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Park the car in the garage. - Very well, sir
The car returns at 9 :40. . . - Park the car, I say!
Yes, sir
The car returned at 9 :40 a. m. It did 80 miles
Madhav. . . - Yes?
What yes? - I mean, yes sir?
Any message for me. - Yes. The senior boss called
He called first at 7 : 00 : 1 7. The second at 8 : 09 : 03
You note the history or the message? - I complete the charge-sheet, sir
Charge-sheet? Looks like I must have you recruited in the police force
The door of the bathroom closes. . .
Here she is!
What are you doing? Let me go!
Let go!
Who fastened this rope here? - Darling, as you know. . .
I'm the private detective in this insurance company
That rope wasn't meant for you to trip
I was thinking of a way to trap a bogus client. . .
little knowing that the rope could be put to double-use!
What do you mean? - In a trice, we hugged each other
Get up from my chair! - Darling. . .
you have a fiery temper and I'm a mild-mannered man
I could make you sit in my heart. And you don't spare me a chair. . . ?
Who tied this rope here? - Well, actually. . .
Darling, take off that rope. Else, someone else will fall
What were you upto? - I was thinking of a way. . .
to trap the bogus client, so I tied the rope
Remember, Joe. Behave like this in office again, and you'll be laid off
You're always thinking of girls, not about your work
This is Mr D'Silva's case. - D'Silva?
Yes, F.J. D'Silva. He's pretty old for an insurance policy of 250,000
Apart from a niece, he has no other heirs
I find it fishy. Make enquiries
How old is the girl? - She's young
Her name? - Elizabeth D'Silva
Her profession? - I don't know
Is she married? - Mr Joe!
I'm talking about making inquiries into Mr D'Silva. Not the girl !
Why would a man like him need such a high insurance?
I had a reason to ask, sir
This place where I live, there's a girl called Elizabeth D'Silva too
She too is young and has no one apart from an uncle
Maybe it's the same girl
Hi Liz! How could you return so early?
What point in staying there? Uncle didn't give me a penny
I pleaded so much, but he blew it all away
Uncle could give up his life, but not his money
My father wasn't such a miser. So what makes this man so tight-fisted?
Sometimes, I feel like wringing my uncle's neck and ending the story!
Why talk like a mad girl? What would people say?
What would they say? I need money and I don't care!
I'm your paying guest. But I haven't even paid you your rentals
You are a friend first. You can pay me when you have the money
It's not just the rent. There's so much one needs to live!
And I haven't money even for a show!
But we're doing the show for a charitable cause
It's a noble deed. Anyone would spend the money
Let's go and sell the tickets. - Oh yes, I forgot to tell you
I gave Ajay a lot of tickets to sell. - To Ajay. . . ?
Poor man ! - Why. . . ?
What will that poor guy do on his own?
Work for the police and also work for you !
But the police ought to work for the public
That's okay. But double-duty might be a trifle too much
Why. . . ? I'm going to kill you !
I know your mysterious friend is back. How long is she staying here?
I don't know, but she must stay till the show is held
What for. . . ?
It's no good for us!
She pays no rent
She performs for charity and lives on charity!
You're talking about her, and I say everyone lives on charity
Who pays rent here? You've given accommodation to Joe
Is he paying the rent?
Why ask me? Who's the one who brought Joe here. You or me?
Maybe I brought him here
But who asked him to stay over? Was it you or me?
Me! I liked the poor man
Where would the poor boy have gone anyway?
Because you liked him, he's a poor boy
But my Liz is not poor! It's her Uncle who has driven her poor
Well? Were you having a fight? - No, that's the way we always talk
When is your charity show? - Saturday night
Are the tickets sold? - No, there are many lying unsold
You'll have to work on it. - Who wouldn't, for you?
When strangers are willing to, why not we in the family?
Get ready for the rehearsals. - Now?
Yes, hurry up
I was looking at your track record. It's pretty impressive
How about the new case? - I paid a visit there. . .
it's an ordinary case of theft. - Would you like to handle it?
I will, if you ask me to
But I want to handle a big case now, Uncle
Something exciting and thrilling !
This is how your daddy also was. He joined the police force with me
He accepted the biggest of cases and eventually went on. . .
to become the Inspector General
The whole of your family has been very daring in the police force
Ajay, you will go places too
All right, I'll give this robbery case to someone else
Sir, is there anything special this Saturday evening?
Why? - I wish to attend a show
You may. But leave a note behind
''There was once a queen who had a step-daughter''
''The Queen believed she was the fairest in the world''
''Mirror mirror on the wall, who's the fairest of us all?''
''Queen, it's your step-daughter who lives in this very palace''
''A girl. . . ?''
''Who is this girl?''
''But she looks pretty''
''Do not be afraid, girl. We're your friends''
''You're welcome here''
''Mirror mirror on the wall, who's the fairest of us all?''
''Queen, it's your step-daughter who lives in the faraway cottage''
Apples! Sweet apples!
''Mirror mirror on the wall, who's the fairest of us all?''
''Queen, it's your step-daughter who lives with the Prince''
What a fantastic show. - The audience should know
Oh come on ! People in the audience went into a swoon !
