Reason Beats

Uploaded by PropellerheadSW on 14.09.2010

I just really like the way Reason works.
When I need to go and touch sound and manipulate it,
this is the platform I could do it on the fastest and easiest, and
sounds incredible.
It kind of took me into another realm of music making.
From a creative standpoint it's utterly amazing.
It just took my career to a whole other level, and my creativity.
It brings things out of you that you wouldn't have necessarily thought about.
It's like you're constructing a beat with Reason you have the ability to
really take control of song structure at the same time.
I love the sequencer. I love the synths.
That Dr Rex is the SP1200, right? In the little thing.
OK, this is ridiculous. I don't need my MPC anymore....
The fact that you have your own effects on each pad is a killer.
I'm just chopping stuff up and it's like playing audio legos.
Instead of taking stuff from records you can recreate those.
It's just like click, click, I'm making music.
I call it "beat making weaponry".
You've got to get it!