Discounts on Formula and Car Seats!

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Erin: One of the easiest areas you can save is feeding your baby. Breast milk is completely
free and healthy. But you are most likely going to need a breast pump if you don't want
to be a slave to your feeding times.
Bitsy: or you want your husband to get involved
Erin: exactly. Now pumps can range anywhere from the low range of $20 all the way up to
$250. But, take it from us, do yourself a favor and save yourself favor to go with top
quality here. Now what are you going to do? Get online, every baby site we've mentioned
has breast pump deals. So don't pay full price.
Bitsy: yeah and it's not like you're a better mom if you pay full price.
Erin: No. Figure out which pump is right for you by getting on forums and community sites
where mom share info on deals and post reviews. for that we like and
(0:47-0:50) Isn't that the cutest name?
Bitsy: that is a cute name
Erin: haha baby cheapskate has coupon codes, daily deals and a deal forecaster, so you
can anticipate those sales, and plan accordingly.
Bitsy: ahh! For baby big events.
Erin: mmhm
Bitsy: now some moms are unable or choose not to nurse and they rely on formula and
there's some really good ones out there. But there's a tip you need to know: the FDA requires
generic brands of formulas need to meet the same nutritional guidelines as the name brands.
so you're not being a bad mom if you're buying generic formula. you're just being a frugal
Erin: mmhm. For discounted formula and virtually all other baby products, visit
(1:27) they have coupons that are pretty much everything your baby needs but i've got a
pretty interesting coupon tip for you: did you know that bye bye baby is owned by the
same company that owns Bed Bath and Beyond?
Bitsy: Get out of here!
Erin: Yes, AND bye bye baby will honor all the bed bath and beyond coupons! So how often
do you see a 20% coupon for Bed, Bath and Beyond come in your mailbox?
Bitsy: all the time!
Erin: Save it and use it for your baby needs!
Bitsy: Now, there are times, where quality needs to come first.
Erin: That's true.
Bitsy: But that doesn't mean you still cant save! For an item like a car seat, you cant
compromise on safety. You want to buy a new item from a reputable store. So hit the forums
and find out from other moms what the best one is. But take that information and look
for the deals. Here's our three favorite words: (2:12)
Erin: oaaahh haha
Bitsy: They have got three in one ____ car seat at 23% off
Erin: Amazing
Bitsy: Love it
Erin: Or, if you can, try and time your big purchases for when Babies R Us has their big
event called the great trade in. (2:26)
Bitsy: ooooo
Erin: It's once a year and they'll give you 25% off coupon when you bring in an old item.
So say you got that old used baby bed and you're ready for a new toddler bed, bring
it in and get it for 25% off. It's a wonderful program, you can't combine it with any other
offers but it still provides some really great deals.
Bitsy: Now that was a sweet deal, as was the rest of them, so make sure to check out our
website at the (2:46) for all the sites and forums we talked today.
And to see all of our exciting saving episodes.
Erin: and please go online and let us know through our forum how these tips have helped
you. We'd love to share your story with others.
Bitsy: Especially you new mommies.
Erin: hahah
Bitsy: Tell us what you're saving
Erin: Exactly, thanks for watching. I'll see you soon
Bitsy: Bye