Gain Mass Diet - Eating More Without Feeling Sick

Uploaded by skinnygainmuscle on 23.11.2009

Hi, this is Andy Wilkinson from, bringing you another video lesson on how to
gain weight fast if you're skinny. And in this video we're answering the question:
"How Can You Gain Weight Without Stuffing Yourself With Food And Making Yourself Feel
Like You Need To Throw Up?" Yes it's true, you are going to have to eat
more food if you want to gain weight. And if you don't have much of an appetite
at the moment, it can seem really difficult to eat all the food you need to gain weight.
But this doesn't mean you need to feel like you need to throw up all the time.
If you are having trouble increasing your appetite, and you don't feel like you have
the appetite when you sit down to eat, here are 4 more tips you can use to eat more without
feeling like you need to throw up: Okay - So let's now cover those 4 key tips
you need to know to be able to eat more without throwing up.
Okay, so #1: Is to Eat 5 to 7 Smaller Meals Each Day, instead of trying to cram all your
calories into just 3 big meals. #2: Is to Have breakfast Within 45 Minutes
of Waking Up. Because this is going to help train your body to 'expect' food. And you'll
have more time to fit the rest of your calories in throughout the rest of your day when you
do this - by starting to get your first meal in nice and early.
#3: Is to start off by NOT consuming too much milk and dairy products.
Although these do have protein in them, they can make you and give you that really "bloated"
feeling, and make you feel very sick, very quickly.
And #4: Once you've calculated your 'Daily Calorie Needs' to gain weight - and check
out one of my other videos to calculate that - You then want to subtract 500 calories
from that total when you're just getting started. And then gradually build yourself up to your
minimum calorie requirement. So perhaps spend a week going up by about
100 calories extra calories per day. So if you needed 3,000 calories a day, minus 500
- that's 2,500. And over the course of the week, perhaps add 100 calories a day.
So 'Day 1' = 2, 500, 'Day 2' = 2,600, 'Day 3' = 2,700, and so on - Until you've reached
your minimum calorie needs to gain weight. So, those are 4 very quick tips on how you
can eat more without making yourself feel sick.
Just bear in mind that as you train yourself to eat more, your body WILL adjust, and you'll
soon find it quite easy to fit in all the calories you need to gain healthy weight.
Okay, that brings us to the end of this video. Thanks very much for watching.
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