illusion, within ourselves.
This ocean of illusion comes to us because of our ignorance. We see things which do not
exist. For example, there is a gentleman who comes to us. He is very sweet to talk to.
And after sometime we find that we are missing our purse. It’s gone. He was very nice,
very well-dressed. Then how is it he’s vanished? Most of the bank robbers are very well-dressed
people. And the way they do it, it’s surprising, how they befool. Very intelligent people also,
by their dress, by their methods, and the way they perfect themselves.
So what happens that you cannot make out reality, and this illusion is in everything we have,
and in that illusion, all the time we are lost. We feel that, “This is the house I
have made. What a nice thing I have done. Such a great thing!” But if you look at
it, after all, this is all dead from to the dead. You make a chair; then you think, “Oh,
I’ve made a big chair.” Now this chair is all right, but tomorrow you won’t be
able to seat on the ground, if you are sitting on the chair.
So like many illusions we have about things, material things also. Say now, if I have,
say, a beautiful carpet, like this one. It’s not mine, thank God. But supposing it, I possessed
it, then I have to go to insurance company. I have to look after it. I should bother now,
“Have you given it back to me or not?” But if it is somebody else’s, I am enjoying
it very well and without worrying about it. But the idea of possessions also come in.
Then there is an idea of relationships also. All these are such great illusions. They just
open out, absolutely open out, as soon as you find the light of spirit in your attention.
Like in this room when you enter in, you find it’s dark. You catch hold of a chair. You
will say, “The chair is the room.” Somebody will say, “This pillar is the room.” Somebody
will say something else. But supposing you just push a button, the light comes in. Then
you understand what is this room, what is the relationship with each other. The whole
integrated knowledge about this room comes to you, when there is light. And this is what
one should understand out of enlightenment. But the illusion is, people think, that when
they are deluded, they are rising.
The other day somebody asked Me a very funny question that, “Is schizophrenia, is it
a step to enlightenment?” Now can you imagine? But then I heard that there is a very big
book written about this by some gentleman who says that, “You have to become mad to
become a self or a spirit.” Can you imagine such a stupid thing? It has not happened in
any evolution of ours and why should it happen now that we are human beings, so beautifully
created, that we have to become mad to become something higher? I have not heard of any
mad person who becomes higher by becoming mad, so far. But this kind of a theory is
going on. So you can imagine, how there are delusions and how there are illusions and
there are sources of these negative forces which are giving you all the time the waves
and waves of this illusion that you live in this illusion. So is doubly crowded, is doubly
blackened, and that’s how if people cannot find the truth, I am not surprised about it.
Now this place is called as Bhavasagara – is the ocean of illusion in which we live. And
we are seekers. So this one is bestowed upon by ten valencies that are within us, because
we must keep our valencies all right. Even if you are in the, say, ocean, our ship should
be seaworthy. Then any kind of illusion is not going to deter us if we are seaworthy.
But seaworthy means, we must know if there is a fog, how to move in right direction.
We should know how to overcome all the hazards of all kinds of storms and all knowledge should
be built-in within us. And that built-in knowledge is, this Dharma as they call it, is a religion
within you; not without, but within you, which are ten valencies. As the carbon has four
valencies, it has ten valencies.
So we have within us already a built-in system which gives us this guideline. But the illusion
is such that in that illusion we develop another problem, and that is we never listen to right
people. The right people are the ten Primordial Masters who came on this earth. They have
had many other masters also, not that they were not right. But major ten Primordial Masters
came on this earth and they gave us complete knowledge as to how to balance ourselves and
keep to ourselves as human beings. But then the question can be asked, “Why this balance?
For what? Why should we have this balance?” First of all, to keep a good health. Secondly,
to have a very good nature. Thirdly, to live like a human being with others and not like
donkeys or like lions. It is a balancing thing which gives you a proper balance to have a
proper society, a proper [UNCLEAR : sounds like – ‘kind of’ OR ‘coined of’
OR ‘coiled-up’] life, in which you lead a normal life. And you are not on your own,
by which you are in relation with the whole.
Now you see the relationship is from there to the whole. But last of all, this balance
is important that you should achieve your ascent. Any aeroplane which has got only one
wheel will not fly. Though it has to fly in the air but it has to have two wheels; it
has to have a balance. An imbalanced thing cannot fly up. That’s why we have to have
the balance. And that is why these Prophets have taught us the methods of how to balance,
balance ourselves, keep ourselves in balance and don’t go to extremes.
