Football Basics : What Are Footballs Made Of?

Uploaded by expertvillage on 02.12.2008

Hi, I'm Ryan McCann and footballs are made of pig skin. Ah, just kidding, that's a misnomer.
Footballs are made of leather, and they're stitched together with a nice fine stitching.
Usually, the laces are made of some kind of nylon plastic material, and they are marked
with two stripes on each side. There's one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight
stitchings on a football that help you grip it. As a quarter back it's very much what
feels comfortable to you. For me, I like having my two fingers on the laces. There's quarterbacks
that hold three fingers on the laces right in the middle of the football. Some quarterbacks
will hold a way just one finger. One finger on the tip until it drops like so you can
have it down on the tip like this, but really it's whatever feels comfortable to you. One
trick we used to do in high school is we used to fill the footballs with helium. That way
the projector would be much greater and we can get a little more distance on the ball.
Not, here's the Wilson 1001. It-a lot of high school teams will use this football. It's
a good football. There's a 1005 which is a little bit smaller, but it is regulation.
It's a little narrower, actually. The NFL football is a little different. It doesn't
have any stripes on it. High school and college have stripes. Pro footballs don't have stripes
and the balls they use in the pro's are usually brand new balls, and they don't need really
rub them down much. They're very hard. Very, very hard and not broken in much like this
is. And usually college quarterbacks and especially high school quarterbacks are using balls that
are very broken in. Makes it a little easier to throw.