There's someone in a swoon even here
I must leave now. - Where to. . . ? Wait a moment
What will I do? The poor man sells the tickets and loses his heart!
Better you book a seat for yourself quickly
You're looking very pretty
Why're you looking into the mirror? Look into my eyes. . .
you'll know how beautiful you are
It appears as if a fairy has descended from the skies
She's more beautiful than a fairy. One more, please
Who are you? Whose permission did you take for the photo?
It was a nice pose and the door was welcoming me
Give me the camera. - It isn't stolen
At this rate, the headlines tomorrow will scream, ''Police atrocity''
Are you a press reporter? - Yes
I'm here for a photo-shoot with her
I'll wait downstairs. Okay?
What would you like to have? - Nothing
My newspaper wants an article as beautiful as you are
Shoot. - Question number one
Despite being so rich, why do you perform at such shows?
For the sake of charity. - Very good !
People nowadays wouldn't do anything for their parents. . .
and you hold such a big charity show for your Uncle!
I haven't done it for Uncle. - Makes no difference
If not for Uncle, it's for his children !
What are you talking about? My Uncle has no children
Maybe he hasn't. He'll soon have some. - My Uncle isn't even married
Takes time to marry. Not to have children
Why don't you understand? I do the show for orphans
Orphans? Your Uncle isn't married. So how are his children orphaned?
Why're you targetting my Uncle? - Simple
I want the true picture of your Uncle before my eyes
Are you here to interview me or is it my Uncle?
I'm giving your uncle the importance because he's important to you
I mean, he's the one who brought you up
And he made you the nominee of a policy worth 250,000
Isn't that right? - Are you a detective. . . ?
Please leave! - I have question number 2 to ask
To hell with you and your question number 2 !
I feel sorry for you. - What do you mean?
What a fast girl ! I had had enough in a just a little while
What'll happen of your life? - Don't talk rubbish !
I'm sorry you had to wait
What's gotten into you? - Nothing
You're such a chatterbox normally. But you're so quiet today?
I want to say so much to you today. For a lifetime
But there are so little words, I don't know where to begin
I have something to say to you too. - What?
I want us both to get married. To spend our lifetime in love
This little gift will explain everything to you
My uncle! Uncle might not approve of the marriage
Don't worry about your Uncle, Liz. I'll bring him around
But where is the money?
Are you marrying me or the money? - You don't understand, Ajay
I want to spend a lot of money on our marriage
On clothes, parties, receptions. . . I want to have a blast!
Enough, enough. Don't be so obsessed with money
Whatever I have is yours anyway. Isn't it?
What are you looking at? - The telephone
You have lovely sets in the bedroom and the hall
You're trying to fool me? You were eying the girl !
The girl? You mean it was a girl who was handling it?
No wonder I thought it wasn't a man's hand
I was looking at the hand, you see. But no one has hands like yours
Isn't she the girl whose Uncle doesn't send her any money, darling?
It's okay if I talk about her. But why must you?
Don't forget, you're my paying guest! - Your paying guest, or mine. . .
he's not paying anyone the rent! Lucy. . .
it's very late in the night. Let the poor chap go to sleep
He'll fall sick if he doesn't. - You haven't gone to sleep yet?
How will I? I couldn't go to sleep. - She can't, unless I ask her to
Susan, where's your dressing gown? And what did you say ? What. . . ?
You sisters are such darlings to live and sleep together. . .
I will never leave the two of you. - I know you'll stay right here
You're a very nice man. But what do you mean by the two of you?
I mean, the two of you. Suzy and you. - Shut up!
Mister, you can call me by my name. Not my elder sister
You must call her sister. - No, Susan !
Let him call me what he wants to. I like it when he calls me Lucy
I don't like it. - No? You like sister?
Joe, call her sister
I hate it when you girls fight. Look, sister. . .
Lucy, Suzy's still a child. You must handle her properly
Like hell you'll handle her properly. She'll handle you instead !
I'll be the worst yet if you address my sister by her name!
People say, a single rooster drives two hens crazy
Wrong ! These two hens are driving a rooster mad !
Telegram for you
''Uncle's serious. . . . ''
Trunk call?
Liz, I just received your telegram
Uncle, Ajay's dead. He's passed away, Ajay
Passed away? How did it happen?
You were with me last night. You said nothing about his illness
I got a call last night that Uncle had suffered a heart-attack
I was asked to hurry and left immediately. . .
without saying a word to anyone. Ajay, I'm all alone
Please help me. I'm absolutely helpless, Ajay
Please help me. . . please
Don't worry. . . just give me your address
All right, I'll get there soon
Is it close by. . . ?
I'll leave immediately
Sir, I want leave for a few days. - What for?
My girlfriend's uncle has died suddenly
She informed me over the phone just now
She's all alone, I need to be there
Go ahead, but try and be back soon
Excuse me
Where's Mr D'Silva's house?
Take this lane and you'll come across a very big bungalow
That's the one. - Thank you very much
You. . . ?
Maybe you're Mr Ajay. - That's right
You're very late. - My car had stalled
What happened to him? - A heart attack
And he died instantly
Where's Liz? - Upstairs. Come with me
Liz. . . I'm here, Liz
Please. Don't disturb her. I've given her a sedative
She needs as much rest as possible
Come, let her rest
It's late. We must bury the body at the earliest
Else, the body will begin to rot. - Haven't you informed his relatives?