But whatever they might try, whatever they may say, we just go in the opposite direction
of what they have told us. And we really go into an extreme condition of fanaticism or
some sort of a torture to ourselves, or some sort of a great harm to our being. That’s
human nature. That I cannot explain. Why so? Why they are anxious to ruin themselves, this
is beyond Me to understand, because God has tried His level best to make you happy. He
has tried to give you everything, but if you are bent upon ruining yourself, what can you
do? You see the sun is shining, and is giving the sunshine to everyone, but if some leaves
want to get inside the mud, what can the sun do? I mean, it is like, “Come, bull, and
hit me,” sort of a process people take to. I don’t know why they take it. This you
may be able to explain better, but to My simple mind, I just don’t understand.
So these things happen to us by which we try to ruin ourselves. Now the first of all, as
they said about the curing part of it, which I must talk to you about, because it is not
such an important thing in Sahaja Yoga, there is no, no accent on curing. I mean, we don’t
say that, “We cure this and cure that.” I mean, it’s not a hospital going on here,
nothing of the kind. It’s just that if you get your realization, as a bi-product you
get well. That’s it is. But you see suddenly people ask you questions, “Can you cure
this? Can you?” I don’t say, “I cure it.” You are going to cure yourself through
your own ascent. It can work out through Sahaja Yoga. And then it becomes a headline for everyone,
“She can cure this disease, She can…” It was surprising that even in the television
they had put Me as a healer and I was amazed to look at Myself. What is this they have
put it? So they make out of you whatever they like. In Sahaja Yoga, it is not the healing
that is important, it is becoming is important. That you become the spirit is important. You
have to become the spirit.
Now, for example, I’ll tell you one small thing here, how imbalance causes so many troubles
to us. There is another center here down below, if you see, is called as the center of Swadisthana,
which gives aortic plexus as the gross manifestation of itself. Now when this center goes into
imbalance, it goes round and round this ocean. Also it can retract. It can go further. What
happens? Now this is a center for our future and for our creativity when it comes to the
right. And when it moves to the left because it has got a step, like a lotus it moves.
And if it comes to the left, it acts for something what we call unauthorized, anti-god activity.
So another one is also unauthorized, because when we say that, “I am doing that,” then
it is ego, is created in you and which passes into that pouch there in the head like a balloon
and you form a big institution of ego in your head. On the other side is this one, where
it comes to the left or any conditioning that takes place, that people say, “Don’t do
that, and don’t do that,” and all kinds of conditionings through any kind of teachings,
that creates another institution is called as superego.
Now when we go to the extremes of anything, how problems are caused, example of that I
will try to give of one center, because there is no time for Me to cover all the centers.
Take this Swadisthana Chakra. It has a very important work to do, is to transform the
fat cells of the stomach for the use of the cells of the brain. Brain also is made of
fat cells, and when a person thinks, this special Swadisthana Chakra converts the fat
cells for the use of the brain. Now, when you think too much for the future, you think,
think, think. I mean, people are mad with thinking. Some of them did tell Me, “Mother,
you cut my throat, do what You like, but stop my thinking.” It has become another inertia
sort of thing. They just go on thinking. They just can’t stop thinking, whatever they
may try.
So when this process starts of thinking, then what happens that this Swadisthana, poor thing,
goes into a great speedy process of transforming the fat cells. Now it has some other work
to be done. Now this is going to the extreme, to think about everything. Sitting down they
will think that now they have become the Prime Minister of Australia, so what should they
do to correct. I mean, there’s nothing like an election. Nothing has happened, but they
are already thinking for the Prime Minister. If they are driving on the street, they are
thinking for all the Police Department. If they are building one house, they’ll try
to find faults with another house so that he should not have done, while the house they
are going to make might collapse. But all the time the idea is to see and think about
everything else that doesn’t concern them.
So this heavy load on your head makes it a big ego there. Apart from that, ego which
is a horrid thing, which can make you absolutely stupid, but apart from that, it makes this
poor Swadisthana Chakra work so hard that you neglect other important things in your
body, the organs like your liver. Such people have very bad livers, those who think all
the time, plan all the time. They will plan. Even the ladies will plan all the cooking.
Imagine, ladies planning all the cooking. It’s absurd! Because you go to the market,
you have planned for the fish and there is no fish in the market, and you are upset because
you can’t cook fish. But why did you plan? Whatever you get, you bring it home and cook
it. That’s the best way. So this planning business also goes on too far. When we go
to the extremes it so happens, that we make this work too hard and we get a liver trouble.
