Vemma - The Game Plan

Uploaded by vemma on 13.06.2012

I know what you're thinking.
Can you really make any money with this concept?
Hi, I'm BK Boreyko,
and that's exactly what I'd like to spend the next few minutes
talking with you about.
You see, I've had the privilege
to pay people just like you over $700 million in my career
for doing something so simple
they'd probably do it whether I paid them or not.
You see, Vemma manufactures and markets
some incredibly innovative, massively consumer brands
to people wanting to lose weight,
add some healthy energy to their life,
or slow down the aging process
with the world's most powerful liquid antioxidant.
Our secret to generating over $100 million a year in sales
lies in our business model.
You see, rather than competing head-to-head
with the mega companies in our space
in traditional advertising,
we take a more social approach.
Now, of course you've heard of social networks.
I just add the word "marketing" to the end of it --
social network marketing --
and here's how it works.
If you like our products, let your friends know.
And whether you tell three or four and enjoy free product
or a light bulb comes on
and you get how powerful this concept is
when you meet some of the people that have partnered up with us
and have begun generating an extra $500, $5,000,
even $50,000 or more per month part time.
Now, how can we make those numbers a reality in your life?
I'd like to lay out a game plan
that can give you the opportunity to get profitable fast
and be driving a new BMW within the next 90 days.
You can build this concept fast or you can build it slow,
but you go with what you're comfortable with.
Right now through the end of the year,
we've got some incentives
that may get you thinking faster is better.
Let me tell you what I'm talking about.
Step number one: Get yourself a Builder Pack today.
Find three people this week that see what you see,
and you're going to earn about $700.
Now, you're also going to find some people
that aren't really ready to do the business yet.
Get three of them on any of our brands as customers
and your monthly order is free.
So now you're not only profitable,
but you've locked in free monthly product orders.
Pretty cool.
In fact, we've got people making $1,000, $1,500, $2,000
in their very first month.
Now, let's get you in that new BMW.
Step number two:
Now, just help one person on each side of your business
duplicate the success that you're having
and create about $5,000 in volume --
bam, you're car-qualified.
Step number three:
Just help five people on your two teams get a car,
and you're earning about $50,000 a year residual income part time,
and it just keeps growing from there.
The best part: You decide how much you'd like to earn
and how big you'd like to build this business.
But here's the bottom line:
This is happening, and it's happening fast.
In fact, this year,
Vemma's projected to pay out over $50 million in referral bonuses
to people that partner up with us.
And I'm here to tell you, you can do this business.
You can create something that,
if you work hard at it over the next two years,
can give you the opportunity
to set your family up financially forever.
Now, that's a concept anyone could get excited about.
Thanks for listening.