Relatives? As you see, there's no one else in this house except me
Besides, it won't be right to leave Liz alone in her condition
No, Liz mustn't be left alone
Tell me what needs to be done. - I know you'll be bothered
But meet Father Gonsalves. - Father Gonsalves?
Yes, the priest at the church. It isn't very far away
Take a right and then a left. That's where the church is
I'm extremely. . . - That's okay. I'll go and meet him
What is the matter? - I wish to meet Father Gonsalves
That's me
I need your help. - It's my duty to help
What is the matter? - Mr D'Silva who lived nearby,. . .
has passed away
I don't know anyone around
We need some men, a coffin and other things to give him a burial
It'll all be arranged. But it'll take some time
Can't we hurry it up, Father? The doctor says, the body might rot
I see, I'll do it as fast as possible
Excuse me. . . which house did you say? - It's close by
It's a very big bungalow. The only one
All right
Who's this man?
He's without support. The man who died, always helped him out
Is everything okay? No trouble? - No
The priest was a big help, everything was okay
Where's Liz? - She's upstairs and okay
I must leave now. - You must?
Yes, got to attend to other patients too
Call me over if need be
It was so kind of you. . .
to leave your duty and come away, the moment you received my call
I had to come. . . there's nothing kind about it
Your first visit to my house, in such a situation. . . ?
I couldn't even properly receive you. I don't even know when you arrived
Why must you say such things, Liz?
Had you not come, maybe Uncle's body would never have had a funeral
You mustn't think like that
Liz. . .
Who are you?
You. . . who are you?
I live in the neigbouring village. - But at this late hour. . . ?
I came to meet the doctor. - But the doctor has left
Can you tell me where I'll find him? - I have no idea
This is a problem. My son is seriously ill
I was told the doctor was here. Anyway. . . good night
I wonder where the doctor has gone away
Liz. . .
What is the matter? - I came to see you
I couldn't go to sleep. So I went to get some coffee
Haven't you gone to sleep yet? - I did, but I woke up
Liz, what girl could it be to weep at your uncle's grave?
What do you mean? - Something strange happened tonight
There was this girl walking by, crying just like you
I thought it was you and followed her. She wept at your uncle's grave
When I called ''Liz'', she turned around and it was someone else
I'm told there was a woman who was in love with Uncle
Although I've never seen her, this must've been her
How about some coffee? - No, it's very late. I must sleep
You slept well last night? - No, Ajay
I was tense all night
Uncle's face kept coming back to me all the time
It happens in a state of shock
Was your uncle already suffering from a sickness?
No, Ajay. He had no disease. It never looked like he was ill
So how did this happen?
I just got a call at midnight that he had had a heart attack
I tried my best to convey it to you, but couldn't get in touch
I sent that telegram before coming away
And when I arrived here, Uncle was breathing his last
Don't get too sentimental, Liz. Be brave
Hurry up. I brought it secretly. - What's up?
No time to talk. If my sister sees this, she'll hit the roof!
To latch the door and give me the breakfast. . . I don't get it
I had a massive fight with my sister today
She's not supposed to bring anything for you henceforth
I brought this on the sly. Go on, eat it up
I'd need a special mouth to eat it in a hurry
Put it in your mouth and chew it up gradually
D'you take me for a camel to keep chewing it later?
I don't know all that. Just open your mouth
I'm sorry, darling. I'm late. Suzy and I had a big fight!
Why's your face so swollen? Why don't you speak. . . ?
I'm chewing something. - Chewing?
What are you chewing? - Food
Food? Who gave it to you? - Last night's food
You chew last night's food now?
A camel eats by day and chews it in the night
I eat in the night and chew it up in the day
Who's that in the bathroom?
Who else could it be other than the tap? That's what it is
Let me take a look. - Not necessary
An automatic tap. It goes on and off on its own
See it's off. - You want anything more?
What timing ! A cup of tea, please. - Hold this, I'll get it
I'll have some tea, bathe, and leave for the office
You'll fall sick if you bathe after having tea
Take a bath and have the tea after that. I'll wait here
Darling, you're being put to hardship because of me
Why're you speaking so loudly? - So you can understand. . .
and things can be done faster. Man gets trapped in love
Like you and me here! - Talk softly, I'm not deaf
I can hear everything ! Take a shower quickly. I'll wait here
No, don't wait here
Make that cup of tea while I have a bath
You're so cruel ! You won't even let me sit here for a few minutes
You may sit for hours on end. But leave now, bad times!
Joe, don't let the tap running
Don't worry about that. Go on
What is the matter?
Uncle loved this tune
He used to be so taken up with it, he wouldn't even listen to what I said
That's okay, but how long will this tune be played in this house?
You've become much too emotional since your uncle has died
Liz, that's not right for you. - I can't help it, Ajay
I don't miss Daddy so much. But I've seen my uncle dying
So I can't stop thinking of him
He's the one who brought me up. I feel as if he's not dead. . .
that he's walking around this very house
But thinking like that won't bring him back
I know that. - So why think like that?