Then we get also the pancreas out of gear, because pancreas has to work, has to be worked
though this Swadisthana Chakra. When it is out of gear, the disease you get is diabetes.
The simple thing as diabetes. Now in India if you go and see the villagers in India,
they take at least five spoons of sugar; otherwise, they don’t think it’s a tea. For tea,
they must have five spoons of sugar, and they never, never suffer from diabetes. But in
the cities, where the people even just touch the sugar, they get it back in their urine.
So something wrong with the city people. And what is wrong with them is, that they are
using this Swadisthana Chakra all the time for thinking and thinking and thinking.
Now another disease that one gets out of it, is the disease of the spleen, which is a very
serious thing. Spleen produces red blood corpuscles according to the necessity of the person.
Now, any emergency arises, it starts producing more RBCs. Our life is such that we are always
in emergencies. Everyone is. Whether he is a shop keeper or he is a minister, everybody
seems to be very busy. Now, in the morning first of all to read newspapers, is another
curse. Because you read newspapers, you hear, “This is burnt. That is finished. So many
died. Somebody in the aeroplane finished off,” maybe our relations are there – so you get
a real pain there in the stomach. That’s done by this poor spleen. It goes into a big
process, into a very big mechanical production of RBC starts. Now when that happens to you
then you don’t know that you better keep the spleen now at least little rested for
other things. But just then you will ask for a breakfast. You will get into the car, with
a breakfast in your hand eating that. And there is a jam in the way, and then you are
screaming at, because you are late. All sorts of things happen to us like that and we go
on creating emergencies for ourselves. For what? What are we going to gain out of it?
With this hurry and scurry what have we achieved? So this spleen goes out of order. It does
not understand the crazy person. It becomes crazy itself. And it starts producing red
blood corpuscles, this thing, that thing. Now you become vulnerable to a horrible disease
called as leukemia. Of course, it is triggered by something else, about which I may be able
to tell you, today or tomorrow. But you are just vulnerable for a disease called leukemia
where just doctors will say you may die within one month or two months. That’s all they
can say about leukemia.
Now such a person doesn’t realize that, “I have brought this disease upon myself
by being like this.” We are human beings. We cannot rattle like tins. We have to live
like human beings. The way we rattle ourselves morning till evening is so dangerous for our
being that we must have a balance in our lives. We must learn how to rest. And rest is also
another problem. Then they will go to the sea, burn themselves up, completely extreme.
I don’t know why this fashion has started from where. Must be somebody must have put
this into the ideas. You see, this is a very recent one. About twenty years back nobody
bothered about sun-bathing. Nobody knew about it. When, you see, I just don’t understand
also the psychology of the West when they don’t like black people ─ they are immigration
problem ─ why do they want to become black themselves? They tan themselves. There are
tanning companies, this, that, all kinds of things have started and that’s how they,
you know, you get the disease called cancer of the skin, which is a very serious disease.
And this beauty fashion is also for whom? I mean, I just don’t understand that in
India people think that you are very good-looking people because you are fair, and here you
think Indians are better because they have got darker skins. So whatever we have, we
are not satisfied with it. But it’s not so important that we should kill ourselves
with this sun-tanning to that extreme.
So that sort of an extreme you do it with this Swadisthana Chakra, and you have problems
of this kind. But also your tension can rise if you use too much of this Swadisthana Chakra
because your kidneys also become poor things. They don’t know how to adjust to your madness.
They way you lead your life, you don’t think you are a human being. You think you are an
supersonic aeroplane. Then poor kidneys don’t know how to work you out. I mean, you are
made by God, not by human beings who have made super-sonic aeroplanes, this, that. And
the super-sonic aeroplane doesn’t think. First of all it saves its energy because it
doesn’t think. First of all when you think, you are spending most of your energy, and
actually the way you spend your energy with an extreme way, you develop all these horrible
Now what happens actually when you start doing too much to the right or to the left? Now,
the right side is a thing where people become extremely fanatic, very disciplined. All military
people, you see, hot-tempered. You can’t just go near them. If you go near them you
will get nothing but heat coming out of them. They are very hot-tempered people, angry people.
They lose their temper. You just can’t talk to them because if you say a word, they will
box your nose. This type of people are so many in this world, you can’t imagine. So
many of them are, I have seen. I am amazed how they exist with themselves. Why don’t
they box themselves sometimes? They might be. They are full of anger, frustration and
all kinds of bad feelings about others and about themselves. All these people, all this
kind of people, come up when you become very austere. You say, “Oh, I will have no indulgences.
