Batman Arkham City Live & Final Fantasy Returns! - IGN Daily Fix 10.14.11

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TGIF, am I right? Naomi here with your Fix for October 14th.
Crowds of Apple-enthusiasts gathered around the world today, eagerly awaiting the iPhone
4S, which -- in case you didn’t know -- released today. We had a crew in New York already,
so we got them over to the nearest Apple store bright and early, to catch a glimpse of all
the excitement. But the real news from New York is of course…
Comic-Con. Our coverage is now in full-swing, bringing you all the news from the show floor.
We’ve got a Final Fantasy XIII-2 Video Commentary up and plenty else, so head over to our Comic-Con
index at the link below for all the nerd-love you can handle.
Speaking of nerd-love, it seems Square Enix hasn’t forgotten about its millions of loyal
Final Fantasy fans. After recently admitting that FF 14 wasn’t up to snuff, the company
revealed their plans for a new version 2.0 update. Square Enix assured fans that they
“will do as much as possible by way of fine-tuning the game and adding new content.” Surprisingly,
the PS3 beta version of the game and the second free trial period of the pc version will begin
in November 2012...which means the PS3 version actually isn't dead! Woo!!
As for games that don’t need any improving, our Batman: Arkham City review went live today
and SPOILERS – it’s AMAZING. To find out just how amazing though, make sure you check
out the review. And if you’re as excited for the game as we are, set some time aside
next Tuesday for our Arkham City livestream. We’ll be pushing through the game from 10am
to 2pm pacific, so don’t miss your chance to see the Dark Knight in action.
And finally -- it’s giveaway time, baby. This week we have a shiny, new Samsung Galaxy
S II 4G Touch, courtesy of Sprint. To make this beautiful Android smartphone yours, simply
like this page by clicking here on IGN … or HERE on youtube. Then, all you have to do
is leave us a comment explaining why or why not you’re excited for The Avengers movie.
We’ll pick a winner at random and announce them next week.
And that’s your Fix for October 14th, 2011. I’m Naomi Kyle and be sure to get your Fix
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