Liz, I think it's time you left this house
Left this house? - I say it. . .
because you've seen death here. You'll remain upset here
You need a change of atmosphere. It'll give your heart some peace
Where will I go? - With me
To your house? - Yes
What will people say? - What?
You're being so old-fashioned. Whatever people say. . .
I'm not letting you stay here alone. We're leaving this place tomorrow
Why shut the door? Joe hasn't returned yet
Why hasn't he? Everyone must've got home by now. . .
so why not Joe? - Must've gone to the movies
He'll be back when the movie's over. Why are you worried?
I'm worried, my sweet will ! But why're you waiting for him?
Susan Fernandes, you're unmarried and wait for a stranger? That's terrible
Lucy Fernandes, you're not married either
To wake up for a stranger is not good at all !
But you're under-age! - I'm not under-age! I'm 22
What rubbish ! I'm not 18 yet. So how can you be 22 ?
You're 18 . . . ?
You're 2 8 !
Softly! Everyone will hear that! - Good thing too
When they ask you whom you're waking for, you can answer them
Yes, I'll answer them. I'll say, ''I'm in love with Joe''
You love Joe. . . ? - Yes
I'm in love with Joe
Will Joe go to jail for loving an under-age girl like you?
I'll kill Joe if he loves anyone except me
I'll shoot him! - So listen to me!
Joe gives me the loving look. If he looks away from me. . .
I'll gouge out his eyeballs and give them to you !
You'll give me Joe's eyeballs? You're going to blind him?
Of course, I'll blind him
Between these two girls, I'm sure going to go blind !
Better I find another place today!
Let Joe come! We'll decide this today!
What are you fighting over? What's wrong?
You. . . ? - I've warned you several times
But you won't change your ways. You always concentrate more on women
But sir. . . - No buts!
You're laid off from today! - Laid off? With my pay?
For how long, sir? - For a lifetime
For a lifetime?
Mr D'Silva. . . ? Good morning. - D'Silva? Who's D'Silva. . . ?
The owner of this house. - I'm not him
So where has he gone? - To the graveyard
Graveyard? For someone's funeral? - For his own
His own? Could you tell me clearly?
Mr D'Silva is dead. - Dead. . . ?
I'm dead too!
Hey. . . you're crying. What happened?
He has left the world, but I'll have to leave the job
What will I do now? - You came from here, right?
So get going from here. - Thank you
Sure, I'll go
Your son is not a child. He's a grown up man
How did he go missing? - He went to meet his brother Ramesh
And he hasn't returned to this day. He was my only support
Where is your younger son?
He lives with his wife, in a place far away from here
Near Chauri. He's a terrible man. An alcoholic
I cannot malign him, because he is my son
My wife too died, worrying about him
Do you suspect him?
How can parents suspect their children, Sir?
Why did he go to your younger son?
He had gone to make Ramesh see reason
To tell him to care for his old father and give up his vices
Did you talk to Ramesh? - He says Prakash didn't come there
For God sake help me. I'm a poor man
I'll pray for you all my life. - Don't worry, all will be well
Our duty is to help. Can you give me Prakash's photograph?
How can poor people like us click photographs?
His photograph can be of great help. - I will try
Perhaps his friends might have some
Give it soon. . . I'll start the inquiry. - May God bless you
Whom do you want to meet?
I want to meet Madam. - Me? Why?
Your uncle had taken 250,000 rupees from me
I have this promissory note. Please repay this loan
Why should I repay his loan? - You are the heiress to the property
And the nominee of the insurance money too
How do you know that?
A tender has to keep track of everything
I don't know anything. - Then I'll have to take legal action
Meaning? - Don't get angry
She has no knowledge about the law. Talk to her solicitor
I'll give you the address. - I know it. I'll meet him
It'll be good if this matter is settled soon
I will not give him a single penny, let him go and ask uncle.
What are you saying? Uncle is dead
My uncle is dead. I couldn't even attend his funeral
Where have you come from? - From the bathroom
Actually I've from London. I'm Liz' cousin
Cousin? What is your name?
Is that your family's name?
I'll cut it short. You can call me Joe
But why are you interfering? Let my cousin talk
I don't know you - You won't
When I was very small I went to London
Now I have become big, so I came back
But why? - To marry you
Our marriage was fixed by uncle, when we were small
Don't talk nonsense! Get out!
There are lot of homes for people like you here
I will create a chaos. Go on a strike. I'll fight for my right
I have nobody in this world. Since my uncle died. . .
everybody has become my enemy
My fiancee joined hands with another man and insulted me
They threw me out of the house, told me to stay in a Home
I have nobody in this world. Where is justice?
I will make my gherao successful. I will die here now
When I meet uncle in heaven, I will ask him. . .
why he arranged my marriage with such a girl?
Nuisance. - What a man. Just look at his act!
Don't you know him?
I don't know. I've a cousin in England named Joe. . .
but I don't know him
Maybe he is your cousin, otherwise why would he barge inside?
We must call him in. - But why? What's the use?
Weren't you saying people will talk if we stay together?
If he stays with us, nobody will say anything
Hail ! - Revolution !