I am absolutely living on a shoe-string and eating just two leaves per day.” Such people
will thin out and they will look like mosquitoes. But I don’t mind their looks, but the way
they bite you, is the worst part. And they are sometimes regarded as the beauties. Then
God save us from the beauties, because if they become the world beauties or whatever
beauty contest, you see, so, models, this, that, then they are lost people, absolutely
lost to any senses. They become really stupid.
Now this kind of extremity comes to the right side. The left side comes when you indulge
into something like drugs. Now people might say, “What’s wrong in drugs?” It does
such a damage to you. It does. People may not believe it, but it does. It does finish
you off on your left side. As the alcohol may finish off your liver, the left side is
completely jammed by the drugs you take, because you move more towards the left. And the more
you move, you go from your subconscious to the collective subconscious, and then you
are attacked by negative forces, and that’s why it attacks your brain also. Such people
can just become gradually into a state of just like cabbages and they would not even
realize how it is happening. So all these things are harmful to us. Indulgences into
anything can make you left-sided. Eating too much, there is one person eating two leaves,
another is eating so much. See, all these extreme behaviors, as I said, create a very
big problem.
Now how cancer can be caused, we have to see. Then I will move to other things. That, supposing
this is the center, and this center has got left side and right side. At every emergency,
both the sympathetic nervous systems which are expressed by these two Nadis go into action,
and when too much action starts, what happens, the relationship is broken. And the deities,
who are controlling these, go off to sleep. And when the relationship with the whole is
broken, when it is broken, then you have no control from the main, you can say, from the
whole, and the cells become on their own. When they become on their own, so individualistic,
they become malignant. For example, if it happens in the stomach, you will find the
liver will become so big. Or if it happened in the mouth or nose, the nose will become
so big. The rest of has no chance. It’s a very ego-oriented stuff. It goes increasing,
increasing. And also if you live with an ego-oriented man, you can become also ego-oriented. Hitler
is one of the examples of that, how he made people ego-oriented and so stupid. Actually
so horrible by his own great ego that he developed.
So these cells also become like that and they make other cells also malignant and that’s
how the cancer is settled. Now to such a patient, what have we to do? You have to try to raise
his Kundalini. By giving some power there at that point, you can pacify. You can give
some additional, as you call the petrol, to the exhausted one. And gradually when it is
done, it comes back to its normal [UNCLEAR : could be - ‘ways’ OR ‘phase’]. Then
you put the Kundalini through it. So it makes an ascent and keeps it in place. It awakens
the deity in that center and that center looks after the gross side of life. That is how
cancer can be cured. It’s true that Sahaja Yoga has cured cancer of so many people and
some people in ten minutes have got rid of their cancer. Ten minutes, is a fact. But
that doesn’t mean that I am going to cure everybody’s cancer, by any chance. It is
not so. You see, the trouble with people is, they say, “Do you claim you can cure cancer?”
I say, “I don’t claim. But Sahaja Yoga can do it.” “Then you must cure this cancer.”
I said, “Why? Why should I cure? Are you paying Me something? Have you called Me here?
I have come My own. If I want I will; otherwise, I will not.” You see, it is like a aggression
of this kind on a person that, “You must show how you can cure.” Why should I show?
I don’t want to show it.
Like I had a very big lecture in the medical college, medical institute in India, and of
course the Vice Chancellor was very much impressed. But some of the doctors they came and they
said, “Mother, we will give you four patients of cancer and you cure them.” I said, “I
have no time. I am very busy. You better ask them to come to Sahaja Yoga, get their realization
and cure themselves. I have no time for that. I am sorry. I am busy with other work.”
So, then they said, “All right. Do you have any file of the patients you’ve cured?”
I said, “I have none. I have no time for filing.” It just flows. It just works. What
am I to write down everywhere? This is it. I have cured this x, y, z, for what? I have
no clientele. I do not have to cash it. So why should I do it? It’s just flowing. Those
who want to have it, can have it and can work it out. But you cannot force Me that, “You
must write down and …”, for what? What is the purpose? I am not running a hospital.
I don’t have to have a credibility on that, if I cure or not. For that doctors have to
get their realization first. If they don’t get their realization, I am not bothered.
If they are really bothered about cancer, or any other disease, why don’t they take
their realization and help their patients? They can.
But the patients who are not interested in God, God is also not interested in those patients.
