Hitler youth documentary about Baldur von Schirach Part 2.

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Al youth for the Führer, that is the goal of the Hitler Youth.
Just as the past years
we call our 10 year old to join under Adolf Hitlers flag.
Germany also needs the smallest children.
In the big camaraderie of the youth.
He just have to learn, just like a 10 year old girl...
to surrender his will to the community and leaders.
Schirach's educational program is based on obedience.
Nothing is possible...
...if not one 'will' give orders...
...whom the others needs to obey always.
From the top all to the bottom.
You have to be able to rely completely on the other.
I hate the ones who always ask for the reason of my commands.
...rather then to just do it, we can not use such people in our group.
SS leader Heinrich Himmler is reaping the benefits of Schirach's work.
The Hitler youth brings him new recruits.
Himmler makes a pact with Schirach.
The SS-Totenkopfverbände (Death's Head unit) can directly recruit from Hitler Youth.
The boys consider their introduction to the elite troops of Himmler as a great honour.
In the black SS uniform they are trained to be willing executioners.
I called the events of 9 and 10 November a culture shame
...and I qualified it as a criminal act.
But with that he can not undo the mentality which he helped developing earlier.
During vacation camps and trainings, the Hitler Youth learn lot's of skills...
...which they can make use of when the game gets deadly serious later.
You had an training, who already joined the infantry could already move on the field.
His youth leader made clear that they need to be able to defend themselves.
He looks closely when they need to do their tests.
'heavenly grace given us by our Führer'
'we promise Hitler faithful until in the grave'
The young disciples of Hitler, also learn about martyrs cult.
Schirach creates a heroes myth of the death of the Berlin Hitler Youth boy Herbert Norkus.
He also makes eager use of film.
Listen up boy...
A Hiterboy is a soldier, you said. - that's right.
And you've been an officer? - yes.
Did you forbid your soldiers also to move forward in shootings?
Adolf Hitler, we are prepared as always
to defend you until the bitter end.
There is no Hitler Youth under this sun
who is not prepared to die.
Only in the movie the Hitler Youth boy dies a heroic death with the words of Schirach on his lips.
Our flag waves us forward...
I didn't like it to prepare the youth for war.
but during the development of the youth organisation I saw the need
to prepare the youth for war, according to the old expression
He who wants peace, should prepare for war.
I never thought about an attack on other nations.
After the invasion of Poland it gets serious.
Almost all leaders of the Hitler Youth changes their clothes to the army uniform.
Schirach's organisation delivers enthusiastic youngsters for the Wehrmacht (Defence Force).
Once they will take up the weapons for the nation.
All in Germany believes in you.
Who dies in your grades, only dies to be immortal.
At home the boys and girls of the Hitler Youth has to fill the void created by the war
Schirach also leaves to the front, just for a while.
After 2 months Hitler calls him back from France, there are more important things to do.
But the ruthless power politics of Hitler's leaders in Vienna, is arousing increasing bitterness, Schirach has to calm things down again.
In his beautiful house in Vienna Schirach opens the windows to get some fresh air.
Also Schirach looked the other way.
He didn't realize how bad it was.
Undisguised he openly justifies what is unjustifiable.
Why I banish Mr. Israel Lowenstein to the ghetto in the East?
For that man who bought more then 100 German books,
..it must be a terrible punishment?
On that question I answer:
'For me it is not a punishment if I'm send out to a strange country'.
'to live together with other German fellow citizens in a different place'.
I would do everything to be able to go on that train.
Was Schirach timid, or just naive?
Did the big leader just watch powerless how people were expelled en masse from his city?
Did the confidant of Hitler not know anything about the genocide, as he always alleged?
Documents which have been find recently, shed a different light on Schirach.
We realize that this war can only ends
if all Germanic peoples are being eradicated.
or if the Jews are moved out of Europe.
In June 1942 proclaims Schirach during a call to the labour front
This autumn we will be able to celebrate that Vienna is free of Jews.
In the last 50 year before 1933 10's of thousands of Jews came from Galicia.
to Vienna en they always were able to make...
...Vienna the most disgusting capital of Europe.
The Nazi board, led by Baldur von Schirach succeeded
to make the city of the Donau a German city again.
All the important jobs are not in the hands of Jews anymore.
About the real scope of this remark can only witness a few of the 180.000 Vienna Jews.