Will you beat me? - Come in
First you threw me out, now you are taking me in
I cannot understand your double policy
But I'll take a chance. This matter pertains to my marriage
Don't talk about marriage. - Why not? I'll wait. . .
till you agree. - I will never agree
Then I won't talk about our marriage. - Shut up and come in
Will I have to keep signing till I get the money!
How many more documents are left? - A few more
What can a lawyer do? The necessary inquires have to be made
And you have a lot of property
You are going to get an insurance money of 250,000 rupees
How many years will it take for these documents to be approved?
It will take time
You are lucky that Mr. Ajay is an officer and is signing as witness
Otherwise the father signs and dies and his son has to sign again
Will she get the money or her child?
You must be joking
I need money urgently. - Do you?
Yes. - Then take it from me
But how can I take your money?
I know you from a long time
I knew you would need money. So I arranged for it
Return it, when you get your money
Be seated. Is your name Jaswant Rao?
Yes. - Sir was telling me about your case
Have you brought the photograph? - Yes
Here you are
This! - This was the only photograph I got
Is this your son's photograph? - Yes, it is
How can that be? - Believe me sir, this is Prakash's snap
Are you telling the truth? - Why should I lie?
Can't I recognise my son's snap?
You are Christians, isn't it? - What!
I'm a poor Hindu man. Please trace my son sir
I'll be highly obliged
Be patient. We will inquire. Keep in touch with us
God bless you
How do I look?
Had you taken part in a beauty contest. . .
they would've made you a beauty queen
And I would've had to break our engagement
I can understand Urdu
Crows and hens crow seeing the morning beauty
Why can't I, a man, speak about your beauty?
You talk too much. Do people speak like you in England?
I mean, too much
They speak only 120 words in 60 seconds
I speak 140 words in 60 seconds. No one can beat Indian women in speech
Then why don't you let me speak?
Uncle never told me to keep quiet
But he is dead now. - Good
Very good. He has cleared the road for me
What a good job!
You will get the money now, without having to get married
Now we both will get married and go for a honeymoon
Who will marry you? Don't dream!
If you want to dream, go outside
Good you came, he was boring me from a long time
What's all this?
I bought these. See, such a beautiful frock
Yes. - I have purchased some more!
Isn't this colour beautiful?
And some accessories - You've became an expert in shopping
These studs, the latest design, this necklace too
You purchased everything before marriage?
These are just few things
You don't know I want to buy so many things
You can buy the whole world. Whatever you like, car, bungalow
Earlier, I had to beg for money from my uncle
I had money but couldn't spend it. Now I can waste money
There's no one to stop you
After your uncle's death you are the heiress to his property
Why don't you do something in your uncle's memory?
A painting perhaps
How can I? I don't even have his photograph
I found his photograph. - From where?
I can't tell you that, but here it is
Isn't he your uncle? - Absolutely not. Are you joking?
I don't know who is joking
Can you tell me who is he? - I don't know
There are millions in this world? - You don't know him?
No. - Are you telling the truth?
What are you saying? I never lie
I'll go, I have some important work
I have 2 cinema tickets. Will you take me along?
I want to meet father Gonsalves. - He is not here
He was in this church before? - He had come in my place for sometime
Where can I find him?
What's wrong? - A small problem
Mr. D'Silva used to stay here. Can you tell me about him?
I have heard about him
Is he Mr. D'Silva?
I can't say. I've never met him
Did you find out anything? - The doctor is not to be found
A doctor by this name left Goa before it was liberated
Do you have any news?
The girl you had described turned out to be Ramesh' wife
Any news about Ramesh? - He has gone to visit his in-laws
Any news about the people who had attended the funeral?
They were brought here on hire from another village
Hire! What do you mean? - Yes, it's their profession
For money and liquor they bury anybody's corpse
Come with me now. Then call them at the police station
You go to graveyard and remove the body. I'll be there
Perhaps you didn't recognise me
I have seen you somewhere
I had asked your help to bury this man
I remember. An attire changes a person drastically
Can you tell me more about him? - I don't know anything
You had informed me of his death
Don't you know Mr. D'Silva? !
No. I had gone to that church because that father was unwell
What's wrong? - A problem has cropped up
We buried the wrong person
Wrong person? ! What are you saying?
We made a mistake. Where had the people come from, for the funeral?
Mr. Pinto had arranged for it
Where does he stay? - He stays in Asnora village
Perhaps I'll need your help again
If you see Mr. Pinto, inform the police immediately
How far has the work reached? - The coffin has been unearthed
Open it
The body is missing !
What were you doing all these days?
I thought you made thorough inquiry before issuing such a big amount
But Mr. D'Silva died before the inquiry could be completed
The case has become very complicated
The inquiry is going on. We will let you know the details soon
Why? What's wrong?
Yes. - Why?
I've complicated myself in Jaswant's son's case
How is that?
After seeing Prakash's photograph I realised. . .
that I buried him thinking him to be Liz' uncle
How can this be? Don't you know Liz' uncle?
I have never seen him
Didn't Liz recognise her dead uncle?
Liz was unconscious when I reached there. Only the doctor was there
On his advice, I took the help of the priest to bury her uncle
Where's the doctor?