It’s common sense. God has the greatest common sense. The lights which are never going
to work out, which are absolutely useless, you are not going to repair them, will you?
No human being is going to do that. What’s the use of repairing a light which is never
going to work out? So God is also like that. He has such a lot of common sense. He is not
going to waste His energy for these things.
The most important thing today is not to cure people but to give them realization; to redeem
them, to evolve them, is the main part. You can be counseled, you can be told, everything
explained, you can be brought to logically conclusion. But the aim is to get your realization
and not to worry about your illness. Illness will disappear gradually. It has happened
with so many people and it should happen with you. But it should not be a condition, that
you come to Sahaja Yoga as an obligation on us that, “We have come to Sahaja Yoga, you
better now.” That’s not so, because, as you know, we have no organization. There is
no organization that we have. You have to come humbly to it, and it works out.
God is the ocean of compassion, ocean of love. He is the one who is so anxious that you all
should enter into His kingdom to occupy your great seats as His children. He is the Father
of the Fathers. He is the most loving Father you could think of. Then when we challenge
Him like this, He doesn’t like it. We have to enter into His kingdom in a humble way,
and He will definitely bestow His blessings on all of you, because He is the one who is
so anxious. I Myself amazed at the way He is blessing people. Imagine six thousand people
before Me, they just get realization. Can you imagine such a thing happening? I have
seen Myself. It’s happening. So many things are happening today that is evident that God
is very gracious, as well as He is wrathful. He is a wrathful God for people who do not
take to Him. He is wrathful. And that’s why one has to be careful. If you lead a life
on your own ─ “What’s wrong?” “What’s wrong” is one of the philosophies people
have ─ then you have to pay for it, this way or that way.
So as a Mother I have to tell you that, “Why not?” When you have got everything. You
have got the spirit within you. Is the power is within you. Everything is there. Why not
get your realization? Why succumb to this useless ego which is not yourself? You are
not your ego. You are your self. You are your spirit. And that spirit, when it comes to
your attention, you become such a wonderful person. The whole thing is lost. Like a lotus
rising out of the mud, it covers the whole of that pond and its fragrance fills the atmosphere
with such beauty. That’s what happens to you when you get it. So why not have that?
This is your own, within your self, and the Divine is so anxious. I don’t know what
is the missing point.
Today, I am sorry they have today called Me after this program for a radio, and I am going
there. I don’t know how many people are going to attack Me on the phone. You see,
all kinds of things they say on the phone. But I told them I will not receive the phone.
You better receive the phone and let Me know. Because all these things are subject to, I
find that people use it for just call sometimes, for not expressing anything good but for expressing
something that’s inside them anti-God, absolutely anti-God thing. I hope today they will behave
themselves and it will be a good time for them that they should enjoy the bliss of God.
I must thank for people who rang Me up to say that they received their vibrations on
the television. And that they telephoned to Me and they found out My phone number, because
My phone number was not available. And it should happen to all of you today, that you
should get your realization. So the first intense feeling should be that we should get
our realization, somehow we get it, and then we will talk about the rest of the things.
Yesterday I gave a lot of time for questions. And today I think we have very little time.
But still I can allow you to ask two-three questions and then we should go ahead with
the procedure of realization. But too many questions are not needed. What you need is
your realization. Actually, if you ask too many questions, sometimes the realization
doesn’t work out. Not to frighten you but I tell you, because your mind starts working.
You have to, you see, take it beyond your mind.
Tomorrow I’ll tell you about that great chakra of Agnya, which is bestowed upon the
deity of Jesus Christ. That how, when the Kundalini rises through it, how He sucks in
these two horrible things called ego and superego, and how you become thoughtlessly aware and
you come in the present. And you become, when it comes out of your fontanel bone area, the
real baptism takes place and you get connected. You get connected with the whole and you become
collectively conscious. You become. Again I say, it is actualization. It is not just
talking that, “We are all brothers and sisters,” but you just become it, comes in your awareness.
And you start feeling the other person on your fingertips, yourself, on your fingertips.
As Mohammed has said, “At the time of resurrection, your hands will speak.” He has spoken more
about this time than about the doomsday. But all the Muslims are talking about the doomsday
only. I don’t know why they are waiting for that before this.
So first the resurrection time has to come because in all graciousness and kindness and
compassion of God, He is going to give us a full chance to achieve ourselves, because
this is His creation. He is anxious to do it. He doesn’t want His creation to be destroyed.
So, may God bless you.