After inquiry we learnt that a doctor by this name. . .
left India before Goa was liberated
And the father?
He was ill. Father Gonsalves from another village had come to replace him
But he doesn't know the local people
What about the funeral members? - They were all hired
A person's death is no joke. Atleast the neighbours should know
The village is so densely populated. . .
anything can be kept a secret
Anything peculiar's after the burial?
Yes, but it seemed quite natural then. - What?
One man was crying bitterly
I was told the deceased often helped him
That night I followed a lady to the graveyard, thinking her to be Liz
She was crying at the grave, where I had buried the body
Who are these people?
I found out that the man is Jaswant's younger son, Ramesh. . .
and the lady is his wife. - Where are they?
Ramesh has gone to visit his in-laws. He'll return this evening
I had read in the report that you had got the coffin unearthed
Yes I had, but the body was missing
Do you know that Mr. D'Silva. . . - Insured himself for a big amount
What type of a girl is Liz?
She is crazy for money. She has spent a lot after her uncle's death
She is heiress to her father's property of which her uncle was the trustee
From when do you know her? - I met her some days ago
And you got engaged to her without knowing her background?
Is love so blind?
I didn't know. . . - When did you meet Liz?
Look, don't hide anything from me
I was driving from Calungate Road, when another car was behind me
Who allowed you to drive so recklessly?
Show me your license. - Who are you to ask?
Who am I? - Yes
I'll show you
A car has met with an accident on Calungate Road
Make arrangements to tow it. I'll wait for you under a tree
Here is my license
Come this way
You might know much about law. - Yes, I have to
What's the matter? - I have a property problem
Yes, don't judge me by my battered car
I'm an heiress to my father's property
But my uncle is its trustee. He is very stingy
I can never spend as per my wish
I think you love money very much. How much money do you spend?
You don't know. I have to ask for my own money
I can't buy a new car or a new bungalow
I can't live lavishly. I can't do anything I like to
Daddy has kept a strange clause, that I won't get the money. . .
until uncle dies or I don't get married.
Tell me is this correct?
It's indeed weird. I'll inquire and let you know
Give me your address and phone number if you have any
I need money urgently
Do you? Then do one thing
Strangle your uncle. You will get enough money
Bad idea? ! Okay, forget it
The other way is, get married to a decent man
Decent man? There aren't any these days
You'll find many, and you need not go far
Please try to understand
You make me understand. - How can I?
I'm a decent man. And I've started liking you
I'm telling the truth
I'm feeling sleepy
I wanted to ask what you are doing. Must be sitting idle?
No. I'm waiting for your decision
I told you I cannot decide so soon
Until I decide, you can count the stars
I read in a book that there are about 50,7 5,00,3 1 1 stars
These have been counted by others. How many did you count?
I have seen only one star, which is beautiful and fantastic
Can you tell me how can I have that star?
Why do you want that star?
I love that star
Love. Don't you know what love is?
When do me meet? Tomorrow?
Why tomorrow? - Then today?
How many days after the engagement, did her uncle expire?
The very next day she rang me and told me about it
Maybe this money crazy girl did everything for your signature?
So that her documents became more solid with your proof
Could be!
There could be another angle. - What?
Maybe she is doing all this under someone's pressure
Keep your inquiry on. - I think, someone else. . .
You are a police officer and a police officer should not be emotional
The coffin has been brought from the graveyard. For the fingerprints. . .
I've sent it to the Laboratory. - Send its report to Ajay quickly
Had you gone to meet father yourself at Naigaon church?
Yes. What's wrong? - He was abducted by the thugs
Who told you this? - A man from the church told me
Inspector Khan has gone with him to inquire
Send Inspector Khan to me when he returns
This matter is getting confusing
Does Liz stay in your house now? - Yes
What happened? - I got scared
Why? Are you scared of me now?
I must get scared of you. - Because I'm a police officer?
Why should I get scared, if you are a police officer?
Should I tell you this too?
What's happened to you? - To me?
Yes. You've changed First you would be happy. . .
while entering the house now your eyes seek for an answer
You are right. My eyes search for someone
And you very well know that no culprit can escape from me.
Culprit? Why are you telling me all this?
Maybe you haven't done anything
But sometimes a person commits crime under pressure
I feel you suspect me
What did I get out of your love today? Suspicion, hatred !
Not hatred. I still love you, I will always you
I can't see you handcuffed
I'll fight for you till I die. Tell me why did you do it, for whom?
What have I done?
You sent me a telegram, gave a trunk call
I reached there. Your uncle had died. I had buried him
But I didn't bury your uncle. - I don't know whom you buried !
I was unconscious then. - Only you can say that
Because nobody else can prove otherwise
I had buried this man !
I have told you before, he is not my uncle!
That's what I want to know. Where's your uncle, if he's alive?
What happened to him if he died? - You should know that!
I know, he died in front of me. Then I don't know what happened
Or you don't want to tell me?
I got his grave dig up by orders from the law,. . .
Do you know what I found? - What?
Only stones. The corpse was missing. Love makes a man blind
But your love made me an offender of law
Tears will not free you from the law
Duty is very important
You're crazy for money
You had told me you can do anything for money
You didn't bother about me in your greed for money
You thought you'll get rid of me soon. . .
and deal with your uncle's death to get money. You'll become rich !
Describe your uncle!
He was a middle-aged man. Fair and well built
He didn't have a toe on his left foot
Who is it?
I have come into my house now. How did you get in?
I am waiting from a long time. Where is your wife?
Why are you waiting for my wife?
You are a policeman. - Have you come to your senses now?
My wife has gone to visit her parents
I have inquired about you
You are a labourer, then how can you buy such expensive liquor?
With money. I had got a bonus someday back. . .
and sometimes I take loans from my friends
Don't hide anything from me
Tell me, how did your elder brother die?
My elder brother expired?
Yes. He had come here to make you see reason
I am telling the truth. No one came here. Believe me
I'm asking you for the last time. Tell me clearly. . .
or I will use other methods to make you talk
You can be hanged for your crime. Do you want to be hanged?
Then tell me the truth
How was your brother murdered? Where's the body?
I'll tell you everything sir
Don't you get scared in the dark?
I get very scared. I'll fetch the lamp
Don't try to run away, or I will shoot
Go inside, Ramesh's body is lying in. Be on guard. Come on
Step outside!
You !
I got scared. - Why?
I thought a thug was chasing me
What are you doing here? - That's what I want to know
How did you reach Ramesh's house? - Who Ramesh?
I was going home. - I saw you driving away from there!
What were you doing there?
I had some work. - So late at night! What was it?
You are questioning me as if I'm a culprit
Answer me properly!
Don't compel me to use force. Tell me what were you doing there?
I won't tell. - You can't go anywhere
Why? - You're under arrest
What! For what crime? - For murder
Whose murder?
I can't tell you
Don't ask me anything without your lawyer's permission
Now I've to take the lawyer's permission to talk to you?
Every culprit has to do that
Sit in the jeep
Make arrangements to get this car and the body to the police station
And inform the chief
What's the matter? - I've come to take Liz' baggage
To the lock up? - No, to the car
Liz is downstairs, she has been released
Released !
Napoleon says that there's no word such as impossible in the dictionary
You can lock her up. I can release her on bail
Has Liz been released on bail? - Yes
But the case hasn't been solved
Our aim is to find out about Liz's uncle,
Hence I released her on bail
I have a new plan. - New plan?
Why do you think about him?
What else can I do? Misunderstanding can ruin one's life
I can't understand what's going on
Some problems are like a puzzle. . .
the more you try to understand the more confused you get
How can this be? Uncle died before me. . .
and Ajay is showing me someone else's photograph
Could uncle's face change after he died?
It could be the photographer's mistake. Come, dinner is ready
I'm not hungry. - Neither am I, but I never waste food
I'm going, complete the work soon
The autopsy report has come. - What does it say?
The death was caused by strangulation
And she was murdered a few minutes before her body was found
Who was she? - Her name was Maya
She was Ramesh's wife who was murdered a few days ago
Even his brother's whereabouts are unknown
I found this letter from her blouse. - Read it
''Dear Liz, we are strangers to each other. . . ''
''but I'm writing to you to relieve myself of a burden''
''Perhaps you don't know that my husband Ramesh was a bad man''
''Liquor was more important to him than any relationship''
''He could commit any grave sin for liquor''
''Maybe my life too is in danger because of his sins''
''No wife ever discloses her husbands bad deeds''
''but I can't carry this burden any longer''
''One day my husband's elder brother came home to make him see reason''
''Prakash was a decent man. They argued on household matters''
''Gradually, they started fighting''
Aren't you ashamed? You care neither about your father nor your wife!
You tortured mother to death. Now you will kill me too!
You cannot see anything else other than liquor!
What and whom should I see? Die of hunger if you want to!
I don't have enough money for liquor, how can I feed you both? !
Shameless! What will you feed any one!
You spilled my liquor!
Why did you do it!
What have you done? Go. Call the doctor!
Where are you going? - To get the doctor!
You killed brother! - Killed?
Yes, you killed him!
All is well !
Open the door. Let me out!
No! I won't let you sell this corpse!
''I didn't know who bought the body but. . . ''
This letter is incomplete
But one problem has been solved ; that was Prakash's body
According to Liz' trunk call, her uncle had expired
Then who could've bought the body? - Perhaps her uncle
Then we must trace her uncle
One more information. According to our instruction. . .
the insurance company has given Liz the money
Good. Whoever is doing this, is doing it for money
Now that Liz has got the money, they will. . .
Is Mr. Joe still with Liz? - Yes
You had told me that you've a girl friend in this city. . .
what's her name?
I'll go and get her now, so that she can stay with you at night
I can stay alone. I don't need anybody
The cats here may go and open cupboards again, and. . .
I'll go and get Suzy by evening
You keep on eye on the cat
Move aside
Don't get scared. I've come empty-handed
But I don't want to go empty-handed !
You won't get anything if you beg
You will have to return empty handed from your own door step
Don't be obstinate
I can make you understand as well as break your obstinacy
You might have ruined many people
You cannot break my obstinacy
I will not let a weak woman be stubborn.
I had asked you last night will you write a letter to Ajay. . .
and a cheque to the bank or not?
I had told you earlier that I will do neither. . .
until you tell me what you did to my uncle
Forget him. Think about yourself and your friend
Your lover and you will be killed otherwise
Don't scare me
My love life has been ruined, my friend turned away. . .
now my life is at stake
You. . . you scoundrels have ruined my life!
You can buy everything. Your friend, lover and a lavish life
In lieu of 250,000 rupees
A beggar like you can't sell me anything !
If you can't buy anything then Ajay will have to. . .
do away with his honour job and career. . .
which is at stake now
What! And a murderer like you will name the price!
No. Perhaps you don't know what this world is deciding for him
' Suspicion on the inquiry of police officer Ajay. ''
''First the corpse disappears then the girl ! ''
No, this is a lie!
You cannot play with anyone's life
I'll tell the police. . .
Nobody can go out of here without my permission
If you try, you will be dead
Let me meet him once. I promise you I'll give you the insurance money
I cannot take the risk
If you don't trust me, come along
I will encash the cheque and hand it over to you
You have missed the opportunity
My son had come to you with the pro-note. . .
you could've given him the money then
Believe me, I won't cheat you. Let me go
No! I can't take such a big risk
I'll take the cash from Ajay now
You just sign the cheque. - Sign !
Yes. Here is your cheque book
And write to Ajay, asking him to get the cash as per instructions
This is the only way you and Ajay can be saved
Everything is happening as we assumed. They've taken Liz away. . .
they will demand money from her now
I'm sure, you will be their next target
Something should be decided
Hence I'm risking your life
Here, eat your last meal
What! Then I'll be killed? !
Don't know
What are you saying, uncle? You can lie in the grave alive
Then you can run away from it
But you don't know the programme after the meal?
Quiet! Eat this!
My hands are tied. - Then eat with your mouth
Am I an animal to eat that way?
Eat if you want!
Please untie me. - No!
I'll break your head. - What did you say?
Is the food made in pure ghee?
Inform me if you need anything
''Your life's at stake. I can't risk your life a small amount''
''I'm sending the cheque, encash it''
Who is it?
Did you get Liz's letter? - Yes
Get the cash at 4 pm today. At the petrol pump on the highway. . .
15 kms to the north
Yes. You'll get the full details there. Get rupees 10 bundles
Mind you, don't inform the police. . .
or else you'll be killed as well as Liz
Why did you send for me?
I have a plan. f you agree we can,. . .
divide the money only among the two of us
What's the plan?
It's a good idea. Okay, I'll meet you there
I'll leave
Excuse me
Any problem. . . - Don't worry
Fill her up. - Okay
There's a letter for you
Who gave you this? - I don't know
He gave me your car number and asked me to give it to you
I got a letter from the petrol pump. It says 12 miles from Rewda. . .
I will get another letter lying next to a big milestone
I will reach there in about 20 minutes
No car is following me. I think there's no danger now
I'll inform you again, when I reach there
I had told you, not to inform the police. You think you are smart!
Beware! No tricks!
Reverse the car
Take a left
Tell the police that your life is in danger. . .
and not to search for you till the next 2 hours. . .
or you and Liz will be dead
Start the transmission and repeat what I said
Don't try to search me for the next 2 hours
Liz and I are in danger
I. . .
After all the police station near Rewda. . .
to search for car number GOA 32 64
Come on, get down
I'll take him. You get the car
Beware. Come this way
My horse shoe will work as a knife.
What's your name?
Where are you taking me?
You cannot escape from the police after committing such a serious crime
After seeing the wreckage of your car, they'll think you committed suicide
And till they search for your body, we'll reach our hideout
Where is Liz? - In the house nearby
No! You cannot kill him. Let him come
You lied to me - Quiet!
Leave me!
Get up!
Don't shoot!
He has made me tired
Forgive me, you had to face problems because of me
Why did you risk your life for me?
Take care
No. I'll not let you go. - Let me go
Listen, Ajay
No, I'm not father Gonsalves
You didn't see him and he too didn't know me
Hence I dressed as a priest and took advantage
Why did you do all this?
I had a lot of debt. . . which I could never pay
And I couldn't waste your property
But you died in front of me
No. When you come after receiving my telegram. . .
that time the doctor was preparing to inject me
That injection was not to set my heart-beat right. . .
but to make me unconscious for a while
I became unconscious
You thought I died
You lost control of yourself
The doctor gave you an injection to make you unconscious
I could move around in that time
I placed Prakash's body in my place
To hide Prakash's secret. . .
we had to kill Ramesh
To hide his death, we had to kill his wife
To save myself, I had to kill father Gonsalves 00 : 2 8 : 0 : 02 00 : 2 8 : 0 7 : 00 But now when I'm dying I realise. . .
that a person can never win the game of life with dirty tricks
Don't cry, dear
My sins will end with me
But keep Liz. . .
away from its evil shadow
There is a house there, search it. - Okay sir
She is badly hurt
Take her to the doctor. I'll take care of everything here
A body is lying there and the case with the money
It's here. He was slipping away with it
You handled this case beautifully and courageously
I'll personally recommend for your promotion
I'll take care, you can go